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New Year’s decorations make a paper with your own hands


Make a New Year’s decoration with your own hands not only useful, but also exciting. Such a needlework will surely collect together the whole family on the eve of the main holiday in the year

New Year’s decorations – the inalienable attributes of the festival to which there are not only small children with trepidation, but also very many adults. Thanks to such an attribute, a special atmosphere and the expectation of a miracle comes in the house, which must certainly happen on New Year’s Eve. We will consider some interesting ideas to create beautiful New Year’s toys that are done quickly, but at the same time they look no worse than purchased options.

Options for paper jewelry

Paper – malleable and lightweight material from which you can create both simple and very complex structures. Due to the wide variety of coloring and density of paper, you can create a huge number of original and bright New Year accessories with your own hands without any serious financial costs.

So, what to make a person who has never been cracked before?

  • New Year's decorations make a paper with your own handsChristmas decorations (balls, sprockets, lanterns, snowflakes);
  • Interior elements (bulk Christmas trees, angels, garlands).

A wide variety of variations of the execution of idle accessories, which will be discussed further, will allow you to choose the most optimal implementation techniques. Therefore, even if you have never been dealt with crafts, many of the considered master classes will certainly be successful.

Creating a New Year tree

To create new year decorations from cardboard or colored paper with your own hands, it is absolutely optionally to spend a lot of time. Many people are limited to buying products just because they do not want to spend their time to create crafts.

In fact, this is a very exciting and unusual lesson, from which you can get additional pleasure and eventually enjoy the result of your own work.

To make a small Christmas tree that can be easily put not only at home, but also at work, we will need materials:

  • New Year's decorations make a paper with your own handsDense cardboard and scissors;
  • Shilo and glue;
  • Strong threads and rhinestones.

Product creation process:

  • First you need to make a template of the future Christmas tree. To do this, draw it on cardboard, observing symmetry;
  • We carry out the contour to a piece of cardboard and cut out two identical billets;
  • Bend both blanks vertically and glue them with each other to get a bulk tree;
  • In addition, decorate a toy by rhinestones and a decorative small asterisk that will imitate christmas decorations.

New Year’s lanterns

Creating original decorations from multi-colored paper for the room with your own hands does not take much time and at the same time you will succeed to save on the purchase of rather boring traditional accessories.

To make cute and unusual lanterns that can be simply hanging in the room as an additional decoration, take such materials:

  • Multicolored paper;
  • scissors and glue;
  • needle and thread.

Product creation process:

  • New Year's decorations make a paper with your own handsCut 18 multicolored strips with a length of 10 cm;
  • Then cut out two multicolored circles with a diameter of 3 cm;
  • Next, all strips bend in half;
  • We ride on the thread one circle and all strips on the one hand;
  • then we ride the second part of the strips and the second round;
  • As a result, it turns out a pretty flashlight resembling a spiral .

As you can see, making decorations made of colored paper with your own hands very easy. For example, approximately 10 such lanterns will take no more than an hour. But thanks to such a pretty New Year elements, you will be able to create the desired New Year’s atmosphere in the room.

How to make snow?

Snow is the most important attribute without which the ideal new year will not work. However, we do not always have the weather Pains the snow-covered streets in the New Year’s Eve. A little bit «adjust» Mood will allow artificial snow that can be poured under the Christmas tree. Such a decoration will certainly please the children and create a truly festive atmosphere in the house.

To make snowball yourself, we will need such materials:

  • Paper towels or napkins;
  • a piece of soap;
  • grater.

Decoration processing process:

  • New Year's decorations make a paper with your own handsUsing a grater, soda one white soap shelter on the bottom of the plate;
  • In her, the napkheki napkin, and it is desirable that the pieces are not too big;
  • Send a plate to the microwave for 1 minute;
  • From the melted soap and white paper now you can sculpt a decorative snowman or just snowballs .

Master Class. Multicolored ice cream

Corrugated paper crafts look very attractive and smart. Therefore, consider quite a simple master class in which you will learn how to make simple decorations from color corrugated paper with your own hands.

To do this, we need to take:

  • dense cardboard (to create a basket);
  • multicolored corrugated paper;
  • Scissors and PVA.

Product creation process:

  • New Year's decorations make a paper with your own handsFrom the cardboard cut out several circles with a diameter of 11 cm;
  • Then cut the circles in half and form from them baskets for ice cream;
  • from pieces of corrugated paper Make balls;
  • Attach balls to baskets with glue;
  • In order to hang accessories on the Christmas tree, attach thread to the top of ice cream.

Original Christmas crafts can be glued literally for half an hour. In addition, the process can also be attached to children who will gladly help you create cute decorations.

Multicolored balls

Homemade Christmas toys can be used to decorate the room. For example, beautiful and unusual garlands are obtained from paper balls, which can easily be fixed on the curtain, doors or wall.

So, to make balls, take such materials:

  • Multicolored paper;
  • stationery stapler;
  • PVA and scissors;
  • Thin wire.

Product creation process:

  • New Year's decorations make a paper with your own handsFirst you need to create templates. Take an ordinary glass and on the sheets of multicolored paper circle 12 circles;
  • Then the resulting mugs cut off with scissors. It is desirable that you succeed in 4 circles of different colors;
  • Each billet bend in half and fold all the mugs with a stack;
  • Fix the circles with wire in the central part of the workpiece;
  • In the absence of wire, you can bore multi-colored circles in the stapler;
  • Disappear «wings» Circles and neighboring parts in poles glue .

As templates for Christmas decorations from paper, you can take both ordinary fuels. In this case, you just get big sizes.

New Year is a special holiday that is always prepared in advance. If you have not yet purchased beautiful paper decorations on the Christmas tree, our master classes will allow them to create them with their hands with minimal time spent on the process itself. Enjoy your needlework and fun holidays!

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