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Women's bicycles for the cottages, town, touring, walking, speed, tourism - how to choose?


What are women's bikes, how to choose a female bicycle properly? provides you with an overview of bikes for women. Learn the characteristics of all kinds of bicycles for women

How to choose the right bike for women

Women's bikes are not less reliable andergonomic bicycle than for the stronger sex. The same technical features and equipment. Is that the design itself developed from the female physiology, and more stylish design. What is different for women bicycle and how to choose it?

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General rules for the selection of women's bicycle - how to choose a bike for women?

First of all, we decide on a for the purchase. Why do you need a bike? For biking holiday for the city, or maybe you have decided to go cycling? Based on the objectives and the bicycle is purchased:

  • Road (suburban) bike. Characterized simple design, very lowprice and high reliability. Ideal - to travel on the roads dacha. Cons: a lot of weight, slowness, low comfort level (will not go far - tired).
  • Mountain bike. Universal bicycle. Suitable for riding along the forest paths and asphalt roads. It has many subtypes - from the entry-level bike (for amateurs) to transport freestyle (stunts), downhill (skiing from the mountains), and so forth.
  • City bikes, Citybikes, or. not designed for heavy loads - they are suitable for tranquil journeys through the city streets, to stroll in the park.
  • Road Bikes. This option is suitable for high-speed driving on extremely smooth asphalt. All of its design suggests a maximum speed of movement. Bicycles for fans of "Tour de France".
  • Touring bikes. Designed for bike trips. Differ possibility veloryukzaka transportation and attaching trunk, thick and wide wheels.
  • Hybrids. Combines the properties of mountain, road and recreational bicycles. Differ high frame, suspension fork, and sometimes the trunk, fenders and disc brakes.
  • cruisers. To calm biking.

How to choose the right bike for women

It is clear that female bike should be chosen in view of its main features. Attention when buying (after model selection -. For walking, sports, etc.) should be turned on the following points:

  • Frame. It is desirable that it was made of aluminum (for greater ease), high-quality and most expensive (driving performance depend on it).
  • The size. The length of the frame and the bicycle itself size is chosen based on the growth of girls.
  • frame rate. Lowered frame allows you to ride in a skirt.
  • steering wheel. On the women's bicycle wheel a narrow, long and thin.
  • Pendants. This item is in a bike for ladies is soft for maximum comfort while riding.
  • Design. Modern design female bicycle designed to the smallest details (decorations Baubles, harness saddle, patterns and so on.). Therefore, choose their own individual labor bike is not.
  • mark. With regard to the producer, preferably selected trucks known proven brand, then to your velobayk not rusted in a barn in the country.
  • Accessories. As a male bike, the female can be trunk, velonasos, first aid kit, gloves and other necessary things.

Speaking of price, it is worth noting that savings on a bike for the benefit will not go. Your vehicle should be as safe and secure.

Women city bikes fit women living in big cities; a bike for the city to choose?

Women's model of city bike (Citybikes)It has a comfortable, sprung seat, characterized by the presence of 3-7 speeds, larger wheels, high seating (plus for the back) rigid fork. The set -. Rack, fenders, foot brake, circuit protection, etc. The price will depend on the sample and frame. Care is almost not needed, thanks to maintenance-free mechanisms. At high loads Citybikes certainly not calculated.

Woman city bike

Elegant women's bikes cruisers - for this lady; how to choose a female walking the bike?

This version of the bike will be the most successful one for the girl, who plans to ride in the city on a good asphalt. Features of the bicycle: low position of the upper frame tubes for the protection circuit, direct steering, weight and minimum speeds, rack (basket), wide saddle.

Female bike cruiser

How to choose a women's bike cruiser?

  • Check how it will fit you height. His frame should be slightly below (a few centimeters) of your belt.
  • Before the helm during a trip, you should easily get a little bent arms.
  • Bicycle frame is selected based on the financialfeatures. Steel is cheaper, but its weight will be much higher. If you are looking for an easy transport, pay attention to the frame of carbon fiber or Kevlar.
  • Wheels is better to choose with aluminum rimsreducing the total weight, the strength and reduce the risk of corrosion. When choosing a bike for a good urban roads select narrow tires with the lack of deep relief pattern.
  • The seat should be adjusted in height and horizontal direction. Pull down the entire leg should reach to the pedals. As for the shape, wide comfortable seat for walking, narrow - for sport.

And do not forget to check out bicycle state. There should be a breakaway paint, visible defects, malfunctions. All the necessary parts must be present in the kit.

Touring bike for women will allow travel on the road

This bike is a tourist option. It is suitable for bicycle travel on different roads.

Touring bike for women
  • Light durable frame.
  • The presence of the trunk.
  • Rudder "horns."
  • The front fork is equipped with a shock absorber.
  • Wheels with an average diameter of 28, a tire with a tread (tire thickness of about 32-42 mm), the spokes - 32-36.
  • Brakes type of tick.

Women's mountain bikes are suitable for walking in the mountains, and to travel to the country

Mountain biking - the most popular, due to its flexibility and reliability. The price depends on the choice of the model and its functional features.

Women's mountain bike

What to look for when buying a mountain bike:

  • Stendovera height (distance from the groin to the toptube frame) when traveling on the asphalt should be below the groin by 3-5 cm, when traveling on other paths - at 5-8 cm Rough Terrain - 10 cm and more.
  • The length of the top tube of transport must have the appropriate length of the body and hands, the experience of driving and riding style.
  • Saddle selected based on your comfort and adjustment of the female anatomy in the 3 directions (angle, elevation, longitudinal displacement).
  • Frame. If extreme skiing is not planned, the frame of carbon fiber and other super-materials is not required. Perfect choice - aluminum. However, provided that the weight - not less than 70 kg, and in the presence of amortization of the front fork (its presence on a mountain bike must!).
  • Hinges desirable to select from Japanese famous manufacturers.
  • Tyres. For highway: slicks - the lack of drawing and hard rubber; for unpaved roads - soft tires, wide, large tread; Tourism - poluslik.

The correct choice of road bike - how to choose a female-speed bike?

Functions highway (speed) bike - it speed, efficiency and flexibility.

Women road bike

The main features of the bike:

  • Ease of wheels, frames and accessories.
  • Narrow wheels - for speed, wide - safer.
  • Carbon composite fork (front).
  • Rudder "horns." Pay attention to the correct height of the steering wheel - "by itself".
  • Female size.
  • The lack of rear (front) suspension.
  • Saddle. Gel inserts in the saddle for maximum comfort.

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