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Why is the Czech Republic - the heart of Europe?


Holiday in the Czech Republic: the options and types. The remarkable and famous Czech Republic? Reviews. Useful tips.

Few who thinks, why the Czech Republiccalled the heart of Europe. Meanwhile, the name of this magnificent country, gave people living many centuries ago. In the Czech Republic one unique and mysterious place near the small town of Cheb, located at the crossroads of two ancient roads leading from travelers Plznya and Karlovy Vary.

There is a stone rock formresembling a pyramid of ancient Egypt. The surface of the stone is covered with cracks, chips, and he gently and silently keeps the secret of its origin, because no one knows until now - whether it's hand carved ancient master, or he - the fruit of centuries of labor winds and rains. This stone since ancient times has been the starting point for the beginning of the road, and then the Czech Republic, in which he is deservedly came to be called the heart of Europe.

Holidays and vacations in the Czech Republic - where to go?

Czech Republic is beautiful in any season, the country hasrich features to provide the most demanding tastes of its guests a variety of entertainment and thrills in the winter, spring, summer and autumn. How much would you or have been in the Czech Republic, with each visit to this beautiful country you will again and again to meet friends again, each time to open it at all on the other side, and again - to wonder, to admire, to enjoy ...

Tourists waiting for a unique the medieval town a mysterious magnificent castles, breweries will cook for you more than one hundred varieties of the world famous Czech beer, Cooked in cafes delicious grilled sausages. In the Czech Republic, you can have fun with all the heart, preventbeer and gastronomic excesses engaged in shopping, visit museums and theaters, to gratify your body and soul a beach holiday, treatment and take preventive famous courses Carlsbad waters. Tourists from our country is particularly pleasingCzech proximity to us - a journey on a plane will only take 2.5 hours, and the friendly people of this country will not be allowed to experience the inconvenience of a language barrier because in varying degrees, speak Russian.

In the Czech Republic you can spend an exciting holidaySelecting at will the duration and location. Every tourist has the opportunity to choose a program like - guided tour of any complexity, medical and Wellness vacationActive at one extreme of the ski resorts. For pupils and students can be selected informative tour during school Christmas holidaysWhich is held to familiarize youngpeople from 16-17 years of age or older with a history and culture of the Czech Republic, the Czech language, as well as - with universities that accept foreign students. Anyone who is planning in the future to continue their education at the university of the country, can visit the schools, meet with university professors.

Children rest in the Czech Republic can be scheduled at the time ofFestival "Jicin - city of fairy tales", which is held every year. Children also enjoy trips to the fairytale castles, to the bizarre Prachovské rocks, in many zoos and botanical gardens, in the open-air museums, galleries and architectural complexes on a specially organized tours for children.

On what holidays in the Czech Republic is worth seeing?

If speak about holidays in the Czech RepublicIt is possible to mention a huge variety ofmeaningful, significant and very significant dates and events, which is full of life in this country Neskuchniy. Almost every day there is the day of one of the many saints and capital throughout the year is full of all sorts of festivals, loud concert programs, or theater performances, it gets noisy carnivals. At any time of the year in the Czech Republic will not be bored, and each tourist can find a cultural and excursion program to your liking.

  • Among the public holidays in the Czech Republic should be noted, first of all, St. Wenceslas Day September 28Who is also the Statehood Day. St. Wenceslas was very educated activist who lived in 907-935 years, he has done much to spread Christianity, the development of education and the public in the Czech Republic, at the same time led almost monastic way of life. The remains of this great for every citizen of the Czech Republic in Prague saint buried in the chapel he had built the Cathedral of St. Vitus. On the Day of St. Wenceslas on the Czech Republic are the celebrations of national importance, as well as special concerts, festivals, charity events.

  • Another, no less significant in the Czech Republic holiday - Day of memory of Jan Hus on July 6th. This national hero of the Czech Republic, peasantorigin, who lived in the 1371 - 1415 years, became "Master of Liberal Arts," a priest, professor, dean, and later - the rector of the University of Prague, a great reformer and educator of the Czech Republic. For his progressive ideas of the Council of Constance declared a heretic Jan Hus, and awarded him a martyr's death by burning at the stake. Later, the Catholic Church has expressed regret about what happened, and in 1915 at the Old Town Square in Prague was a monument to the great reformer. On this day, July 6, representatives of all faiths gather at Bethlehem Chapel where Jan Hus preached and which do not belong to any church, to the solemn Mass, and across the country held celebrations and concerts.

