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Where to go to rest in early April? Travelers on a note


Journey to the beginning of April - where to go on vacation? Detailed information about countries, entertainment, weather in early April; Memo for tourists

Where to go to rest in early April

Beginning of April - the perfect time to travel, which is certainly suitable for people who can not tolerate the strong summer heat. Which countries will be of interest to tourists to travel in early April?

Thailand - a summer holiday in April

Weather in Thailand in April

Where to go to rest in early April - Thailand

In Thailand, April - the most that neither is the yearmonth. The sun bakes very hard during the day the temperature reaches 32-35 ° C, and at night drops to only 25 ° C. The scorching sun and high humidity favor of this heat. The April weather in Thailand does not allow all to relax in comfort, since this heat, even the local population suffers from the difficulty. It is a strong heat is due to the fact that tourists from March to May are not eager to go to Thailand. However, this has its advantages - not the endless crowds on the beaches, hotels, bars and shops.
Russians, of course, the heat in Thailand are not afraid, evenon the contrary, it's a great chance to spend most of a small holiday swimming in the sea, riding a water lazhah and motorcycles. By the way, if you try, you can find tickets to Thailand in April with a big discount, but choose carefully to what area of ​​the country to go to, because, for example, in the south of Thailand on March the rains.

Resorts and Entertainment in Thailand

Where to go to rest in early April - Thailand

Naturally, in April in Thailand, the most common is a beach holiday. You can relax in Hua Hin, Bangkok, Pattaya, on the islands of Phi Phi and Phuket.

  • Bangkok - very modern capital of the kingdom. Next to the skyscrapers are placed temples, which are in the district are many. If you are going to go to this city, then discuss in advance with the tour operator the opportunity to stay here for at least a week, because even a week will be enough only to ensure that in a fairly rapid pace all major sights.
  • Lovers of nightlife you can go toPattaya. In the northern part of the city we focused luxury hotel, in the center - shops and inns, and in the south - with lots of entertainment. During the day there are often organize trips to coral islands, boating, catamaran sailing, ancient Chinese junks and sea scooter.
  • Where to go to rest in early April - Thailand

    Mecca of contemporary athletes is the island of Phuket, so for both experienced and novice divers here have developed a special program.

  • But for beginners in diving is perfectPhi Phi Island. Island will amaze you with a huge variety of hard and soft corals, small and large fish, you may even encounter moray eels, leopard sharks and turtles. The currents here are not strong and the depth is usually up to no more than 30 meters. In general, diving - the perfect choice for a holiday in Thailand in April.

But a large number of tours at this time it is not necessary to plan here, because the exhausting heat will not allow you to fully enjoy the beauty of Thailand.

Egypt is ideal for excursions in April

Where to go to rest in early April - Egypt

It begins in April, the peak tourist season, so do not count on a super low price - Hotel decently loaded and do not reduce prices for accommodation.

Weather and resorts in Egypt

Spring Egypt is unpredictable: can be very warm, and can blow strong gusty wind, however, although the April weather here does not differ constancy, but it is in this month in Egypt, finally comes the heat - in the second half of April, in the afternoon the air temperature warms up to sometimes 30-32 degrees, and the sea water warms literally every day - its temperature does not fall below + 21 ° C, making the April holiday in Egypt simply the perfect choice for those who wish to get out of the wet and cold spring straight into summer. In general, temperatures in Egypt ranges from 20 ° C to + 28 ° C - it all depends on your chosen resort.
Weather in Sharm el-Sheikh and Hurghada in April is amazing, exhausting heat is not present, and the water is warm enough. Sonce not scorching, and gently warming.

Where to go to rest in early April - Egypt

In April, here you can relax and not burnedtan. However, the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh in April preferable than Hoegaarden, because there are a lot of coral beaches, and strong gusts of wind did not pick up in the air the sand.
The really sultry April EgyptIt becomes in the resorts of the Sinai Peninsula. Daytime air temperatures in Dahab, Taba and Sharm el-Sheikh is + 30 ° C, and the night - + 20 ° C. The area hidden by mountains, mostly windless, so the heat of April there is much stronger than on the west coast of the Red Sea. By the way, and the sea water warms up better - up to 25 ° C.

