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The main types of travelers; and how you prefer to travel?


What kinds of tourists are there? Read on about the most common types of tourists. Learn about your travel preferences, what type of tourists you can relate to

Each of us has his own ideas aboutRest. For one, the best journey is ancient ruins and excursions to museums, for another - the sea underfoot, for the third - extreme, drive and adrenaline. There are many kinds of tourism, but more often, of course, the rest is mixed - after all, you want to catch everything on the trip.

So, what are known Types of tourists?

Main types of tourists
  • Museum-maker.
    The main goal of the traveler is development,Discovery, study of natural, historical and cultural values ​​of a certain country. Such a traveler will never give up a cognitive excursion, will not miss a single museum, will pay attention to every detail (slang, national clothes, traditions, etc.) and will fix all "cultural values" through a photographic lens. In the photo album of such a tourist there are more domes, buildings and monuments than his own.
    The main types of tourists are museum workers
  • Rest for health.
    Recreational tourism has long been separated inAn independent sphere, and the admirers of this type of recreation every year more and more. The key meaning of travel - a full rest in combination with the restoration of lost strength and health. That is, a favorable climate, water objects, balneological resorts, beauty of landscapes, etc. are key requirements.
  • Business tourist.
    Travel is usually associated with work -Negotiations, conferences, the search for new sales channels, market research, skill upgrading, etc. There is no time for museums and health, but to poke your feet in the sea (if possible) or walk along unfamiliar streets - quite. Podvidy business tourist - "shuttle", "small wholesale" traveler for the goods, and a social tourist, whose tasks - public speaking, demonstrations, rallies, etc.
    The main types of tourists are business tourists
  • Relative.
    A traveler for whom every trip is a "Meeting with native people living in other countries. Moreover, the main purpose of the trip is precisely communication with relatives, and if it will turn out - then museums, walks, etc.
  • Athlete.
    The meaning of travel - participation in any sporting events and competitions, or independent search of sports pleasures.
    The main types of tourists are athletes
  • Meloman.
    This tourist prefers to travel. Namely - trips to global music festivals and concerts of favorite musical groups.
  • Fan.
    The main goals - sports matches, competitions,Olympiads. Get sick from the stands for your favorite team on the other end of the world, culturally relax after the match in the restaurant / bar and return home with souvenirs and excellent mood after the victory of "their".
  • "Religious" tourists.
    The purposes of travel - pilgrimage to holy places, trips to monasteries, the performance of certain missions, etc.
  • Caravaners.
    Travelers moving in small houses onWheels. This kind of tourism, which came to us from America, involves comfortable trips, frequent changes in the situation, autonomy. Caravaners can stop at any point of the chosen route (for example, for sightseeing, fishing or dinner in a restaurant) or at all do not make any routes and go where the eyes look.
    The main types of tourists are caravaners
  • Extremals.
    To this type of travelers it is possible to carry those,Who can not imagine life without the adrenaline boiling in the blood. Methods - weight. From extreme sports to adventure in little-explored corners of the world (in the mountains, jungles, etc.).
  • The peasants.
    Tourists traveling to villages and villages for research, sociological purposes, to visit any fairs or festivals, as well as for "environmentally friendly recreation" in the bosom of nature.
  • Ecotourists.
    Travelers who advocate the cleanliness of the surrounding areaPeace and vacationers with benefit for the planet (cognitive excursions on the topic "save the Earth for descendants", feasible help in protecting the environment, etc.).
    The main types of tourists are ecotourists
  • Sea Wolves.
    Water tourism is also very popular. It assumes both short trips on boats and yachts along canals, rivers, lakes, and "swimmings" for long distances aboard a ship, round-the-world voyages, etc.
  • Beach bags.
    Love of relaxation on the sand near the seaIs present in each of us. But while some, tired of "drying" under the sun, are sent to inspect the neighborhood and photographed at each unusual lantern, others, not at all tired, daily enjoy the rustle of waves, digging in the white sand and gathering pebbles in the form of hearts. The task of the beach party is not to forget the sun cream, to eat deliciously at the beach restaurant and to lie down beautifully on the sand in a fashionable swimsuit.
  • Backpackers.
    Unpretentious, smiling and mobileTravelers, the ideal holiday for which - with a guide at the ready to visit the maximum number of countries in a couple of weeks. And at the same time save as much as possible on the trip.
    Main types of tourists
  • Tasters.
    Tourists, whose main goal is to eat delicious food. Requirements - a variety of drinks and dishes, all kinds of tastings, pleasant atmosphere, chic restaurants and a permanent feast of the stomach.
  • "Collectors" and hunters for "fossils."
    The first travel in search of rare specimensFor their rare collections, the latter take blades with them, metal detectors and search for treasures, ancient cities, icons, military uniforms, legends, exotics, etc.
  • Collectors of autographs.
    Goals of travel - to get the cherished"Scribble" on a book, notebook, T-shirt or directly in the passport from the show business star (writer, dancer, musician, etc.) and, smiling Hollywood, to be photographed with this star in the style of "I and Jackie."
  • Shoppers.
    The geography of travel of a shopping tourist depends onThe one where they spend the cherished sale of branded things, where the next fashion show will take place, etc. That is, cherished words - outlets, brands, sale and a new wardrobe.
    The main types of tourists are a shopping tourist
  • Residents.
    A traveler resident has a good habit -Get stuck for a couple of months in a country that has attracted, and seamlessly join the slender ranks of its citizens. That is, rent an apartment, hang new curtains, fill the refrigerator for a month ahead and generally behave like a native, studying, analyzing and enjoying new experiences.
  • Phototourists.
    If you met a man with a huge backpackPhotographic equipment, reduced to the "house" brows and eye through the viewfinder, cutting off the "broken pixels" and probing every photogenic nature, you know - it's a photo-tourist. Shooting for them is a way of life, air and incomparable pleasure.
  • Contemplators.
    Travelers, for whom a trip is a wayHeal nerves, relieve stress from work and view the landscape's beauty with the eyes of a weary office manager. Noisy parties, festivals and crowds of tourists are not interesting to them. The main thing is tranquility, silence of the pristine nature, splashing of waves, a book (tablet) in hands and a pleasant conversationalist (or better - without it).
    The main types of tourists are the contemplator
  • Eternal students.
    The purpose of travels is training, advanced training, acquiring new knowledge, useful acquaintances with new people, learning languages ​​among speakers, etc.

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