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Invaluable role of clothespins in our lives


Crafts from clothespins can be created with your own hands. What is enough imagination and agility of the hands, then it will turn to you in the house: useful things, decor elements, toys for children

It would seem that such an unusual and useful in old wooden clothespins, which we almost every day we cling to clothes ropes? But we know that all major consists of small things. And here are plastic and wooden clothespins – just such trifles, of which, if desired and fantasy, you can create a lot of interesting things.

Original methods of applying this attribute were invented long ago. Who knows, maybe our ancestors understood that in addition to the main purpose of the clothespins, you can use as decoration of clothes and hair.

So I went to go! Only in the IXX century, about 146 types of products were invented and patented in the United States. These clamps install monuments, are devoted to poems, and we will have to learn how to make funny crafts.

What can be done? Connect fantasy

Invaluable role of clothespins in our livesWhat crafts from wooden clothespins can be made with their own hands?

These are useful household items: Salpars, Kashpo for flower pots. These are decor items: decorations for a Christmas wreath or packaging in the form of inscriptions on the end.

Clothespins can serve as decoration for frames, mirrors. Connecting the entire arsenal of girlfriend, even colorful children’s toys are performed from old clothespins.

Tree as the main material for work

Wooden clothespins in everyday life began to use one of the first and a long time ago. Over time, people realized that the tree would quickly darkens, and much stronger all the metal.

But at first there was a tree. Here is one of the most useful crafts from clothespins made by your own hands: Cachepot for flowers.

For work, go back:

  • wooden clothespins, the quantity depends on the circumference of the pot;
  • superclaim, durable, not PVA;
  • tin from under coffee or canned food for the pot.

Getting to creativity!

The first thing to be done is to empty the contents of tin. Enjoy your appetite and excellent brain work! Empty? Excellent. Now washed, dried and painted banks leave to push – you have got a blank for kashpo. The essence of the work itself is to wear clothespins around the workpiece. The clients can be painted or separated at their discretion. But just a wooden porridge will look harmonious, especially for fans of eco-friendly materials.

Create toys with children

If you have children, how often do you spend a common interesting leisure with them? You have a unique opportunity to interest your baby and involve it in an exciting game called Joint Creativity. All you need is to get old clothespins, and make children’s crafts. Your child will be delighted with such toys.

Motley Butterfly, which is about to take off

This beauty can learn even preschoolers.


  • Invaluable role of clothespins in our livesclothespins;
  • paper napkins or handkerchiefs;
  • watercolor paints;
  • markers;
  • PVA glue.

Napkin or handkerchiefs unfold for wings and in the middle pinning her torso-clothespin for butterfly. Tit the butterfly face with a marker or marker: eyes, nose, mouth, eyebrows. Color wings with paints as you want. Flashing flashers turn out of the napkin and glit to the head of the butterfly. Well, now your butterfly is ready to fly.

Ingenuity plus skill

Originality of crafts from the clothespin does not cease to amaze. I would like to get you, for example, a heart of clothespins as a gift from your loved one? Or to prevent him yourself? You can take the old wire trempel, which is easily beaten, give it the desired shape, but the hook to leave, so that it can be hung on the wall. And on this wire are already riding clothespins, tightly or rarely, as you want. They can write wishes, glue stickers or sweets. Such a gift will be remembered for a long time.

People often spend a lot of time and money to choose gifts, while sometimes roads are not a gift, but attention.

If once again, you will find someone’s birthday, and the waste will be undesirable, reflect that there is such an interesting thing in the house, from which it would be possible to create a masterpiece and present it. And if anything does not occur, just remember this article about crafts from clothespins.

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