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8 ideas for unnecessary things


New life of old things. Decorating the house with plastic crafts. How to make a baffy of plastic bottles? Interior with your own hands: Interesting Organizers from simple materials

Give new life to old things, manufacturing beautiful and necessary crafts – a new fashionable direction of modern leisure and needlework for everyone. We have prepared interesting ideas, bring out that you can do any newcomer! 

5 Ideas of Plastic Bottles 

8 ideas for unnecessary thingsThis material is ideal for crafts from old unnecessary things. If it has accumulated decent bottles, take the scissors, a big needle and a fishing line – and start making creative Curtains for window. In the country, this option will be quite appropriate.

How to do

Sut off the dyshko plastic bottle – you have something like a transparent five-hundredth flower. Needle piercing holes in four «Petals», We skip through them the line, tie to the bottom of the hole nodules for strength.

Posing snacks in a chess order, make the curtain of the desired size. You can attract it to the window can be on the usual cornice or a stretched rope. Excellent decor for windows without cost! 

Love grow greens and you have a free wall in a house or in the yard? Excellent! Coordinate «hanging garden», Using plastic bottles with slots as pots for your mini beds.

How to do

Durable rope We skip (with nodules) through 5-7 eggplants, depending on the height of the wall. We ride the pot at an equal distance from each other and hang these rows on the wall. It is important to make a good fastening, for example, with an anchor, as the weight of bottles from the earth will be considerable. Fall off the cooked landweight and put your favorite parsley, rosemary, basil or green bow. 

Know how to keep a brush in hands? Coloring an empty cut-out plastic bottle for kashpo in the form of a cat.

How to do

Cut the bottom of the bottle at an altitude of 10-12 cm, on the one hand we make cat ears with scissors. We mix bleel with glue (for example, gouache with PVA) and paints the workpiece outside. When driving, draw a pink ears and a snoring kitten with a marker or paints. Squake your flowers and admire! 

Men or women who are not afraid of making efforts, you can advise to make a homemade poinker from plastic bottles.

How to do

8 ideas for unnecessary thingsTie together 30-35 empty bottles of soda. Tighten them well with the beep, impose two disks in the size of the puff – bottom and seat. You can use a tight cardboard, fane, wood, plastic. Tighten all this dense glued.

Verify several layers of packing for furniture – Singrytegon, Porolan, Old Wattin. It remains to sew a beautiful case that can be fixed on the construction with a thread and needle or a construction stapler. 

Easy way to decorate the dressing table Organizer for jewelry from plastic bottles.

How to do

In colored bottles of soda, cut off the bottom. It is advisable to choose bottles of different sizes so that the organizer is more spectacular. One or all the bottoms can be decorated with curly cuts. On a rod or a thick needle, preferably steel, squeezed, we ride three levels and fix glue screws. Fourth donyshko we use as a stand. 

Decorating the room without cost 

For whom ordinary trash, and for whom – great material for creative crafts and old things in the new role. 

For example, make a wall clock with a unique design of the buttons from the old keyboard, counting material of the grew first grader or as in the picture, from the Domino set. 

How to do

Give the second life with a working hourly mechanism, making a creative dial for it. Make the basis from textured boards, plywood sheet or old tray. Fasten the axis of the arrows in the middle, lay out the clock on the glue and place in a neat frame from thin rails. 

Comfortable and volumetric Organizer for desktop It turns out from the old magazine. 

How to do

Take a thick reference book or an advertising directory with a soft cover. Split it in half along the horizontal line. Divide the thickness of 5 equal parts, each of which roll into the tube. It will turn out five «Cups» For pencils. Create pages in the center of a large number of glue. 

A simple stool from old magazines will look good in any interior. Make sure the crafts from old things can be beautiful and very functional. 

How to do

8 ideas for unnecessary thingsPick the stack of glossy magazines convenient height. For strength, secure them with glue or break through the 3-2 logs with each other with thin cloves as the stacks are made. The base can be with legs or without, most importantly, do the holes in the belt board. Flat cushion for seating (not necessarily new) and the whole design is fixed with two old belts. In this craft, the main thing is accuracy of execution. 

Decorate the interior, create funny toys, practical things and furniture – all this can be made from accumulated unnecessary items, which no place in the house, and throw out a pity.

Take a look at the magnificent examples of creativity of homemade craftsmen – now you will think twice before attributing something to the landfill!

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