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How exciting to celebrate New Year in Moscow in 2013?


7 original ideas on how to celebrate New Year in Moscow. A selection of the best deals of 2013. Reasonable prices! Stylized parties for every taste.

From the close of Moscow all capital residents to fleeMoscow and meet here new 2013 -mechta many citizens. Winter in Moscow is particularly beautiful! Amidst a real fairy tale, best winter scenery just take away the power of speech and make you think about the beautiful! Best New Godmozhno meet here, with his head plunged vglavny holiday of the year and giving your family the real stormy weekend and unbridled joy.

Vacations can be very diverse, both in value and in the preferences. The most popular places of the Moscow region have prepared the best New Year's evening for you, we will tell about them in greater detail later.

1. Evening in the style of Moulin Rouge very few people do not have to taste. A stay in the heart of the Paris show, to visit in the ranks of the best dancers, dressed in glamorous ruffles and corset, try on hats and suspenders. All this will make your new year a memorable and unusual.

To celebrate the New Year in "Moulin Rouge" style can beThe area of ​​the hotel complex. The organizers of the party and the administration of the hotel will create a feast for body and soul. If you prefer to unbridled joy, most upbeat music and dancing in the breaks from the first notes, here you belong. We make a feast for the creative people who love the stage, film, music, art. Sparkling cancan, beautiful costumes and great snacks - all this is not just waiting for you in the New Year's Eve ...

Exciting, interesting and sometimesintellectual competition program will help skilled master in every guest to reveal outstanding talent, throw out energy, show off your erudition. Get ready to dive into the image, in the atmosphere of a holiday theme and maybe your friends will know about you something interesting, previously unknown even to you! Or maybe one of you do not even suspect what he is, as he can sing, dance, make compliments, beautiful declaration of love, to make people smile and surprise, surprise them. Uncover, and you will enjoy the endless delight of your friends from the new you!

A professionally designed program withmusical and dance performances, performances, competitions, elegant buffet and many surprises will cost you 170 thousand. rubles. Fun is for everybody!

2. Delve in subjects 70-80 years, Remember the days of retro, feel this waylife itself. Unforgettable New Year's Eve in one of the best hotels in Moscow - "Best Western Country" leave the best memories, brings a smile and good mood.

Such a decision would be a great way toCorporate evening Organization. Never get tired so interesting and so old already retro theme. It will help recreate a sincere and emotional situation, to make the atmosphere positive, bright colors, dive and enjoy the pleasant moments and the atmosphere of the past.

Excellent solution - conduct an officialrepresentation in the form of the CC meeting rooms classified under the drumbeat. Liberate employees and reveal their new colleagues to an interesting and unconventional catwalk show-in the spirit of the 70-80s.

And do not be surprised at the standing tables with bottlesand lemonade "Tarragon". We invite to the show of professional dancers, who, after his grand speech to hold all master class twist, high-parodist popular groups of those times, and perhaps even the stars in person. Exciting themed competition program during the whole evening will be a great addition! The cost of such an interesting concert program of 200 thousand rubles, which includes: master work, live game VIA, gifts and competitions, decorated hall, dance instructor and master classes, music and all the necessary equipment with a DJ.

3. Another great option unusual holiday in the New Year can be a party style mods time 50s. This solution is very original, though already beaten, but still it will be bright, very fun, rock 'n' roll! This party is waiting for you and your friends Hotel Park Drakino. The budget of this celebration is 200000 rubles.Visiting such a party, you can not even doubt that no one will be dissatisfied and indifferent. This is an excellent option to celebrate everyone's favorite holiday - for young people, and for people aged. Pertinent to singing lead, incendiary competition program, interesting dance groups. Change clothes in the way of uninhibited dudes and annealed in full. You are waiting for exciting workshops for Twist, boogie-woogie and rock and roll.

4. New and interesting will be for your friends, relatives or colleagues visiting Mix party in style. This means some of the variables in the images at the top, the performance of a variety of groups, the presence of interesting guests, a lot of new friends and a lot of surprises. paying 240000 rubles for New Year's Eve in "Arthurs Spa"You get an interesting clockprofessional presenters, guest artists, fun guests. You do not even have to make to take an active part in the entertainment program, playful competitions and master classes in choreography.

5. Are you interested in gangster themeWhereas gambling party is waiting for you at the hotel Avantel Club Istra behind 285000 rubles. The atmosphere of excitement and banditry, with a loose ladies and arrogant guys will make you a different person. The cost of the festivities will include everything you need for a better mood: eating, drinking and entertainment.

The program will be as follows: at the entrance of the hall you will be met and always will search all the local gangster guard. The dress code will be party hat and stylish suit 20s. Log necessarily need to know the password. The skill and dexterity of hands guard will not allow anyone to carry a weapon, tobacco and other contraband, so the evening will be "like clockwork." "Violators" are invited to take a photo in the photo booth from the police station. At the end of the party will be chosen the best couple - "Bonnie and Clyde" event. The real highlight of the show will be an unexpected auction. You will enjoy the jazz, the sea of ​​alcohol, the best gangster Santa Claus and sexy Snow Maiden. In general, the first minutes of the show will be hot!

6. solar Brazil. The original solution for those who love the heat,Sea, sun and hot dances. Go to Forest guesthouse, where you expect a thematically decorated room, bursting with food tables and present the Brazilian show.

Christmas journey into the world of solar BrazilIt will cost you 350 thousand rubles, but here you can easily immerse themselves in the exquisite joy, ease and carefree! Step away from the stereotypes and spend New Year's Eve in a tropical world with garlands of fruit, with inflatable palm trees! In the form of entertainment, you can invite a team of bright dark-skinned dancers or drummers entertainers. The rhythmic music will not let you sit still. Start to dance, participate in competitions and kurazhtes without restraint in the rhythm of Latin America.

7. Beautifully live not forbid - so you can call the following resolution for the New Year party. Not many know, but everyone would love to imagine tried lifestyle person with VIP status. This capability is available in the New Year's Eve at the Hotel Imperial in the suburbs.

Party in this stylistic directionIt suggests a luxurious banquet hall, the red carpet, the paparazzi. Where appropriate, live music, face control, alco-coaster with the best champagne, fountains of chocolate. Artistry leading spend parody of the best programs and social events. An interesting and unexpected for the majority will record video appeals the decision and direct interventions stars (dressed guests in the room) from around the world.

The program is diverse, competitions inventedfor all tastes - this is a jazz band and VIA group of the best entertainers and international stars. Fascinating dancers, the best animators and magicians - this is what awaits you and your friends for 500 thousand near Moscow in the best hotels and complexes.

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