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Basics of Embossing


You love to do needlework and want to try a new one who are not tested by the technique? So, hot embossing and scrapbooking just for you!

Needlework is exactly the painstaking and creative occupation, which helps to abstract from stress, everyday pulp and nervous tension. Almost all varieties of creative work require certain skills and skills, but there are those with which even a beginner. Embossing is exactly the option that every man.

Subtleties of technology

Basics of EmbossingIn scrapbooking this method is used to create volumetric patterns. Essentially, with a screwdriver, an embossed image of a pre-prepared drawing appears on the required basis.

Technique can be realized wet or dry. The finished product gives the uniqueness of cute spanners and helps to decorate housing.

Materials required for dry embossing

Dry Embossing, made by their own hands, implies the creation of convex patterns on foil, paper or other material, for which you want to stock:

  • Tight paper that plays the role of the basis. It should be known that the high density cardboard will not allow the full effect of the volume, making the source pattern barely distinguishable;
  • Metal or plastic stencil;
  • Special metal rod, at the end of which the ball is attached. The latter can have a different size. The smallest tips are used to implement very thin pattern elements.

Consumables required for wet embosmic

Hot embossing is characterized by more laborious equipment requiring the use of specific materials and devices. It will be necessary to get as follows:

  • The basis, the role of which can perform leather, cloth or paper;
  • A set of rubber or silicone stamps;
  • Also need a powder for embossing, which is applied to the basis by means of specific colorless inks;
  • Soft pad, thoroughly impregnated with ink;
  • An antistatic cushion or a set of brushes, with which it will be possible to remove excess powder;
  • It will be necessary and a deliberately made hairdryer for embossing, which provides low speed air flow and high temperature.

Basics of Embossing

Beginner needlewomen often concerns the question of what to replace the hairdryer for Embossing? And no wonder, because the device is quite expensive, and it has to use it infrequently. On the forums of the fan of a similar type of homemade creativity, you can find many alternative options. For example, Fen can replace the usual electric tile, warmed up to the desired state.

Prepared properly harvesting is taken by a long tweezers, after which it is located at a short distance from the heated surface. Also there is an option to use as a heating device a regular household iron. In any option, you need to beware of possible burns and formation of piles on paper based.

Dry embossing: how it is done?

«Dry» Embossing in paper scrapbooking is made using specific stencils, which can be used in almost any store for needlewomen or on the Internet. By embossed on paper, you need to take care of good and correct lighting, which should be resolved below. Therefore, with your own hands, such patterns are made on the photostole or on the glass located on two chairs, and highlighted from the bottom.

Paper should be attached by double-sided adhesive tape. The combination is located on a glass surface, and with the help of a stylus (iron stick with a spherical tip), all elements of the pattern are neatly squeezed. So as not to break the paper base, you need to work patiently and diligently.

Wet stamping method

«Wet» Embossing can be made with their own hands. We begin with the fact that it is necessary to apply ink to the base, this is done with a specific stamp. So that the ink is not smeared, they impregnate the stamp pillow, which at the same time guarantees the receipt of a uniform ink layer. Patterned Patteriysis itself is done on dense paper, which cannot be broken due to wetting.

Ink is sprinkled with powder, which can have different textures and shade. Then you should wait for a complete drying of the workpiece, after which the excess of powdered particles is brushing with a brush or removed using an antistatic tampon.

After that, you can start warming up for what is useful Fen. The device needs to be located at a distance of 5-7 centimeters from the base with the powdered pattern. Under the influence of high temperature, powder begins to form relief.

The resulting pattern should be carefully cut and attached to the final product. The result of the attached effort will be obtaining an exquisite, original and unique jewelry, which can be reeling literally.

Types Poo

A powder used in scrapbooking for embossing may be:

  • homogeneous;
  • with shiny inclusions;
  • With visual convexity.

Exposed to heat, the motley powder particles are melted and smoothly spread over, creating an exclusive pattern. Pliers contained in powder can have different sizes and shades creating incredible textures.

More beautifully, pearl or matte-white powder, which is used to decorate children’s or wedding accessories. Its volumetric analogue makes it possible to achieve the effect of velvet glades, and a smooth and convex relief is obtained when using a transparent powder.

Dry or wet embossing technique It is often used to decorate boxes, boxes and other solid surfaces. Sometimes its use gives a chance to get a plane imitating crocodile skin.

Machines for Embossing

Basics of EmbossingIn the market of accessories for paper creativity there are special mechanisms that are commonly used by professional craftsmen. These machinery can simultaneously provide embossing and cutting techniques on paper.

Devices can be electrical and mechanical. The first option is very heavy and needs a constant source of nutrition, but make it possible to handle dense materials on the type of leather or cardboard.

The machines are usually additionally completed with various accessories: chipboards, adapters, etc. The use of such devices provides the master a real chance not to limit its fantasy. Invent, create and give yourself and surrounding incredible beautiful products!

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