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How to alter a leather jacket and get a new stylish thing


You can alter the leather jacket on your own, having a machine, a special leg and needle to work with such material. But most importantly – you need the pattern of the future product

Leather products are very practical and durable. They can be transferred from the older generation younger, the trouble is only that the skin has a property to braid and leave fashion. If you want to breathe a new life in your favorite or your parents, you can alter a leather jacket, and do it yourself.

To do this, you will need a minimum of submitted means, most importantly – so that there is a pattern of the right product. With sufficient cutting skills and sewing it can be done independently, if there are no such – contact the studio.

Screw tools

In your work, you can not do without the following materials:

  • How to alter a leather jacket and get a new stylish thingThe leather item is the jacket;
  • rubber glue;
  • Needles and foots for working with genuine leather;
  • sewing machine capable of treating such a material;
  • roller knife or sharp scissors;
  • Fliselin, designed for the skin;
  • Wooden hammer.

How to alter a leather jacket with your own hands

Getting Started, Guide the following plan:

  1. How to alter a leather jacket and get a new stylish thingFollow the pattern. Observe all the details of the leather product by simulating them in their figure.
  2. Now it’s time to break up an old jacket. For cutting seams, use a scalpel or razor. Well, if you have to go to the jacket leather raincoat – then the details of the patterns will be freely placed on the material and the seams can be at all. Otherwise, if you do not have a raincoat, and the upper clothes are smaller, they are required to straighten them well, and if they are punctured, then it is swallowed with an iron through a gauze cloth, but only from the wrong side.
  3. Decompose the pattern of the product on the skin and circle each separate item. Do not forget to leave points on the seams, approximately 1-2 cm. From the bottom more – 2.5-3 cm, and for the neck and kickbacks is enough 0.5-1 cm. In the same way to cut the phlizelin, which will be used as a lining;
  4. How can I cut a jacket at home? Now it’s time to cut the details from the skin with the help of sharp scissors or roller knife. Strengthening them with phlizelin, at the end to be made by ordinary stationery clips. It is impossible to estimate the skin, because the holes from the needle will remain;
  5. Now it is necessary to equip the machine with a roller or teflon paw, install a thick triangular needle and proceed to the steady of parts at home. The line is better to install in 3 mm to prevent unnecessary paper perforation.
  6. Leather seams need to catch a wooden hammer. Try to lay the machine lines neatly.
  7. Now you can unscrew the product to the outbreak and try the iron. With the help of glue to connect the edges of the allowance, wait until it dries. Sew collar, swing the sleeves, put a zipper with your own hands.
  8. Send and put down the bottom, the top of the poda leave free. Start the details of the subflade and connect it with the basis. Side bottom and sleeves.

How to return the product a presentable view

How to alter a leather jacket and get a new stylish thingHow can you alternate a leather jacket, you already know, and how to return the material to the former shine and beauty? If you have visible defects – rubbing, cuts and others, then the product can be painted with special paint.

Another way is to re-establish a damaged place or restore it with liquid skin. Very stylish and in modern, the combination of skin with cashmere, suede, drape and other fabrics looks.

This approach is advisable if the old thing has the same size as the one planned as a result to get. The presence of defects complicates the process.

Therefore, parts cut from another material can not only solve the problem, but also become a decoration of a new jacket, its highlight.

As a result, you can change the skin color, pick up the tone of the fabric, and you can, on the contradiction, to play. It all depends on your imagination. Good luck!

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