What to bring to Egypt in April

Where to go to rest in early April - Egypt

What to take is vital, since it issunscreen and a light headdress. Do not forget about the dangers of awesome and treacherous underwater world of the Red Sea - the special rubber shoes for swimming will help you avoid them.
By the way, in the morning it becomes much warmer thanwinter, so plan your day so that the visit to the beach is only in its first half and in the late afternoon. Going on a trip, keep in mind that the early departure and late return will require clothing with long sleeves, but the day you can not do without sunscreen and a bottle of drinking water. And if you go on a trip to Giza and Cairo, then grab an umbrella and be prepared for intermittent rain in April there is often cloudy.

Festivals and events in April Egypt

Where to go to rest in early April - Egypt

Although the April weather in Egypt for comfortany type of holiday, but still sandstorms can not be excluded, especially if you are traveling in the first half of the month. By the second half of the month, they subside, therefore no coincidence that Egyptians celebrate Sham Al-Naseem, symbolizing the coming of spring, on the first Monday after Orthodox Easter. The holiday is usually accompanied by picnics near the ponds, so the second half of April - the most opportune time, for example, for an amazing cruise from Luxor to Aswan on the Nile.
Another interesting April events in Egypt -camel rides. You can see this amazing sight in the town of El-Arish, located in the north of the Sinai Peninsula. By the way, the traditional fair of camels, camel has no "competition" are held every week near Aswan and in the suburbs of Cairo Imhabu.

Cyprus in April - mild weather and a variety of entertainment

Weather in Cyprus in April

Where to go to rest in early April - Cyprus

In April Cyprus begins "warm." In early April, the weather, especially at night, usually cool, but at the end of the month gets hotter by the day, which clearly indicates the imminent approach of summer.
The average maximum air temperatureresorts on the coast during the day reaches 21-23 ° C, but in the west a little poprohladnee. At the heart of Cyprus, the weather is even better - up to 24 ° C. Even in the mountains maximum temperature this time is 15 degrees. Night temperature is lowered to coast to 11-13 ° C to 10 ° C and all the plain ° C to 6 degrees in the mountains. Castle and rainfall in Cyprus in April, almost none.

Benefits of leisure in Cyprus

Where to go to rest in early April - Cyprus

A big plus of the April holiday - probabilitybuy a fairly cheap tour. Although someone and scare rather cool nights, but you can throw a warm sweater in which you will be quite comfortable for an evening stroll.
April month a great clear coat for outdoor recreation,just before all green burn hot sun, so do not Forget to visit the Akamas Peninsula nature reserve, where you grow 700 different species of plants, 40 of which are unique and exist only here.

Events and entertainment in Apele Cyprus

Where to go to rest in early April - Cyprus

April Cyprus is perfect for the activerecreation. The air is very fresh, and the sea water is cool, so you can enjoy the last days of spring, although spring is here, we can say, formal, because it is already quite warm, and the beaches are filled with sunbathers.

  • April 1 Cyprus celebrates its national day. 1955 - the beginning of the path of Cyprus to independence from colonial Britain.
  • On Good Friday, many begin the celebration and procession, which in all corners of the island smoothly into the Easter celebration.
  • In Cyprus you can always enjoy the music. Indeed, apart from Sundays became a tradition of music is held here International Music Festival Berengaria in Limassol and Nicosia two-week chamber music festival.
  • In Polemi held Tulip Festival - stunningly beautiful and unforgettable sight.

By the end of the month in Cyprus open almost all the bars, restaurants and cafes. Cyprus expects a strong influx of tourists.

United Arab Emirates in April for travelers

Weather and resorts

Where to go to rest in early April - UAE

United Arab Emirates - one of the bestplaces for the April holidays. The atmosphere is a subtropical climate, so the summer is hot and the middle of spring - a perfect time for a comfortable stay. The water temperature is almost the same temperature. When the daily air temperature 24 - 30 degrees the water warms up to 21 - 25 degrees, and sometimes more.
32 ° C during the day are typical for the west coast of the United Arab Emirates. The heat in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ras Al Khaimah has not yet reached its peak, but it makes demands to outfit tourists - be sure to keep in your bag easy hat and sunscreen.
Slightly different climatic conditions prevailin Fujairah. At night here, as in other resorts, 19-20 ° C, and in the afternoon a little cooler, usually not higher than 30 ° C. Consequently, cooler and water: Gulf of Oman is heated to 21 ° C, so if you want to swim, go to the west to the Persian Gulf, where the water temperature - 27 ° C.
April holiday in the United Arab Emirates available at the resorts in Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Fujairah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah and Umm Al Quwain.

