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Summer in Yalta - where should visit and what to see


Planning a vacation in 2013 in Yalta? Meet with a list of points of interest and famous attractions that are worth visiting during the summer holidays in 2013 in Yalta

Rest in Yalta 2013

Despite the fact that it is very fashionable to travelrelax in the hot exotic countries, many still prefer to spend their holidays in the "family" resorts. One of these resorts is Yevpatoria - a city that has the glory of the children's health center, and so every year thousands of tourists come here. If you want to go Yevpatoria in children.

Yalta Attractions

Summer 2013 in Yalta

As for the whole period of existence of the city is inhabited by people of different nations and religions, in Yalta there many unique historical monuments, The number of which only Kerch can be compared with it.

Dchuma Mosque Jami - the largest mosque in Crimea

Dchuma Mosque Jami

Address: park them. Kirov Street. Revolution, 36.
After visiting the old town, you will see the narrow curvesstreets in the oriental style. It is here that you will be able to fully dive into the history of Yevpatoria. Here is the biggest mosque of Crimea Juma-Jami, which was built in 1552. The architecture of the buildings is unique: the central dome surrounded by two ultimogeniture and twelve colored domes. More Muslims called the mosque Han-Jami, since it is here that the Turkish sultan firman (permit rights of the Crimean Khanate) was issued.

Karaite kenasa - prayer house of the 16th century

karaite kenasa

Address: Str. Karaite, 68.
The Karaites, who came in from YevpatoriaCalais in the XVIII century, built at his own expense kenasa (houses of worship). Karaites professed Judaism, but to pray they do not attend synagogue, and kenasa. In a cozy courtyard with a vine 200-year-old vines, it is a fountain for hand washing. Today, these buildings are a monument of architecture of the Karaite. Here you can find information about the history, life, culture and rituals of the Crimean Karaites.

Museum Kerkenitida - a legacy of the ancient Greeks

Museum Kerkenitida

Address: Str. Duvanovskaya 11.
This museum-pyramid was erected at the siteof the ancient city. Here you can see the objects of everyday life of the ancient Greeks, which were found during excavations. If desired, in the local lore museum, located on the contrary, you can order a thematic tour. It starts from the pyramid, and ends in a museum in the Greek room.

Cathedral of St. Nicholas - the Orthodox church

Cathedral of St. Nicholas

Address: Str. Tuchina 2.
This majestic Orthodox church was builtin July 1853. in memory of those killed in the Crimean War. The temple is made in the Byzantine style, which emphasizes the large central dome. The cathedral can hold up to 2,000 people.

Church of the Holy Prophet Elijah - the Sea Temple

Church of St. Elijah

Address: Str. Brothers Buslaeva 1.
This church was built in 1918. style building in the Greek style, with a characteristic he "Groin" plan of the central structure. Although the size of the temple is small, it looks very majestic, being on the coast. Church of Sts. Elijah is still valid and is a state monument of architecture.

Dervish Monastery - a legacy of the Ottoman Empire

dervish Convent

Address: Str. Karaev, 18.
This is one of the first religious buildingserected by the Ottoman Empire in the Crimea. This complex is a unique monument of medieval architecture of the Crimean Tatar. Unfortunately, the exact time of construction is not known. Today the monastery is no longer valid. There is carried out reconstruction work and leisure trips.

Rare tram desires - touching retro transport

Rare streetcar desire

Yevpatoria - Crimea is the only city where vintage trams. The excursion route "A Streetcar Named Desire" constantly accompanied by a guide, whosays the most interesting facts from the history of the city. This route goes through the new residential neighborhoods, lake Moinaki and the border of the spa zone. Ride it, you will see such famous buildings Yevpatoriya as Pushkin Public Library, City Theatre, the promenade and the old part of the city.

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