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Manifestations of discomfort during travel - how to deal with them


Surely everyone familiar with this situation when, during the journey you have seen as suffering from ailments your fellow travelers. Agree very poor condition - perspiration on his forehead, semiconscious state, obvious discomfort.

And it is worth noting that many of us are familiar with these types of diseases like - the sea or the air, or simply - motion sickness.

This can happen not only with our usualpassengers of various vehicles, but even with their support staff, and that is even with the captains and pilots. Therefore, in this article we will give some practical tips that can protect you a little traveling or on vacation from motion sickness.

According to the statistics during a flightplane swayed for about 4 percent of the passengers, with it can quite often be a hidden manifestation of air sickness that manifests malaise and discomfort.

An excellent tool for preventing suchthe unpleasant condition are specifically designed drugs, for example, Aeron or aviamore. However, before you start receiving medication, you should carefully read the instructions for use of these drugs.

It should be noted that children receiving these medications are contraindicated for such problems for kids produced a special chewing gum, which can be purchased at any pharmacy.

Enough effective against the symptoms of motion sickness are vitamins - or rather, vitamin B6, for this you need to Priya before the flight in an amount - 20-100 mg.

Besides as preventive measuresagainst air sickness you can take and adaptogens - Chinese magnolia vine, ginseng. In order to get rid of the discomfort during the flight when you feel that you zalazhivaet ears can swallow or yawn. But if the child is traveling with you, then do not forget to take a flight in a vial with water, and bury her child nose of the aircraft during takeoff and landing it.

Virtually all of the above The given methods can beuse and sea-sickness, the only difference being that rather unpleasant condition is that of motion sickness in the water tend to suffer only newcomers. But it is necessary to take into account, that the plane was in the air may be only a few hours, then pitching by ship can last much longer.

Be gathered fresh, cheerful and not feelno sense of discomfort in the long journey is possible. But for this you need only a day before, before leaving the house to observe quite simple, but effective and appropriate rules.

First and foremost, of course, try tolong trip to sleep, but if you feel that excitement, you soon will not be able to fall asleep, then the drink soothing infusion of gull or Leonurus.

Another no less important rule of successfultravel is that you have to go to the road on an empty stomach. Do not gorge on, easily enough for a snack a few hours before you hit the road.

Do not use cosmetics with sharp scents, as they may provoke you on the road headache or nausea.

And most importantly, you should remember that your journey will be able to pass safely, if you will positive attitude, Which will help you overcome all the unpleasant symptoms that may occur during travel.

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