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Celebrate the New Year in a magical and mysterious Prague


New Year in Prague: attractions, hints and tips, excursions. How do the stores on New Year's Eve in Prague and that you can buy? Where to go and what to see in the New Year Prague - visit

New Year in Prague

Prague - one of the most beloved and well-knownEuropean capitals, it has its own unique "face". Christmas and New Year in Prague is an enchanting sight that makes a lasting impression on those who first gets acquainted with the Czech Republic, and on those who have often been to this wonderful country.

Sightseeing Prague What is worth seeing in the New Year holidays?

Christmas trip to Prague Many plan ahead, already well represented,some excursion program they want to get, what to see the beauty of the capital. Of course, much more difficult to choose a program of entertainment for beginners, who will be first to get acquainted with the Czech Republic.

It is for those who doubt the most valuable information is provided good tourist guides, as well as reviews of seasoned travelers.

Attractions, which are in amultifaceted and magnificent Prague, great variety. The question is not to find yourself an interesting tour, and to choose for their holiday only a few most interesting, from a large number of proposed tourist routes.

From Prague every traveler startsacquainted with the Vltava river, to be exact - with a kind of bridge over it. Total nad Vltavou soared 18 beautiful, modern and very old bridges, but the most famous of them - The Charles Bridge. This beautiful building in the center of Praguedecorated with statues of many saints - the Virgin Mary, John of Nepomuk, Anne, Cyril and Methodius, Joseph, Other. As a rule, the first tour of the city, tourists come here it is - for the beautiful pictures and vivid impressions, because this bridge never deceived their expectations.

In anticipation of the upcoming New Year holidaysit may be recalled that in the New Year's Eve on the Charles Bridge built a huge queue of those wishing to touch the monolithic bronze figure of St. John of Nepomuk, the patron saint of Prague and make a wish, because this holy desire will be realized. If the pet dog at the feet of the saint is said to have long, all pets will be in good health.

Another great attraction of Prague - Old Town Square. It held significant cityevents and festivals, among which - folk festivals in the most famous night of the year - New Year's. On the Old Town Square has antique astronomical clock Orloj interesting figures of the apostles, Christ, merchant and dandy skeleton, which can be viewed, and the exact time and date, and time of sunrise and sunset and the moon, and even the location of the heavens zodiacal signs. These chimes are attracted to itself the views of thousands of jubilant people in the New Year's Eve, when will methodically beat midnight. there is the Old Town Hall, which is converted into a museum, Gothic Tyn Cathedral (Church of the Virgin Mary), St. Vitus Cathedral, Kinsky Palace, Golts, and in the center of Old Town Square, a monument to Jan Hus on Prague's most famous square.

On New Year holidays near to Prague, those wishing can ski. These are places Mnichovice and Chotoun, Which are located twenty kilometers fromThe capital, and have large hills with artificial white snow and ski trails of 200-300 meters. Of course, skiing professional skiing on this ski track will not work, but joy and bright emotions from this holiday will be provided for both adults and children. The price of the ticket for 1 day is 190 - 280 CZK, which is 7.5 - 11 €.

Arriving in Prague for the holidays, you must go up high Television tower, To admire the fascinating beautyWinter capital, with bright illumination and unique architectural ensembles. On this tower there are three observation cabins, which allow you to view the city from a height of 93 meters.

Little travelers who came to celebrate the New Year holiday, expects Golden Street, Reminiscent of a street from a fairy tale, on whichThere live small gnomes. On the street there are small houses, they can enter, get acquainted with old tools and paintings, consider furniture and utensils, buy souvenirs for memory. At the exit from this street is Toy Museum, There is also a toy hall of past eras, and halls of modern toys with their history - for example, Barbie dolls, tanks, etc. Golden Street is famous for the fact that the writer and philosopher F. Kafka lived on it.

How do shops, restaurants, bars, banks, transport in Prague during the New Year holidays work?

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    Banks and exchange offices

    In Prague work on weekdays, from 8-00 to 17-00. Some currency exchange offices can be opened on Saturday until 12-00. On the holiday of Catholic Christmas on December 25-26, banks and exchange offices will be closed, so tourists should take care of the currency exchange in advance.

