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Children’s dresses for graduation in kindergarten: buy or make it yourself


Prepare your little daughter to release from kindergarten. In this case, you should thoroughly think out the dress for your little princess. And we will help you! Read our article

The first issue in the life of your baby is the end of learning in kindergarten. And most often inventing the script and the outfit on the graduation in a kindergarten for children to lie on the shoulders of parents. And if everything is relatively easy with the script, and you can simply combine several ideas from the Internet, then the outfit is a more significant problem. After all, you need to do for your baby such an outfit so that it is beautiful and unique. And today we will explore the question of how to make a child with minimal cost.

Children's dresses for graduation in kindergarten: buy or make it yourselfAnd the first option that comes to mind is to buy a ready-made outfit in the store. But there are a few minuses. If you are aimed at inexpensive things, it can happen that on the same holiday there will be two or even three identical outfits. And it can very negatively affect the mood of your little fashionista.

But the unique outfits are quite expensive. And they, unfortunately, not all for the pocket. And even if you can buy a similar outfit, then it is worth thinking about whether you need it. After all, at best, your baby will put on such clothes two or three times. And at worst – just once. And then the question arises: is it worth spending huge money for a similar purchase?

But if you still decided to buy, then when you choose and acquire, you need to take into account several nuances:

  • Such purchases need to be done in advance, because if you buy an outfit at the last moment, it will not be able to buy it cheaper. Especially if you buy in advance, then you have the opportunity to purchase your favorite model for sale;
  • Remember that you do not need a ballroom, because in this case the probability of putting it again. But if you buy a simpler model and decorate it yourself with the help of girlfriend, then you can wear a dress in school or on weekends. Yes, and after such a decoration, the model will become unique;
  • Pay more attention to natural fabrics. Remember that synthetic can soar the skin, and they are not as smoothly and gently lie on the figure.

Now, when you and the principles of choosing an elegant dress for a girl on graduation in kindergarten, let’s talk about the rules for choosing a dress.

Graduation Dress in kindergarten: Selection Rules

Children's dresses for graduation in kindergarten: buy or make it yourselfFirst, pay attention to the material. It is worth choosing a natural fabric of light tones. Excellent for sewing such a product suitable viscose or cotton. The charm of such a material is that it can be sewed from it almost any pattern. Now concerns the skirt. It can be sewn from organza or taffeta.

As you can see, in this case, the use of synthetics is allowed, since this part of the dress is attached separately. Accordingly, the synthetics in this case will not soar. By the way, you can buy a dress model with a removable lush part. So you can attach it to the dress only for the solemn part. Pay attention to the fact that the outfit itself should not be severe.

No need to forget about length. If the model is too long and lush, then the baby can be difficult to move. A program of graduation most often includes dances, so that such long loops can interfere with the baby.

As you can see, choose a model for your baby in the store you already imagine. But if you still want your daughter to have the most beautiful and original image, then you can try to sew a dress with your own hands. And with certain skills, you can even associate a beautiful outfit.

Graduation dress for a holiday in kindergarten: how to sew it with her own hands

Before you start sewing one or another model, you should carefully examine the figure of your daughter. Be sure to decide what is suitable for her. To do this, you can even go shopping and try out several models you like. Such a trip to bouquets will be useful for two reasons.

First, you can determine exactly: what kind of style is best suited for your child. And secondly, so you can see which models are fashionable this season and sew something like this for the child. And do not think that for a five- or six-year-old child a fashion question is not important.

Children's dresses for graduation in kindergarten: buy or make it yourselfYes, of course, your baby will not know that the dress is not in fashion, but the parents of other children will know about it. And the child can feel it. And in this case the holiday will be spoiled because the girl will feel not very confident.

After you have decided on the style, it’s time to choose fabric and color. But we have already spoken about it a little earlier. Remember, it is important that the fabric was a light shade and soft. Do not pay attention to heavy tissues, because your girl will have to spend in such a dress for quite a long time.

Now that concerns the subject of the outfit. And today we will consider the princess option. Believe me, every girl in kindergarten or younger school dreams of becoming a little princess. In addition, your baby thanks to such a dress will be able to be in the role of the stars of the evening, because the princess is always the center of any celebration.

As for color, the elegant dresses of such a style most often sew from gentle pink, salad or white colors. At the same time, you can decorate the model using different decorative elements, the color of which should be either contrasting with respect to the overall background, or the darker of the main shade of two to three tones.

In no case should not stop your choice on black or purple shades. Such a color looks on small children is quite inappropriate and visually makes the child much older. No better deal with red. Its use for sewing a dress Little girls may look pretty vulgar and causes bewilderment from other parents. Therefore, it is worth staying on more delicate shades.

As for the sewing process itself, in this case, the optimal option will be viewing special rollers on the Internet on which you can see how to do this or that detail of the dress. If you are not new to sew, you will not create a dress for your little princess.

Knitted dresses for graduation in kindergarten

Actually create beautiful clothes on graduation for girls in three ways. The first we have already discussed – you can sew it. But if you like to knit, then why not sew a few openwork knitted elements to the stitched dress for decoration. So the stitched model with knitted elements is the second option to create a dress. Well, the third way – to tie completely.

Children's dresses for graduation in kindergarten: buy or make it yourselfAs for the threads, it is worth remembering that the graduation most often occurs either in the late spring, or at the beginning of the summer. For this reason, you should not buy too thick threads. You should not choose a thread of synthetic fibers, because things knitted things often soar and unpleasant to the skin.

If you want the dress to be patterned, then you will definitely need to sew a case, because the transparent option does not fit us. If you decide to make a solid cloth, then the cover can not need you and do not need. But at the same time, do not forget that when overlapping on the knitted canvas of the openwork elements, the outfit may turn out to be quite fat, which can make a figurine of a girl more dense. Therefore, with such experiments you need to be attentive.

As you can see, it is not necessary to buy a finished outfit for your baby. You can easily create it with your own hands. At the same time you can somehow sew the outfit, so tie it. Also do not forget about accessories. Be sure to pick up for the image of your baby beautiful jewelry. Don’t forget about hairstyle.

The optimal option of hairstyles are raised curls in high laying. You can also just disband your hair, this option will look pretty beautiful. Good luck!

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