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How to glue rhinestones on clothes: myself designer


How and how to glue rhinestones on clothes: a detailed description of each method. How to decorate rhinestones Glass glasses? How to glue crystals to shoes?

Rhinestones are an imitation of precious stones that are customized to decorate clothes, shoes, accessories, interior items. Clothes decorated with crystals, especially winning in the brilliance of sofits and spotlights. But gradually rhinestones from the world of show business, where it was used at first, switched to casual clothes.

How to glue rhinestones on clothes: myself designerIt is beautiful and fashionable, but, unfortunately, and expensive, so knowledge, how to properly stick rhinestones on clothes are useful to any fashionista. Having learned this simple craft, you will be able to diversify your wardrobe, emphasize the texture and color of the fabric, to give the shine and the highlight.

What and how to glue rhinestones? 

Ways to decorate clothing crystals a few: 

  • decoration by self-adhesive pebbles; 
  • decoration by thermal beams; 
  • gluing using an applicator; 
  • Sticking with Scotch film. 

Self-adhesive rhinestones 

Before proceeding with the process itself, first calculate the number of necessary pebbles. Draw on the fabric drawing and, taking into account the density of the sewing and the size of crystals, count how much you need decorations. Buy with a reserve.

When buying, pay attention to the price, too cheap rhinestones after gluing can lose your shiny look, and only spoil clothes, and will not decorate. So buy high-quality decorations. Gluing crystals, work carefully, because if the stone was glued wrong, then remove the traces of the glue is unlikely to succeed. 

The most optimal way is to apply adhesive directly to the cloth itself, and not on pebbles. For this, the fabric put on a special substrate to which it does not stick in the gluing process, as the glue will definitely leak through the material. Apply on the contour of the picture from five to ten drops of glue, and with the help of sharply church candles, move the pebbles for glue.

When the crystal will take its place, press a bit and hold, while it does not make a little adhesive from under it. Decorated parts details are dried in collected form. Each glue break time. 

Decoration of thermostrazami 

Some types of crystals are already originally sold on adhesive basis. They are called thermostrases due to the method of gluing. How to glue such rhinestones – for this you need to take the iron. Glue under the influence of temperature melting and pebbles firmly sticks to the fabric.

To practice, try your first pebbles to glue on an unnecessary piece of fabric. Also note that gluitive thermostractions on the details of the clothes are easier than the finished product.

Below is a detailed instruction: 

  • The tissue on which thermostrases will be glued to, share the substrate made of paper or foil, this is done so that the glue does not penetrate further; 
  • I exhibit the temperature on the iron as moderate or «Two points», warming up the iron Try it on the fabric and the heat-stroke to make sure that the temperature is not dangerous for them; 
  • Thermostrases are located in the figure, they are superimposed with a light piece of fabric or gauze, then press everything with an iron and keep it in one place for a while, about a minute 2-3, in order for rhinestones to warm up and glued; 
  • The larger the crystals, the longer it will have to keep the iron, if you take for this case for the first time, first determine the necessary time on some test; 
  • Remove the iron and give things to cool. 


How to glue rhinestones on clothes: myself designerNot for each material you can glue the thermal belands using the iron. Some fabrics and materials such as velvet, suede or skin Iron contraindicated. In this case, you can use a special applicator. This is a small device similar to a soldering iron, with a set of special nozzles – in terms of pebbles, which only heat thermostrases. 

Before starting work, screw the desired nozzle, focusing on the size of the thermostraz, then laying out the crystals along the contours of the pattern, apply the device to each pecle in order until the glue grabs. The restrain time of the applicator, as in other cases, depends on the size of the thermal station. 

Sticking with Scotch film

When rhinestones need to puncture large parts of the fabric, it is best to use a tape film. Initially, pebbles are transferred to the film, then the film is shifted on the product, and everything is stroked the iron.

The minus of this method is that it is impossible to control the gluing of each pebble, but if you need to handle a large amount, then the method is irreplaceable. After gluing the film is removed. 

How to glue rhinestones on a glass wine glass? 

As already mentioned, rhinestones decorated not only clothes, but also things from everybody. Especially popular to decorate pebbles glasses for weddings and other celebrations. The method of gluing depends on the type of crystals – there is cold fixation, and there are already familiar to us thermostra. Therefore, choosing than to glue pebbles on the glass, consider their type. 

Thermostrases are more designed for fabric. In order to decorate the glass, it is better to take the pebbles of cold fixation. Gluitive them easily, as they have a flat bottom. Glue is better to take construction, on a transparent basis. You can use I «liquid Nails».

The technology here is slightly different from the one that we used when gluing the tissue, since the glue is applied directly to the crystal, and then only pebbles sticks to a glass. Drying time depends on glue. 

How to safely glue rhinestones on shoes? 

Rhinestones can be decorate any shoes – not only concert shoes, but also casual shoes, flip flops, leather and suede boots, even slippers. 

Thermostrases are also not suitable for this, so buy ordinary pebbles, without adhesive base. But before you go to the store, decide on the design, apply a wax fine drawing on shoes. After all, besides crystals, for decorating shoes you can use and shine, and other types of decor. 

How to glue rhinestones on clothes: myself designerIn order for the crystals well to keep shoes, buy special glue. If the shoes are leather, then before starting to glue the rhinestones on the skin, it first needs to be deguted with alcohol or soap solution. Otherwise, glue can simply slip from the right place or pebbles to stick very weakly and bounce in the process of operation.

After the skin is degreased and the drawing is applied, drip the leak of the crystal and press to the shoes. Talk a bit. Footwear with rhinestones is carefully, and in a washing machine is not erased. 

As you can see, there is nothing complicated to Decorate clothes, Shoes or Accessories Rhinestones. The main desire, creative fantasy and patience, and your things will acquire their individual face! 

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