  • Shops of industrial goods In Prague work on weekdays from 9-00 to 18-00, on Saturday to 13-00.
  • Grocery stores Work on weekdays from 6 am to 6 pm, on SaturdayFrom 7-00 to 12-00. Very large markets and department stores operate on weekdays, and also on weekends from 18-00 to 20-00, and some even up to 22-00. On New Year's Eve and at Christmas holidays, shops and pavilions are working as usual; Weekends - 25 and 26 December.

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    Cafes, Restaurants, Bars

    Prague works every day, from 7-00 or from 9-00 to22-00 or 23-00 hours, without days off. On December 25 and 26, most establishments will be closed. On New Year's Eve, the opening hours of restaurants, bars last almost until the morning of January 1. For dinner on New Year's Eve, it's impossible to get to restaurants in Prague, especially for institutions with windows overlooking Wenceslas and Old Town Square. At New Year's Eve dinner, you need to make an appointment in advance, and then check the order several times so that there is no mistake with it.

  • museums Prague and other cities Czech Republic Work from Tuesday to Sunday from 9-00 to 17-00, the day off - Monday.

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    Work from 10-00 to 18-00 daily, without days off.

  • Metro Prague operates from 5-00 to 24-00.
  • Trams Work on the lines from 4-30 to 24-00; At night from 00-00 to 4-30 there are routes Nos. 51-59 with an interval of half an hour.
  • Buses Work on lines from 4-30 to 00-30; At night from 00-30 to 4-30 with an interval of half an hour around the city buses of routes No.№ 501-514, №№601 - 604.

Excursions in Prague and attractions on New Year's holidays

For Catholic Christmas and the holidays of the meetingNew Year in the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, flocks a lot of people who want to not only interesting and fun celebrate the holidays, but also to get vivid impressions from getting to know the country.

In the last days of the outgoing year, tourist andExcursion agencies provide very interesting programs that charge pre-holiday mood, give positive emotions and allow you to get acquainted with the fairy tale. The most interesting: Excursion to Cesky Krumlov (50 €); Excursion in Dětenice, Viewing a medieval show (55 €).

On the last day of the year, you can perform a traditional rite, and visit Charles Bridge, Touching the desiring sculpture of St. John of Nepomuk. Simultaneously with this walk you can go to Walking tour "Prague Castle" (20 €), getting to know the city closer, feeling the coming of the holiday.

One evening, or even on New Year's Eve, you can commit A boat trip along the Vltava River (25 €). You will be shown the surrounding views and attractions, as well as a delicious dinner.

Reviews of tourists who spent their New Year holidays in Prague


The trip to the Czech Republic for two I bought with my husband quite by accident. In the travel agency we asked Tour to Thailand for the New Year holidays, But suddenly "pecked" at a tempting price andProspects to visit the country in which it had not been before. Our holiday in Prague began on December 28th. Arriving in the country, we immediately regretted that the New Year's Eve was so little - the next time we will arrive much earlier, to enjoy all the festive events from the beginning or mid-December. At a tempting price in the travel agency we got the hotel "Crystal" - nothing special, like a student hostel in a typical building with a long corridor and an unsightly appearance from the street, however - clean. We could get to the center by tram, 8 stops. Near the hotel there were no cafes and shops, so we came here only to rest after actively spent days. We with great pleasure visited a sightseeing tour around the capital of the Czech Republic, went to the "Detenice" for a medieval show, to the famous Karlovy Vary. We celebrated New Year's Eve at James Joyce Café with Irish cuisine, we liked the friendly atmosphere and fun that reigned there. At midnight we could walk to the nearby Charles Bridge, and take part in the folk festivities, like everyone else. Currency exchange at points of hotels is not profitable, so try to change money in large banks, given that they are working on exchanges at strictly certain hours.


In Prague we were three of us - me and two friends. In the Czech Republic, we arrived on December 29, the first two days went on excursions and thoughtlessly did not book a restaurant for New Year's Eve. Since we are students, all active, like extreme, decided to celebrate holidays with the people on the streets of Prague, to rely on this issue for destiny. But, walking around the city on the day of December 31, realizing that this cold wind we can not stand for long, by the evening we went to bask in the restaurant of St. Wenceslas. They did not really hope for anything, they asked about the opportunity to book a table for the evening. To our amazement, there were three places for us at the table, and at 23 we were already sitting at a table, in a festive atmosphere, drinking champagne. The restaurant was, of course, full. At midnight, everyone went outside to watch the salute. We have been accustomed for several hours to this disagreeable cheerful crowd, and to our hotel we went on a duty tram.

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