Where to go to rest in early April - UAE

By the way, there is one more important springfeature of the Emirates - the frequent thick fogs, associated with the change of seasons. Sometimes they may interfere with inspection of monuments and attractions or visit the towers and viewing platforms, especially if the trip is conducted in the morning or evening. In foggy days, be extremely careful on the road, if you move your own transport, as sometimes reduced visibility to a few meters.

Benefits of rest in the United Arab Emirates in April

  • Thanks to comfortable weather in the UAE every type of holiday - and sightseeing and beach, the most pleasant and convenient.
  • Family trips to the Emirates give you a visit water parks, zoos, amusement and entertainment centers.
  • Tour operators often offer discounts on tickets for 3 or more people, which means that to go on vacation the whole family will be much cheaper.
  • Service in the UAE just on top, especially in comparison with neighboring Egypt and Turkey.

Events and entertainment in the United Arab Emirates in April

Where to go to rest in early April - UAE

In April, you can visit the water park "Dreamland"a large tomb Healy, get acquainted with the architecture Dzhumeyna, Mosque Ibrahim al-Khalil, a tour of Dubai, Sharjah, visit a museum, see the stunning high-tech buildings in Dubai, the magnificent mosque of Abu Dhabi and other natural beauty of the Emirates.
By purchasing a ticket to the April in the UAE, you can be sure that you will find a cheerful holiday. The Emirates is constantly hosts numerous festivals, exhibitions and fairs.
In Ajman you can take part in a very interesting shopping festival, which will continue in Abu Dhabi.
In addition, the April period is perfect for sports and visits to a variety of events, the season which lasts in the UAE just a year.

Israel in April for tourists and pilgrims

Weather in Israel in April

Where to go to rest in early April - Israel

The rainy season comes to an end in April andIsrael is becoming a warm and dry weather. In Netanya, Haifa and Tel Aviv, the daytime temperature averages 22 ° C, and the night + 17 ° C. In Tiberias, the temperature is much higher - already 27 ° C, and the Dead Sea is still greater than about one degree. But the hottest yet Eilat. In the afternoon on the coast of the April air is warmed to + 31 ° C. And in Jerusalem the day temperature is quite comfortable for walking and sightseeing - + 22 ° C. Remember that the difference of day and night temperature, because of the proximity of the desert, it is very noticeable, so grab a sweater.

Events and entertainment in April Israel

Where to go to rest in early April - Israel
  • In the middle of spring in Jerusalem, gathers greatmany tourists and pilgrims from around the world, because it is usually in April celebrated the great Christian holiday - Easter. The Church of the Resurrection during the solemn Easter service Holy Fire descends, symbolizing the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Christians around the world believe that he has a divine origin. Tens of thousands of people who want to witness this amazing miracle, so at Easter in Jerusalem is always a lot of people.
  • In addition, in April, and celebrated JewishEaster - Passover. Tourists can at this time to join the ancient customs, traditions and rituals associated with this ancient holiday. On Passover bake traditional Jewish matzah, and you can try it with a variety of dishes of national cuisine.
  • In Israel, you can visit the magnificent cityHaifa. Historical monuments and picturesque countryside in combination with modern architecture combined Haifa makes one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in Israel. The main attraction is the National Park of Carmel. Here you can visit the holy place of believers - the cave of Elijah the prophet. In addition, you will see the Bahai Temple, the magnificent hanging gardens, the Temple of the Order of Carmelites, and about Mount Carmel stands the old lighthouse Stella Maris.
  • Where to go to rest in early April - Israel

    Bathing in the Dead Sea will bring you with nothingincomparable experience. Since sea water is very salty, you will be able to stay afloat without much effort - just relax and lie down. Until now, scientists did not explain the cause of excess salt in the Dead Sea. Swimming is very useful, but do not forget that you can be in the water no more than 15-20 minutes, then you run the risk of dehydration, high salt content in the sea.

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