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Master class on guillium


Want to do needlework, and do not know what to choose? Give preference guilloche. The burning of fabric patterns is very interesting and beautiful

Guilloization is a pretty young kind of needlework, which is nothing more than the technique of burning on the fabric. It appeared only in the 80s of the last century, and, nevertheless, already quite popular!

Subtlety of the process

Master class on guilliumGuilization is a pattern burning technique. It is done with the help of a special apparatus. Most often needlewomen burned over silk or for any other synthetic tissues. The thing is that it will not work with natural, the fabric should melt, but do not burn.

Opportunities that open before those who have mastered this technique are very big. You can create decorative paintings using the resulting applique. You can make your own hands Openwork napkins, postcards, decorate notebooks, clothes: collars, scarves and other.

What you need to know to master the guilloche technique

Before starting to work with the finished product, you should know that for beginners this kind of needlework may seem complex. Therefore, practice on the flap from the same fabric.

To master the guilty, you will need a device for burning. Other tools are also needed to work: scissors, tweezers, album with tight sheets of paper, sandpaper needle cleaning during operation.

On the Internet you will find various schemes for creating drawings from which you can choose what to taste. Consider that for this burning technique it is necessary to observe the greater accuracy and clarity of the ornament.

Master class on guillium

If you want to learn this technique, the master class on guilloche will be useful for you.

Before you start, you will need to choose a suitable sketch. If you want to draw it yourself, then preferably take the cardboard.

Master class on guilliumPick a synthetic fabric that melts well and shines. Carefully swing it, fold in half, attach to the edges of the cardboard, where the scheme for guilty is drawn.

Purchase a special copy table with backlit that artists usually use. In essence, it is a glass box with a matte glass surface, inside which lamps are built.

With this table you can start burning on the fabric. To do this, put on a glass surface with a backlit sketch, and on it – fabric. It will be necessary to start work from the middle of the product, it will avoid displacement in the future.

Take the deceit, turn it on in the network. For beginners guilloche can be very difficult, do not forget to check the needle readiness to work on a piece of fabric. Take trial cuts, and set the temperature level you need using the voltage regulator.

During the work, keep the deer so that the needle tip was directly perpendicular to the glass. Slightly touching the needle to the fabric, make through slots. Moving the needle, pull the fabric on the place where you do the break.

In the process of burning the drawing on a hot needle will remain a layer of molten fabric. Because of this, the width of the sand will become more and more, and the quality of work will worsen. Therefore, do not forget to watch the needle tip, periodically clean it with sandpaper, a piece of natural fabric or blade.

Having learned this technique, you can carry out the following processes:

  • cutting fabric with solid line;
  • burning small holes;
  • the formation of cuts of different quantities;
  • formation of the point of any size;
  • Saving multiple layers of fabric using pattern elements;
  • Creating elements for decoration, among which – dots, charging, beads;
  • Processing the edges of the product «tooths» and «Festonami».

Master class on guilliumYou can also connect the elements of the fabric «Merezhka».

You can do this in two ways:

  • Contour lines of several layers of fabric are burned simultaneously. According to the formed lines of the cut, the formation of a dense welding seam.
  • «Point weld». Using the needle, light touch to several layers of fabric is carried out so that in the place where you touch, the fabric was melted, but there was no pass-through hole.

With the help of these two ways, you can make various products: napkins, clothing collars, lace for decoration, decorative handkerchiefs, and even paintings created by guilty. Believe me, with the help of this technique you can make a lot of interesting things.

Guilloche is a difficult view of a needlework, but he is worth learning him!

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