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How many years and how to celebrate a glass wedding?


What anniversary is celebrated after 15 years of living together? How to celebrate 15 years marriage? What holiday scenario to choose how to congratulate and what to give spouses?

Family celebrations are not so much and all of them are very important, but the most touching can be called the birthdays of the family – anniversary. Each of the allocated years corresponds to its name. All of them are very symbolic and characterize different stages of family life. We offer to find out which wedding is celebrated in 15 years.

Fifteenth wedding anniversary

How many years old and how to celebrate a glass wedding?If you have lived together for 15 years, then it’s time to mention the glass anniversary. The second name of the holiday – Crystal Wedding.

Glass and Crystal – Materials Transparent and relatively durable. If you contact them neatly and carefully, then the items made from them will serve for a long time. In addition, the crystal is very beautiful, melodic and noble.

Also spouses. For 15 years, newlyweds learned a lot, survived and overcame together. The family became strong, relationships transparent, love – clean. If they continue to take care of each other, then over the years they will only become stronger and they will live happily. With bad relationships, their love breaks like glass and splits on small fragments.

Crystal wedding It is recommended to celebrate with a scope, because such holidays bring the relatives and are able to give a lot of positive emotions. Therefore, gather together and cheerfully celebrate this event.

Where and how to celebrate the wedding anniversary of 15 years?

The event scenario is designed in advance. You can celebrate at home, in a cafe or in nature. Much will depend on the number of invited guests and your lifestyle. Among the invited to the wedding, parents must be present and, if there is an opportunity, honorary witnesses.

What a wedding without a festive design? The walls of the room can be decorated with posters on which congratulations and poems are written for «Newlyweds», Funny cartoon draws. For decoration, use inflatable balls, ice sculptures, brilliant garlands.

«15 years old marriage» And what wedding (name) Write on a poster or use the New Year’s Mishur, which you can «Write» Figures on the walls. Clothes spouses to choose in bright colors, with transparent elements and glass jewelry.

The crystal anniversary of the marriage has some traditions and need to be made to the script, namely:

  • On the table must be attended by dishes from crystal;
  • At the beginning of the holiday, the spouses exchange crystal glasses;
  • At the end of the event, someone must break «for luck» crystal glass.

In addition, the script must include contests and draws, there must be time for dancing and songs. Need to be thought out when guests will pronounce congratulations, maybe someone wants to read comic or lyrical poems, and how to give gifts.

15 years together, and what wedding do without shooting? For these purposes, you can invite a professional, especially if the anniversary is celebrated in a public institution, or ask someone from guests to take on this duty.

How many years old and how to celebrate a glass wedding?

Congratulations for 15 years of weddings should be sincere. On the Internet you can find comic toast-instructions to spouses for a long joint life. For 15 years, the weddings poems can be composed as an oath and give them to read «Newlyweds».

Any congratulations will sound beautifully if they are pronounced from a pure heart. On this day, it is customary to wish the spouses and continue to stay together, be happy and in the soul to stay forever young.

And what congratulations on the anniversary of the marriage and without gifts?

What you can donate?

Scenarios for 15 years of wedding can be different, but it is necessary to allocate time to offer gifts. You can do it at the beginning of the holiday or along the way when the guests are already at the table. Under gifts, you can highlight a separate table, the spouses then together will calmly consider them.

Gifts for 15 years of weddings must be associated with the name of the anniversary. It can be a set of crystal glasses, a beautiful vase or a candlery, salad bowl or service. Cookware as a gift is convenient because it is always useful, and in the time who has passed since the wedding day, much of the presented has previously broken. Original souvenirs are suitable: luxury alcohol in original bottles made to order, crystal chess or lamp.

Spouses also give each other gifts. These can be jewelry from Swarovski, you can order crystal hearts in the form of pendants or figurines. Gifts can be associated with a hobby or it will be any desired thing. The main thing is that this item be donated with soul.

15 years – it’s a lot or a little?

How many years old and how to celebrate a glass wedding?Fifteen farming is a long time. For the years spent together, the spouses learned to understand and respect each other, acquired joint property.

Children have become older and no longer require close attention. Husband and wife appears more free time, it means that now they will be able to hold it together.

Together for 15 years deserve respect. Congratulations from relatives and loved ones sound sincerely, the noise of glasses and cries are bitterly adding fun, but time flies inexorably. And no matter what scenario will choose you fate in the future, looking at the photo from the holiday you will remember him with a smile as an important stage of your life.

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