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Cleaster from Starch: Cook your own hands


Homemade Clayster from Starch – Excellent Alternative to Modern Dear Adhesion. It will fit perfectly in repair work, for example, when sticking wallpaper

For those who decided to do repair, the question always arises in the selection of high-quality adhesive. Of course, the modern construction market offers a wide range of such material. But nevertheless, many prefer to cook independently Claister from Starch. First, this task is not a special difficulty. And secondly, it is very economical, because modern adhesives for wallpaper are far from cheap.

Cleaster from Starch: Cook your own handsOne of the main advantages of such a home agent is that it is absolutely transparent, and, it means any wallpaper, even white, will carefully look at the wall.

In addition, it is impossible not to note that if necessary, all elements are easily removed from the base, just to use hot water. Therefore, thanks to such positive moments, it is still worth learn the recipe for how to cook alert from starch.

What you need for a means for wallpaper?

For home cooking, the following will be needed «Ingredients»:

  • Cleaster from Starch: Cook your own handsstarch;
  • Warm and hot water – boiling water;
  • Capacity for brewing – preferably enameled bucket;
  • Sieve, colander and a preventive tool, such as a spoon;
  • PVA glue and joiner.

To make a plotter at home, you need to know the steps of the sequence of work. In fact, how to cook a hubblery for wallpaper from starch, the main component is necessary to prepare for this.

Thanks to this, the mixture is homogeneous and there will be no lumps. Preparation of the composition consists in pre-sifting starch through a sieve.

To make a good shuffle from starch Need to perform the following actions:

  1. Safety starch is poured into a bucket and pour over warm water first. Next, it needs to make a homogeneous consistency, which will resemble liquid dough. It is worth remembering about the proportions – 1 pack of starch on 1 bucket of liquid;
  2. After that, boiling water is added to the container. But here also has its own feature. Water in a bucket should be poured into a thin jet, and the mixing itself should go strongly while this starch is a honesty under the wallpaper will not accept a homogeneous species. If the means to cook correctly, it will have a transparent color, and in the most common lumps will not be present;
  3. Further, the mass until it is cooled, flickering through a gauze, which colanders pre-ripped. By the way, on this stage, you can safely pour additives for adhesives. They will help make a lot of more moisture-proof or increase its operational characteristics from the adhesive ability. It is for these purposes that PVC or joinery glue is used.

As can be seen from all over the above, the recipe for wallpaper, absolutely simple. Special experience or skill here is not required, despite the fact that such a workpiece will take quite a bit.

Papier Masha and a fastening agent for him

For lovers of needlework, there is a recipe for how to cook a holter from the same starch, but for papier-mache. This direction in art today is quite popular, because thanks to such products you can decorate and refresh any interior with your own hands, whether it is a house or office.

The homemade detergent for papier-maha has a number of their advantages:

  • Cleaster from Starch: Cook your own handsIt is not toxic, but, it means not the threat of the body’s health, especially if small children are in the house;
  • Such a hub allows you to work with both smooth and relief surfaces;
  • This tool is low enough, it does not leave any divorces and stains.

To make a holter for papier-mache, you should have potato starch at hand (1 st. L.) and water – again warm and only boiling. Here the analogy of the work is similar to the blasting workpiece under the wallpaper: the heat is first poured with warm liquid, and then, hot. All this is constantly mixed until a homogeneous mass is formed. Such actions are carried out until it enaches a thick consistency.

But I would like to focus on a few points, before starting to make such a hubble:

  • If you cook too thick solution, it will have to throw it out, since it is impossible to dilute such a tool – the adhesive quality is noted;
  • Dry starch is poured with water, and not vice versa;
  • Only boiling water is used, and the means itself is not put on the fire;
  • Fake Papier-Masha usually have minor sizes, so it is best to prepare small portions matter, since it works very quickly.

If all these moments consider, then it turns out to really cook high-quality holter from starch. The only thing that should be indicated by finally – such a starchy housing is not stored, it must be used immediately after cooking until it is warm.

As soon as he cooled, its operational properties deteriorate significantly. And this means that it is no longer able to cope with a qualitative wallpaper; it will not be possible to create an interesting product.         

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