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Waste-half skirt cutting: We make the first steps in modeling correctly!


How to cut a fashionable and stylish skirt-sun? What advice should follow when sewing?

The semi-half skirt is often referred to as a classic, although it has just entered the fashion recently. Such a thing is very profitable sitting in high and slender lanes, emphasizing their innate proportions and leg length.

It will also reliably hide the shortcomings of the figure of the constitutional type «pear» in view of its free Croes and beautiful feminine form.

Simone, which is always in fashion

Cutting-half skirt: We make the first steps in modeling correctly!The popularity of such things is truly eternal, and a certain category of women prefers it to any other shaped, regardless of current trends. Half-half skirt is often found on podium shows and in fashion boutiques.

Sew a skirt tailored by oblique, just enough that adds one more bonus. The pattern of the skirt is actually done in «free» mode without requiring accurate fit under the parameters of the figure. Yes, and the technology of final tailor cannot not seduce professionals and lovers with their simplicity.

Such a skirt will be nice to wear both in everyday image and for the celebration.

Especially in demand is a skirt with a rubber band on the coquette. It is suitable for both thin girls and full girls. The first she gives the missing form of forms, and the second – on the contrary, helps to hide excessive fullness under the abundance of folds.

How to paint a semipal skirt?

In this regard, it is important to take into account several nuances, among which there are different directions of seams. If you do not have any skills in the cut and sewing, but you really want to learn them, try starting from this product. Its production will be enough for you enough, but also moderately difficult, which will allow not only to acquire the original thing, but also explore the basic rules of sewing clothes.

How to cut a cloth for a semidzer skirt?

It is the most convenient to place the future product and build drawings on the fabric folded by half the oblique line like a scarf. In this case, it is extremely important to fix the edges of the pins so that they do not slide and disassemble.

You will have to measure only two parameters – waist grumps (to build the drawing itself it will take the parameter of the half-clate waist, denoted by the letters of st), and the length of the skirt. By the way, the skirt length can be done any, your own preference. If you have enough slender legs, it can be performed in a mini or mid-version, and if you «have something to hide», it’s better to make a skirt longer. Note that in our example a limited amount of tissue, and, accordingly, the length of the finished thing will also be not too large – about up to the middle of the oscracule muscle.

First of all, you need to cut off the square of the selected tissue with parameters 150 x 150 cm. Fold the material in half. Note that the length of such a product will not «in floor». How can you cut a semi-half skirt in the floor? To do this, you need to take more material initially. So, then we calculate the options according to the following formula:

R = 0.64 x (st + pb), where R is the radius of the facility of the future product, st – half of the volume of the waist, and PB is an increase for free felting.

The purchase is equal to one centimeter, but you can take a little more.

If you carefully studied the process of the Sun skirt, you probably remember the formulas and sketches offered in this case. Similarly, the markup of the half skirt is made. However, to make it right, the formula changes the value to which the initial parameters of the figure are multiplied.

Methods of cutting

Cut the conical skirt in two ways:

  1. Cutting-half skirt: We make the first steps in modeling correctly!With one seam;
  2. With two suts on the sides.

How to paint a half-sewing skirt with one seam?

To do this, on paper, draw two semicircles on paper, the first of which will be equal to the double value of the parameter R (oriented on the measurements of the waist), and the second – the length of the finished product. Do not forget to note the length of the edge and the equity thread.

How can you cut a half-seamn skirt with two seams?

Here, the algorithm of action is absolutely the same as when building cutting for the Sun skirt.  According to the specified parameters, you need to cut a circle from paper and divide it into two semicircles, then transfer to the fabric, to drain the knear and cut. You can cut two semicircles from paper separately, but this option is the most risky, despite numerous recommendations to use it in the global Internet.

There are great news for «Being» craftsmen on how to quickly cut a half skirt. You can not use paper at all, but to apply the necessary parameters directly to the fabric, then cut them and immediately start sewing. But this is relevant only if you have sufficient experience in such things. If you are taken for making clothes for the first time, you better refrain from such an experiment.

It is very important to accurately cut all the details of the future product, including the breakdowns for the belt (if such is envisaged) and seams. It is also important to note that the value of the ST should be increased if assemblies and folds are assumed on the finished skirt. It also applies to those cases if you sew a skirt on a rubber band.

By the way, how to paint a semi-half skirt on a rubber band – for this you only need to add a few centimeters to the parameter of your own waist. This fabric will go on tailoring belt under the gum. Also indent is important in those cases, if you intend to shoot an elastic ready-made belt to the product, but its value can decrease.

Several tips of craftsmen

The technology of sewing skirt-half-gravel is quite simple, like its cutting. However, much depends on the selected fabric for the product, since the materials behave differently when processing a sewing machine. If you are a novice, you should refuse materials with patterns, for the simple reason that you can disrupt their layout in the process of connecting parts.

We will give several valuable advice to those who are going to sew a thing independently:

  • Cutting-half skirt: We make the first steps in modeling correctly!Since the skirt involves the pattern on the oblique line, take a high-quality cloth with a uniform weighing of the components of its threads to create it;
  • If you chose a satin weave material, keep in mind that it is capable of unevenly stretch, so your finished skirt must be borne in the collected form. Only after that you can sow a bottom of the finished product with a hidden seam manually, which will add you to worries in the manufacture of things;
  • Side seams (base and ducks) are sewn at right angles in different directions, and the central part of the tissue in relation to them in the sewing process will be located under an acute angle. If you do not take into account all these features, your product can turn out to be curves, with oblique seams, and after so unsuccessful experience you will not sit for a sewing machine for a long time;
  • Sticking the share thread, keep the material exactly and do not bend it. When you get sewing the transverse direction, on the contrary, stretch the material under the paw machine;
  • Do not try to sew a striped fabric product – connect such a drawing and make it harmoniously symmetrical sometimes not forces even the most experienced seam. What to talk about newcomers, whose and the Skirt itself is very often a few oblique, especially at the bottom;
  • After sewing, be sure to give the product to turn within a few days on the hanger – so the thing will make the necessary shape faster and become suitable for the sock. If you immediately wear it, it can be unevenly stretched, and its lower part will find out different lengths;
  • The belt can be done in the trick, on the coquette, on the rubber band. And it is possible to do without such an element at all;
  • If you have chosen a light and weightless fabric, like satina, satin and chiffon, optimally sew the product on the rubber band;
  • Also on the rubber band is worth sewing a skirt for full women – hard belts for them are very uncomfortable, especially with an active sock, say, at work. And the product on the rubber band will solve such a problem;
  • Do not forget to make the appropriate measurements, if your skirt involves the introduction of clasp or lightning;
  • Do not start sewing from too coarse and dense tissues, such as wool. First, it requires special efforts and skills, and secondly, a certain toolkit. Most standard sewing machines are not designed for processing wool;
  • If you decide to make a button on a button, do not forget to leave about 3-4 cm in the appropriate place.

Sewing clothes – it is always interesting, fascinating and productive, but only if you listen to the tips of the masters and do not work stubbornly at your own discretion.

Try to still adopt our recommendations so that your new experience brings you only joy, and not negative emotions. Be fashionable and attractive!

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