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Cardboard crafts – perfect option for family creativity!


Cardboard – universal material that allows you to develop creative abilities in adults and children. Find out what simple crafts can be made of cardboard boxes and corrugated cardboard!

The grand festival is approaching? Thought how to please the relatives? Surprise friends and acquaintances will help everyone famous cardboard. What can be done from ordinary cardboard? Yes, all that your heart! It is perfectly suitable for creating a gift box and for the manufacture of the present. It happens that some crafts from cardboard are obtained more aesthetic than purchasing analogs.

Cardboard crafts are the perfect option for family creativity!Application of corrugated cardboard for crafts

Initially, this material was created to protect goods from damage during transportation. And today corrugated cardboard is very requested when creating reliable packaging, but in recent years the region of its use has significantly expanded.

It must be said that a variety of corrugated cardboard crafts are ideal for children’s creativity, as the material is easy to bend, and it easily accepts the necessary form. Give a little material and proceed to the family creation of colorful cardboard products.

Technique called «Cilling» Most used for corrugated cardboard products. It is a twisting strips with different density. Thus, the spirals of different shapes and the magnitude are formed. With such curls, excellent volumetric flowers for applications are obtained.

Making flower

For the manufacture of this craft, we will need:

  • Cardboard ordinary and color corrugated;
  • toothpicks or wooden sticks;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

For starters, we draw 15 petals on color cardboard, cut them out. With yellow and brown cardboard (corrugated) cut out strips, the dynamus should be 50 cm. So that the dome turns out, twist them together.

From a piece of ordinary cardboard with scissors cut out a circle of 5 cm. By diameter glue toothpick, in a circle – petals. The next row of lobes are fastened over the previous one, slightly shifting a row to the side.

We take green material, cut out 2 leaves, glue them to the stalk. Flower ready.

Festive postcard

To the holiday of excellent fun for children will be the preparation of the postcard. What will come in handy in this case:

  • corrugated cardboard;
  • glue;
  • scissors;
  • black marker;
  • Colored paper.

Cut the rectangle to create the background of the postcard and 2 strips of half ancantimeter width (orange and green). We make a model of a flower with an orange tape, as in the previous manufacturer.

Cardboard crafts are the perfect option for family creativity!Fold a sheet of corrugated cardboard in the form of a harmonica, draw and cut out the petals. Chaotically glue them to the base forming a flower. Green stripes fold to get a piece, and glue at the bottom of the postcards. Krepim made earlier.

With ordinary colored paper you can make a rectangle for the inscription «Congratulations!» and glue in the lower right corner.

If you help your child, it is quite realistic to create a whole bouquet of such flower. Only business requires a lot of time and ambitiousness.

There are many master classes to create quilling volumetric figures. But this kind of creativity is complex, it is subject to children of the older age category. Thanks to such properties, as stability and fortress, crafts from corrugated cardboard can stand for many years and look great!

Crafts from old boxes

But it is not necessary to buy specially for crafts. Mastery with kids can be made from the fact that it would seem, no longer useful, for example, from boxes from household appliances, chocolate candies, shoes and other households.

Today, crafts from cardboard boxes are interested in children no less than when. Yes, it is quite possible to buy ready-made toys, but to make them self-yourself – it’s so exciting!

People throw a huge amount of boxes. And only it is worth thinking how much joy could bring kids each of them! You only need to show fantasy and afford to realize children’s dreams.

Most popular among the kids are used by crafts from colored cardboard old boxes, decorated in the form of household appliances: kitchen stove, washing machine, wardrobe or doll bed.

From the big boxes everything will turn out to be beautiful and plausible. And the control panels with buttons and knobs can easily draw on the cardboard, and even better it will make them with old used CDs or disposable plastic cups.

To make a cot for a doll not find better material than a shoe box. All you need is figure out the edges. But to create a sink, it is enough to cut in a large box circle and insert iron bowl there.

More from large boxes are excellent locks for princesses and knights, as well as pets for pets. From the small, you can create a whole town for dolls or parking for cars. In the latter case, the role of supports between floors will play a cardboard from rolls of toilet paper.

Make up such crafts from cardboard children really like. The main thing is to include imagination, and it will already tell me what and where to fix.

Cardboard crafts are the perfect option for family creativity!For example, to make a typewriter for children, it is enough to cut off the top of the box, attach the records to it instead of wheels, and plastic cups instead of headlights. Coloring everything pretty, get pretty a cute car.

Cutting off the front and rear walls of the box, get a wall aquarium. It is only in the upper part to cut out several longitudinal strips, to turn into each of them a thread with a cardboard fish and consolidate it from above, tied to a button. Thus, the inhabitants of the aquarium can be moved.

In any case, for connecting parts of almost all products it will be needed adhesive gun. It will help to make all the joints with neat and very invisible.

Create crafts from cardboard with your own hands very fun and exciting. They are transferred to the world of childhood, where any bauble seemed unprecedented treasure, and a regular cardboard box – a giant castle or a mysterious cave.

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