  • Each year, June 17 in the Czech Republic is carried out one of the most popular and vibrant medieval carnival, which is called Festival Five-petalled Rose. This carnival is always done and well-known international music festival "Czech krumlov"And Early Music Festival. Five-petalled rose - the symbol coat of arms belongs to the Rosenbergs, the owners of the medieval manor, who started this tradition. South Bohemia, as if once again moved to the Middle Ages - everywhere you can see the inhabitants of the country, as well as the guests, dressed in costumes of knights, merchants, monks, beautiful ladies. The holiday is accompanied by a torchlight procession with drums, flags and fanfare. Everywhere are opened Medieval Fair - they can buy goods and products like have come from a distant era, made according to old recipes and patterns. The festival organized chess tournaments with "live" chess, jousting, mushketёrskie competition shooting.

  • In mid-June in Prague opens Prague Food Festival, a festival of food and drinkSo beloved residents of the Czech Republic and guests of the capital. These days involved the most prestigious area of ​​Prague, where the highest level of the master, the best Czech chefs demonstrate their art in the preparation of various dishes. These days also hold exhibitions, presentations of new wines, beer. All this action is accompanied by a gastronomic high-profile concerts by famous artists and bands. To get to the festival, you must purchase a ticket (it cost of about $ 18), Which entitles you to taste any food and drinks at $ 13.

  • In the Czech Republic annually a lot of music festivals and celebrations - Prague spring 12 May, International Music Festival (April-May), International Festival of symphonic and chamber music in Brno Brno International Music (From 1 September to 14 October) Summer Opera Festival and operetta and International Film Festival in Carlsbad, International Festival Mozart (September), Bohemia International Jazz Festival in the third week of July. At the jazz festival famous music artists and bands provide free concerts, which bring together thousands of spectators from both visitors and residents of the Czech Republic.

  • New Year's holidays in the Czech Republic begin long before the onset of the New Year calendar - December 5-6, on the eve of Saint Nicholas Day (In the Czech Republic - St. Nicholas). "A small Christmas" this action Czechs gave an apt name.

  • Catholic Christmas in the Czech Republic on December 25 it is one of the mostfavorite and major holidays. As a rule, everyone is trying to spend Christmas with his family, in the home comfort and a warm ambience. The next day, December 26, the Czechs say St. Stephen's feastAnd in this day walk the streets are noisy and funny caravans Kolyada.
  • meeting Traditions New Year in the Czech Republic a little different from the Russian tradition - a generous feast, gifts, visiting friends and relatives, noisy festivities all night. 31 December in the country celebrated another holiday - Silvester.

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Transport services in the Czech Republic and What You Need to Know tourist

To navigate freely in the country, and accurately calculate its budget while visiting the Czech Republic, tourist kindly read the the cost of various types of vehicles and services.

  • Taxi in the Czech Republic is better to call on the phone, the cost of travel by taxi will cost a little more than one euro per 1 km. It should also be noted that the minute of waiting taxis in Prague will cost 5 kronor, or 0.2 €.

  • All kinds urban transport Prague has a unified tariff network, with a single ticket form tram. bus. cableway. Metro. Tickets for public transport varies, depending on the distance and travel time range. The cheapest single ticket on a short trip of 15 minutes, which is about threestop, costs 8 kroner, or about 0.3 €. If you buy a ticket with an indefinite range and the number of transplants, you will pay for it 12 kroner, about € 0.2. The cost of transportation of large luggage in public transport - 9 crowns. If you plan to travel frequently on public transport, you can buy season tickets (For 1, 3, 7, 14 days). The cost of these tickets will be in the range from 50 to 240 crowns, or from about 2 to 9 € €. The trip from Prague airport minibus will cost 60 crowns, or just over 2 €.
  • If you want to travel to the Czech Republic on rental carYou firstly have to pay a deposit for the car in the amount of 300 - 1000 €, depending on the brand of car, and secondly - to pay for itself from 1200 CZK per day rental (from 48 euros). The cost of the child seat the car will cost you 100 CZK or € 4; GPS navigation - CZK 200, or € 8, ski box - 300 CZK or 12 €.

