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Winter sports for children - which is suitable for your child?


What types of winter sports for children? Skiing, tobogganing, snowboarding. Hockey, bobsled, figure skating for children. Tips for parents.

The kid already copes with a shovel,pitching in snowdrifts snowy palaces, enthusiastically flops on the ice rink in trying to keep his balance, and surely extends to the skies in a store? Do not introduce the toddler to the winter sports it's time?

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The cold does not prevent active recreation, andto engage them in the winter, it is not necessary to go to the Alps. Children who engage in winter sports, tend to have more developed and strong constitution and differ endurance. Also, winter sports contribute to the development of will power, coordination and courage.

What kinds of winter sports are there?

Most of the varieties of winter sports are extreme (skiing, naturbana, snowboarding, etc.). And make an exception here skiing, sledding and ice skating.

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In hockey it is also very high degree of injury, although he is not considered an extreme sport. Other types involve overcoming obstacles and downhill.

Categories Ski:

  • Orienteering;
  • biathlon;
  • Jumping;
  • Ski race;
  • Downhill;
  • Slalom (the same downhill, obstacles only).

The first and fourth quite easily can be organized in the nearby woods. The main thing that was familiar terrain. For the hard-packed road racing suit.

The most popular category of skiing:

  • Skiboard (low top speed, short-distance riding on short skis - good for those who are just starting);
  • Ski tour (collective rise in the slope on skis);
  • Snowboard (Downhill on a board made of composite materials);
  • Twin tip (descent at high speed with complex slopes);
  • Backcountry (ascent to the wild slopes and the subsequent descent from him);
  • Ski-mountaineering (without pistes).

Skiing for children

For children of both sexes lessons in skiingbecome available since 5-6 years. They allow you to bring up children more self-confident, to awaken in them the spirit of competition and to teach the right attitude to victories and defeats. From a medical point of view, cross-country skiing is good for children so that all of the muscle groups become involved in the process of training.

Skiing promotes child development, both from a medical point of view, and from the psychological and social. The main thing here - do not force the baby to the training and equipment to choose wisely.

Advantages of skiing for children:

  • Proper formation of breathing;
  • Hardening;
  • The development of the vestibular apparatus;
  • Strengthening the cardiovascular system;
  • Increase efficiency and endurance of the body tone;
  • Developing and strengthening the leg muscles of the press.

Snowboarding for children

That kind of winter sports as snowboardingAnd can engage boys and girls have tothe age of seven. Prerequisite for earlier studies - strong legs of the child. After all, this sport requires a maneuvering ability and retention of balance board. Snowboarding promotes children self-confidence and is a great opportunity for their social interaction. Of course, in this sport, preferably engaged with the coach. His guidance will help to improve riding techniques and help avoid injuries.

Advantages of snowboard for kids:

  • The development of the cardiovascular system;
  • Development of the respiratory system;
  • Improving metabolism;
  • Strengthening the calf muscles and quadriceps;
  • Improved sense of balance;
  • Development of coordination of movements;
  • Strengthening the abdominal muscles.

Contraindications for snowboarding in children:

  • The increased fragility of bones;
  • Asthma.


Luge is a high-speed descent from the slopes on the final track on the single and double sledge. Unprofessional tobogganing children can practice since four or five years.

Types Luge:

  • naturbana;
  • Skeleton;
  • Bobsled.

Hockey for children

This type of winter sports known to all. As with its goal - to send the puck into the opponent's net. In hockey, you can play absolutely anywhere on the rink. You can even pour yourself an ice rink in the playground, as do many modern parents, worrying about their children's development. The main thing is to have enough of the "little people" into two teams.

Giving a child in hockey can be nine years. Although the boy to put on skates and give him a stick, you can have from four years. Hockey requires the child data, such as decent weight, stamina and character of an extrovert. That is, the child must initially be configured to communicate with people and the ability to play as a team.

Contraindications to practice hockey in children:

  • Problems of connective tissue;
  • Diseases of the musculoskeletal system;
  • The problems of the cardiovascular system.

Figure skating for children

Girls are encouraged to start ridingSkating 6 years. Boys - a year or two later. Although you can get up on skates at the time when the toddler has learned to confidently stand on their feet and walk. Of course, the presence of the parents in this case - a prerequisite. Figured skates tightly encloses the ankles of the child and reduce the risk of injury, so for such a child skates can be put earlier than hockey or skating. Also worth noting, and other structure shaped blade skates - they are more stable and less dangerous.

It is worth remembering that to learn the art of figureSkating - a difficult task for the baby, but to learn to keep on skating and understand the basics of this sport - is quite real. Moreover, the perception of guidance provided good coach.

Advantages of skating for children:

  • Development of balance and dexterity;
  • Strengthening the leg muscles;
  • Improving metabolism;
  • Improving the performance of the circulatory system;
  • Hardening;
  • Improved thermoregulation processes;
  • Development of artistry and musical ear.

Ice skating - contraindications for children:

  • Myopia;
  • Asthma;
  • Diseases of the lung;
  • Disorders of the musculoskeletal system;
  • Head injuries;
  • Kidney disease;
  • Diseases of the circulatory system.

Winter sports and child health

For children sport is a prerequisite for theirphysical activity and good health. The activity of the child should be manifested all year round, and the weather - is not an obstacle to a healthy lifestyle and exercise. The main thing to know - from what age children can engage in winter sports, and there are no restrictions on health grounds.

What is the use of winter sports for children:

  • One of the advantages of fatty - a combination oftraining and hardening. Cross-country skiing in the fresh air, taking place in sub-zero temperatures, and ice skating in the open air - is the impact of cold during the session. And therefore (subject to regular training) increased resistance to colds child organism and strengthening the immune system ailments.
  • Training in the winter forest is a multiple benefit increasesfrom the sport. Forest Air (the more the air of pine forests) is saturated with volatile production. These volatile substances have disastrous for many pathogenic bacteria.
  • It is also an advantage of winter sports can be attributedoxygenation of the brain, the formation of the muscular system, the acquisition of resistance to temperature changes and the production of happiness hormones, endorphins, which, in turn, is the best assistant in the fight against any disease.

Age limits in winter sports

Recommendations are based on the age restrictionsknowledge of the nuances of neural activity, ligaments, muscles and skeletal development of children. Permission to engage in winter sports for a child involves the ability for coordinated and concerted action, and the ability to anticipate the consequences of certain actions. Misunderstanding or disregard advice usually leads to injury.

Note to parents

  • You decide to purchase a child skiing, orput him on skates? First of all, it should be puzzled finding the right equipment, a competent coach and take care of the necessary protection. The most important thing at the initial stage of training - to avoid serious injury or discourage the child desire to play sports. Instructor is better to choose a specially trained for teaching children, and equipment set special protection for children not strong spine should include fleeing from injuries in a nasty fall.
  • And, of course, we must not forget those required infirst-aid facilities, as an elastic bandage, adhesive bandages, ointment for bruises and sprains, special sunglasses with UV filter and the means for protection against frostbite.
  • And the third important point - do not go too far informing a bold personality. Needless frightening child injuries, you can not grow a decent athlete and the whole person. But remember, too, must be of simple prudence - the risk must always be justified.

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