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Yoga for Beginners - what to choose: types of yoga


Types of Yoga - which one to choose a beginner? Explore the different types of yoga, their features and benefits, and choose for themselves their yoga

What kind of yoga to choose to start

Understand and accept the practice of yoga is not given to everyone. One scare dietary restrictions, the second disgust curve on the spiritual component, the third can not afford breathing exercises. In spite of that, more and more people are choosing yoga your guide in life. In addition to traditional types of yoga practice for thousands of years, and today there are dozens of other species with similar elements, but very differently spaced accents. How to understand the types of yoga beginner?

Yoga philosophy - it is useful to know for beginners

yoga Philosophy

Spiritual practice - Key, the most common complaint about yoga. Many people want to improve their health and lose weight easily without any breathing exercises and meditation. Such an argument those who do not have any idea about the technology and, in fact, to yoga, which affects the mind and senses of man through the body. Exactly through an effort practitioner comes to possession of body, spirit andcalm mind. In yoga, the human body - is a tool of self-knowledge and spirit and body - inseparable components of one whole. If you are in search of options of yoga for physical health, the most suitable Hatha Yoga, The practice of which involves the development of the physical side and the simultaneous strengthening of the emotional background of the total.

Features yoga

Benefits of yoga
  • Yoga classes - a great way to lose weight for a person with overweight and tighten the contours of the body - For a slim person.
  • Yoga - virtually one of a kind system, providing complex influence on the entire body. Breathing practice improves blood circulation,complicated postures are good preventive maintenance of weak blood vessels, varicose veins, arthritis, diseases of the spine, and so on. It should be noted that for the elderly Yoga good influence on the quality and duration of life.
  • Types of yoga

    Vegetarianism - It is not a mandatory component of thoughtMany doubted the Cubs. Nobody forces to abandon traditional food. But, according to the practice, after a year or two, all the newcomers themselves come to proper nutrition, because healing the body begins to protest against junk food.

  • can be attributed to the previous item, and hyperventilation. Breathing practices and meditation - personal choice. And before working with "thin" energy should strengthen their emotional and physical health.

Benefits of yoga

Types of yoga
  • Yoga - a system of practices aimed at creating the harmony of body and soul, The disclosure of a person's energy potential.
  • Yoga - direct way to health. Normalization function of all internal systems of the body, exercise all muscles, the spine structure recovery.
  • Yoga - Assistant to overcome life's difficulties, In search of peace of mind.
  • Yoga - liberation from the negative baggageAccumulated over a lifetime.
  • Yoga - intellectual growth opportunitiesThe development of creative and spatial thinking.
  • Yoga - a powerful anti-depressant and relaxant.
  • Yoga - a slim body, Elegance and ease.

Types of Yoga - Yoga for beginners - how to choose?

Types of yoga
  • Hatha yoga. It appeared in the sixth century BCthe direction from which, as is commonly believed, went all other species. The purpose of Hatha Yoga - the harmony and balance between mind, body and the world. The main elements - pranayama (breathing exercises), asana (postures), meditation and complete relaxation.
  • Ashtanga Yoga. The dynamic version of yoga exercises,performed at a rapid pace. Suitable for energetic people with a good physical preparation, not pasuyuschih facing serious loads. Poses follow one another in the correct sequence, with a certain rhythm of breathing.
  • Iyengar Yoga

    Iyengar yoga. The main emphasis - on the literacy performance of poses. The transition from one asana to another (from the simple - to complex) is carried out gradually, slowly, the posture itself must be maintained for a long time. Yoga This option is ideal for people who lead a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Bikram Yoga. This species is also known as hot yoga -the temperature in the room where the classes are held, more than forty degrees, which stimulates the removal of toxins from the body and improve the elasticity of the muscles. Twenty-six postures change within ninety minutes. These exercises help to relieve stress, weight loss, improve blood flow and strengthen muscles. Bikram Yoga is recommended to accelerate healing of various sports injuries, for people with diabetes and arthritis. Of course, before the occupation is necessary to consult with a specialist.
  • Vini Yoga

    Vini Yoga. This option involves a therapeutic yogaapproach to employment, which is an adjustment to each pose to your personal abilities and needs of each student. Literacy is important posture is less than the feeling that from it get. Vini yoga is recommended for people who want to get rid of the effects of physical trauma.

  • Kundalini yoga. The aim of the practice - Kundalini energy disclosure (orsleeping snake, how else it is called), located in the lower part of the spine. "Snake" is awakened in the classroom, stretching along the spine. new energy enters the body at the same time pulling with snakes. The essence of this method - to hold as long as possible postures. Kundalini yoga suitable for everyone.
  • Yogalates

    Yogalates. Synthesis of Yoga with Pilates (system stretching and strength training). Objective - Support the body in good shape. This option is like everyone, regardless of fitness level.

  • Yogabit. The alternation of the slow movements with yogaenergetic, with the rhythms of modern music, then in a couple of exercises and meditation in conclusion. The goal - getting pleasure from exercise. Base practice - the spontaneity of movement, the synthesis of yoga and fitness.


Yoga - a broad concept. Ideas for its application today, many - steam room yoga, yoga for pregnant women, for the immobile and so forth. Of course, bind themselves to one kind of yoga is not necessarily. You can stop the choice on those variants that were most similar. The main thing - permanence and training sessions on an empty stomach. Read details about the agni yoga.

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