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Where a good rest in early January for the holidays?


Where to go for New Year holidays? 10 popular countries for the New Year holiday. Christmas in Europe, Asia and South America!

With what we associate the winter? Of course, with skiing, sledding, skating, playing snowballs and building snowmen. A New Year holidays traditionally celebrated protracted feast, watching Soviet films, driving round dances with the Snow Maiden and Santa Claus around the Christmas tree.

But if you are tired of these stereotypes you wantget on New Year's holidays brighter and an unforgettable experience, we will help you with this. Here is the top 10 most popular countries where you will find enchanting New Year 2013:

Thailand: the warm sea, exotic fruits and an incredible experience

Thailand - is one of the most popular countriesSouth-East Asia. It is perfect for the Christmas holidays. In Thailand, this time of year the weather is great. In this exotic country, you get a lot of great memories. Although the indigenous population of this country does not meet the New Year December 31, for the tourists here are organizing a great holiday with Christmas tree and fireworks. In Thailand, well developed infrastructure: luxury hotels, beautiful beaches, a large number of shops, interesting sights (archaeological sites, museums, Buddhist temples). By visiting this country, be sure to try incredibly tasty Thai cuisine and Thai massage experience.

South America: meet the New Year at home, "doomsday predictors"

Where, if not in the homeland of the ancient Mayan civilizationcelebrate the New Year 2013. After all, this continent has such a disturbing nature, exciting history and vibrant culture. Here everyone will find something for everyone: beautiful beaches, shopping, mysterious historical sites (Cusco, Machu Picchu, the stones of Ica, Nazca lines), and for fans of extreme sports - tropical jungle and the Amazon River.

China: The country is the most beautiful traditions and rich history

This country has a rich culture, history and traditions. Like all over the world, in China, the New Year was celebrated December 31

but the people of this country honors its traditions, soChinese New Year to all of them is the chief. Unlike Russia, in this country do not put the Christmas tree, and the tree of the world. On the streets you can see the colorful dragon multimeter. The most beautiful Christmas tradition of this country is the Lantern Festival. The gist of it is that on paper lanterns write their desires and then they ignite and launch into the sky above the water surface. This is an incredibly beautiful effect occurs after the fight chimes. Also, this country has a lot of attractions (museums, temples and the Great Wall of China).

United Arab Emirates - the country's most luxurious hotels in the world

UAE - the most developed country of the East, which inThis kept the traditions of the peoples of the desert and Arab culture. The most interesting city in the country during the Christmas holidays is Dubai. After all, here we are concentrated all the most large-scale events and excursions. New Year in this town are very colorful: at midnight the sky lights up with colorful lights of fireworks. Arriving in this country, be sure to: visit the oriental bazaar, take a trip to the night safari in the desert with an exciting ride through the dunes by jeep, spend the night under the starry sky of the desert in their sleeping bags.

Germany - Land of Christmas fairs

On Christmas Eve turns into Germanyfairyland. All the streets are decorated with colorful lights and heard everywhere the fragrance of ginger biscuits, roasted chestnuts and mulled wine. This country is famous for its beautiful Christmas markets, where tourists and locals take on the traditional souvenirs, beautiful Christmas decorations and products for the holiday table. The squares are held musical performances and concerts. The biggest Christmas markets are organized in Munich, Nuremberg and Frankfurt. But in Berlin, Dusseldorf and Cologne in the period are masquerade. It is a magnificent sight to see!

Finland - a visit to Santa Claus

The ideal option for New Yearvacation with your family is a trip to Finland, and more precisely in Lapland - home of Santa Claus. Arriving here with kids, be sure to visit "Santa Park", enchanting show which lead children into an incredible delight. It can be filled with a wish of every child - to send a letter to the New Year's desire to personally into the hands of Santa Claus. And having arrived in the Finnish town of Kemi, you find yourself in this winter fairy tale, because there is a large snow castle built LumiLinna. Active guests will also find entertainment to their liking: visiting a well-known ski resorts in Finland (Levi, Rovaniemi, Kuusamo, Ruka), ride a dog or reindeer.

Switzerland - a country of snow-capped peaks

Switzerland on New Year offers a wonderfultourist program. Active guests can head to the ski resort, which in this country very much. Ladies can enjoy a winter shopping at traditional Christmas sales. And fans of a comfortable and relaxing stay perfectly spend time in Ticino or on the shore of Lake Geneva. In January all over the country are traditional festivals. All city streets are filled with people in colorful carnival costumes. Obligatory attribute of the New Year holidays in Switzerland are guttsli cookies and hot chestnuts. Arriving in this country, try the local wines, they are great and practically not exported.

France - Christmas romance of Paris

On New Year in Paris offers cityan incredible amount of entertainment: fairs and markets, stroll along the Champs Elysees and discos, and of course, shopping, because at this time begins the season of sales. New Year's Eve can be spent in one of the cozy restaurants of Paris, as French cuisine is the hallmark of this country. By tradition, after the fight chimes French go to the streets in fancy dress and congratulate each other, showering confetti. Arriving here with kids, be sure to visit the world famous Disneyland amusement park. Fans of skiing can be great to spend time at ski resorts in France, which are very popular among tourists from all over the world.

Austria - a country of music and inspiration

Neat Austrian town on Christmas Eve andNew Year's become this fabulous settlements. In large areas of cities are Christmas markets. Traditionally in the big cities are colorful parades and masquerades under Zwaan bells, so the Austrians see off the outgoing year. All major New Year's events take place in Vienna, because at this time the season begins the famous Viennese balls. Incredibly beautiful Christmas event is the Vienna New Year's Trail, it starts with the Town Hall Square and runs through the streets of Old Town. At this time the waltz can be heard on every street corner, right there and you can learn to dance it.

Czech Republic - plunge into the mysterious atmosphere of the Middle Ages

Prague is gorgeous any time of year. On the eve of Christmas and New Year there are fairs and markets where traditional festivities and fun place. By tradition, New Year's Eve, residents and guests of the city are sent to Karpov bridge, where touching the statue of John of Nepomuk, make a wish. Every year in Prague in honor of the New Year held fire shows. Arriving in the Czech Republic, be sure to visit the ancient medieval castles, where you can take part in themed fancy-dress ball.

As you can see, on the Earth there are many places where you can spend the New Year holidays are not only fun, but it is interesting and informative. Now the choice is yours!

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