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Secrets of weaving pendants from beads with their own hands


We learn the most popular and simple schemes for creating stunning bead pendants. We study the peculiarities of weaving and selecting materials. How to apply decoration with pearls?

Ethno-ornaments quickly won the hearts of modern needlewomen around the world. Medallions and suspensions that are able to decorate any wardrobe are particularly popular. Style Hand Maid does not lose its relevance, producing and combining new elements and schemes with traditional.

A variety of homemade accessories

Secrets of weaving pendants from beads with their own handsSuch products are very easy to learn and create. Even the most elementary techniques will help you add your image: Collect buses and stones in a beam with wire or fishing stones and hang on a chain. Very spectacular, such decorations in combination with a leather strap or fringe when creating a hippie style.

Temple craftsmen are capable of making more complex, curly weaving, among them Nuryel, square harness, elements with pearl inserts and cubic.

Of course, such a pendant is difficult and crashing for a long time, but the result will exceed all your expectations, especially if you give your hand maid near a person.

Lovers of products with natural stones will surely like the scheme of weaving pendants with cabochon with the addition of beads. Such stones can be purchased in jewelry stores, find in a grandmother’s box or buy artificial substitutes.

In addition to stones, you can safely use big beads, combined with a contrast rim from weaving they will look amazing, especially on the evening dress.

There is also an embroidery technique that is suitable for creating a square flat coast from beads. You can experiment with the shape and color of such frame bases, embroidery threads or fishing, combining techniques and schemes. Use your imagination and skill for the invention of original gifts and decorating your own image.

In our article, we will consider several of the most popular recipes for creating bead pendants. Remember, in working with jewelry it is very important to correctly pick up art materials for weaving, pay attention to the quality of painting, the size of the cutting in the raw materials and texture. Successful making of the coulon depends on the properties of the thread, it should not be too breaking, not to have nodules and irregularities.

Instructions for making a medallion with pearls

For weaving the product, we will need the following consumables:

  • Secrets of weaving pendants from beads with their own hands6 beads with edges;
  • 12 biocuse crystals;
  • 1 large grinded bead package;
  • 12 pearl balls with pearl spraying;
  • needle for needlework;
  • Thread (wire, fishing line or elastic thread).

Check that your fishing line is inhauling in the holes of beery and other parts, the color and texture harmonized. We take our crystals and ride on the thread, fix its ends to the knot to get a closed ring.

Near each bikonus, we need to bind the loop our pearls. We seem to the fishing line for each crystal and we ride three balls, respectively, we get over each cone on the loop with 3 pearls.

We continue this operation until you reach a number in twelve stranded pearls.

Next, we dilute our pearls with grave crystals in those gaps where the gaps remain, especially at the junctions of the loops. Now the faceted bead units can be added one through three pearls. On this complexity ends. Now we take out the selected material and with the needle, we will extend our product.

This procedure can be carried out in free form, sealing grains on the plots you like, observing symmetry. After that, add a ring, a chain and a fastener to our semi-finished product, and the creation of our coast of beads with 12 pearl beads is over.

Suspension with the addition of Swarovski crystals

To make this brilliant suspension for evening reception, you will need:

  • 2 small bags with beads of silver and copper (golden) color;
  • 10 beads for aging metal;
  • Artificial crystals Swarovski or Czech glass;
  • Leske (fisherman suitable);
  • needle for decor;
  • scissors.

Secrets of weaving pendants from beads with their own handsCarefully follow the manual scheme below to properly assemble the pendant pendant.

Also useful will be the roller of the weaving process in Yutube. We take the material of the dark color and put on the line 28 units, fastening the ring. After which permeate our balls by reverse. Take another ball, fasten it in a ring.

We repeat this action with each unit in the ring until it reaches the edge of the rounding.

When this happens, we join the needle in the initial row and wash another layer of beads. Now focus on large metal items and silver beads. They must be pairing to the edges of the product. We ride 7 pair units around the perimeter of the coulon, tie them to the external protruding sectors.

After that, the thread is removed from the big beads, and 3 dark and seven bright units are recruited. Fix the loop through the last light beerin, which is located above the metal.

We repeat the same action with 7 silver and copper grains and remove the thread on the right side of the metal unit. As a result, our bead should be braided with a double layer of multi-colored beharsin, as in the ring. If you are all done correctly, keep the rest of the balls, pulling the needle to the left of the previous unit all the time. Be sure to consider the number of approaches not to break the symmetry.

Sit on a thread silver unit, a large bead and silver again. With this triad, we need to form another row between beads more. Place another grain, crystal and silver unit, we take a thread in the extreme row, strengthen the gaps between the beads.

Now you need to evan the ring for the coulon. We will need 12 beads, fixed above the final. Our product is almost ready, it remains only to choose a beautiful chain.

Exquisite medallion with rivoli beads

This pendant requires good knowledge of weaving a certain level of skill.

We will need a variety of materials:

  • Secrets of weaving pendants from beads with their own handsRivoli beads (color by choice);
  • large grinded beads pearl shade;
  • small beads (matte);
  • 20 art largest beads;
  • 9 pieces of droplets;
  • One copper bead;
  • three fastening rings;
  • Lace or chain.

We carry out the tightness of the rivoli, after which they insert a row with a mosaic of large beads and a row with small beads. We ride 10 units of beads and tie them with small units. We bring the line from the end of the sector up and left.

We ride 10 balls with small beads at the top.

Wheard the beads with two types of balls of 10 units, as in the previous scheme. We reach the end of the row and in the openings of the gossip of the drops that should fill the emptiness. In the place of the last opening we ride a metal part, and impose it several times. Now attach the holder and chain.

When creating a product, it is very important to observe the thread stiffness balance. For structural products, select Mononia or Fisherwork. Now you know how skillfully make pendants from beads and jewelry.

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