  • Currency exchange Banks in the Czech Republic is carried out with the commission, which depends on the set by each bank interest, it is necessary to take into account. Commission for currency exchange It can range from 1 to 15%.
  • Meat dishes the restaurants are from 100 to 300 CZK, which is from 4 € to 12 €.
  • Museums of Czech Republic take tourists ticketsWhich cost 30 kronor, or € 1 and up; for children up to 12 years discounts.

Who was in the Czech Republic? Reviews.


In June 2012, my husband and two children, 9, 11years vacationing in Prague, in the "World" 3 * hotel. This hotel is located near the city center, which greatly simplifies travel around the city, allowing yourself to get acquainted with its attractions. But we do not take into account that in the vicinity of the hotel are very few good restaurants, or rather - not at all. Those cafes, where the evenings were working, dinner with a glass of beer in clubs of cigarette smoke, we did not arrange. By the way, to the center, we always traveled by tram, just five stops. Restaurants in the center of the more expensive, but the staff in each of them can communicate in Russian. Also - very clean in these institutions. We were on an excursion to the castle of Troy, who was very impressed by the pictures on the ceiling that look voluminous, but we did not like the organization of excursions. The fact that the visit of the castle begins in the same room, and then, when the guide finished his story at this point, the door opened to the next room. It is not always the story of the guide was interesting, and often our children, and we, frankly bored in painful waiting for the next stage. Really liked the trip to the shopping and entertainment center «BABYLON» in Liberec, where we visited a water park, a children's amusement park, a bowling alley, cafe. Czech Republic attracted us with its versatility. We stayed in the unanimous opinion that we wish to continue to get acquainted with this amazing country. But next time we will come here in the summer, greatly extending the possibilities of long walks in the street, bathing in Karlovy Vary, admire the beautiful flower beds.


My wife and I arrived to the Czech Republic on the ticket,presented to us for the wedding. We lived in "Coop" hotel in Prague. In the hotel we only had breakfast, and lunch and dinner in the city. The excursion program we planned to do so were free in the choice of programs for each day. Especially memorable excursion "The Ballad of the Middle Ages," we were just delighted with the story of the guide, and under the impression bought a lot of souvenirs and postcards as a souvenir. From organized tours to Karlovy Vary, we refused and decided to go there on their own. In the end, we visited Karlovy Vary and Liberec, significantly saving on the road - for example, instead of 70 € per way for each we paid only € 20 for each ticket.


In the Czech Republic we were traveling with a friend consciously, withhigh expectations, as has long been planned and wanted this trip. To save considerably, we decided to stay in hotels with no pre-planned tours and programs. Our tour lasted 10 days, and during that time we have tried to get around Prague those places that previously outlined his road guide. Each of our day in the Czech Republic was full of hiking and trips, we were even in the Austrian capital, Vienna. We were very pleased with the ride through the valley of castles in the south of the Czech Republic. By the way, our friends with whom we were leaving for Prague, excursions were unhappy that they bought after arrival in the country - the guides caught ignorant, boring and traveling always there were some unpleasant incidents.


With her husband decided to make a holiday in the Czech Republic,Marienbad. Chose three-star hotel, what never regretted - the rooms are clean, the staff is very friendly, helpful. Beautiful views of the city themselves are beautiful places that I want to enjoy. Awesome colonnade, as well as a broad infrastructure of the city - cafes, golf courses, tennis courts. In order to buy things, we made a trip to the city of Marktredwitz (Marktredwitz), 35 kilometers from Marianok, border zone. Independently, we were traveling, getting to know Prague, Velke Popovice village, as well as Dresden and Vienna. Impressions of the great country. Relax in Karlovy Vary, many tourists blamed for boredom, but my husband really enjoyed the lack of bustle and congestion of people, as well as the cleanliness of the hotel and on the streets.

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