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Original Gifts: A bouquet of panties and socks for a man and a child


How to make a bouquet of socks with your own hands? To do this, you need to prepare all the necessary materials. You can give such a bouquet to any holiday, and even present mom newborn

Before the holiday, women break her head over the fact that to give her man. I want the present to be practical, creative and necessary, but not too expensive and affordable. These concepts seem mutually exclusive, but combine exclusivity and practicality is easy. Men have a special relationship with socks – they lose them even in a one-room apartment. Therefore, your chosen one will probably rate your ingenuity if you present it a bouquet of socks.

Is it worth experimenting?

Of course, girls think about whether the guys socks are tried by a banal gift. But the bouquet of these products looks original and stylish – a man with humor will be pleasantly surprised.

Bouquets from panties and socks made by their own hands have many advantages:

  • Original Gifts: A bouquet of panties and socks for a man and a childQuality. Buds are better made from socks of well-known manufacturers who make them from durable and practical materials;
  • Convenience. Your man will be able to not worry that in the morning will stay without socks. If you choose the same models, he does not have to sort them and put on pairs – guys do not like this occupation.
  • Available cost. You will not spend on a gift all the salary, refusing to yourself in pleasant trifles. In addition, the next six months will not need to allocate a certain amount of money on socks.
  • Originality. Bouquet of socks for a man made by their own hands, you can purchase not only for any holiday. Presenting such a surprise, you demonstrate your concern about loved ones: husband, son, grandfather or colleague.

Master Class

How to make a bouquet of socks? If you decide to give your favorite socks, then you will prevent the present worth the original.

To create a bouquet you need to prepare materials:

  • Paper for packaging;
  • Ribbons for decoration;
  • Stalks for kebab;
  • Scissors, pins.

Original Gifts: A bouquet of panties and socks for a man and a childThe amount of socks depends on what sizes you want to make a bouquet. It can be monophonic or color. Need to prepare products in advance, remove tags. Each sock roll into the tube, not very tight.

Remove the edges to make beautiful bend petals. Screw the design by the pin so that it does not break. Each bitchrocker Put on a kebab wand. You can fix it with the help of bilateral scotch.

Cut two rectangles from paper, impose them to each other with one edge, as if you pack the usual bouquet. Collect all buds together, wrap their paper and decorate the ribbon. You can tie a bouquet with a beautiful bow.

A similar bouquet of socks can be made for a newborn. Products for infants are very small, so they are better to mount to toothpicks or tubules for cocktails, adjusting the length. Mom of the newborn will be glad to such an original and useful gift.

If your man has socks now, you can make a bouquet of panties for him with your own hands. They are also folded into boutons and put on ships. In the middle you can insert a shaving foam or his favorite toilet water.

Let your gifts bring not only benefit, but also raise the mood!

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