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The truth about the tonicity clubs. whether the effect there? Real reviews.


Real reviews about the tone of the clubs. Is there any effect of tonicity visiting clubs? Can I lose weight? Find out here!

What is tonusnye club?

Tonus clubs are kind ofWellness centers. Visitors to these centers not only strive to improve their appearance with the help of exercise and fitness, but also tested different kinds of relaxing treatments to improve the appearance.

The main "trick" the tone of the clubUnlike fitness club is that heIt intended mainly for the lazy. There is no need to make efforts to achieve the goal. All work is performed tonusnye simulators. Trainers themselves raise your legs and hands, doing massage "problem" areas.
For classes in the tone of the club there are no restrictionsneither age nor physical. These simulators are very well suited for people with large overweight, varicose veins, and shortness of breath for people who do not have the opportunity to engage in active sports.

What kind of exercise equipment and treatments are offered tone club?

• tonusnye tables,
• Vibroplatformy,
• Vacuum simulator
• Balance platform,
• Ipotrenazher (horse trainer)
• Massage bed,
• Roller Simulator,
• Pressure therapy,
• Thermotherapy,
• Magnetic.

Description, impact and responses about tonicity tables

Description: Tonusnye tables do everything for you. Usually during the session to pass 6-8 simulators designed for different muscle groups. The simulator does not have a detrimental load on the spine and heart, and efficient enough in itself.

Effect: 1 hour lesson on this simulator equate to 7 hours of conventional exercise. Leg, for example substitute brisk walking, and a simulator for the abdominal and hip replace squats.

Real reviews from forums of tonicity tables:

Natalia L .: I took a 3-month subscription to the "Tonus club." I must say - I do not regret. An hour on the tables well-pumped muscles of the legs and the press table for hands yet.

Eugene: And I did not like ... frankly bored and yawning. Some pensioner fitness work. Near involved mom with a sick boy. That's when some serious contraindications probably the most it. But at the same time, after two lessons I have cervical osteochondrosis escalated what was not after yoga or after dancing.

Olga: I've been reading reviews like "lie nothingdoing "and opachkoy went to a free trial lesson. I would say that has been delayed onset muscle soreness throughout the body the next day. These tables do not just lie there. You actually do the exercises - at the press, but the hands, feet, back. But all this lying down. I have problems with my back, so I fit or water aerobics, or is such tonusnye tables. I have been a month, by weight, no significant changes, but leave centimeters, I began to get into clothes size smaller.

Description, effect, feedback on a vibrating platform

Description: Vibroplatformy -Special platform, operating at a certain frequency that stimulates the contraction and relaxation of muscles.

Effect: 10 minutes of training on a vibration platform is replaced by 1 hour lesson in the fitness club or 2 hours rocking the press, running or tennis lessons.

Real reviews from forums on a vibrating platform:

Alexander: I recently met a technique thatliterally turned my brain. This vibration platform. We visited the class with his wife, and in her words, the traditional fitness - it's digging stick from the Stone Age, and the vibrating platform - a space technology. We talked in some detail with the local coach, a guy 44 years old, and he said an interesting thing is that, being engaged on a vibration platform, he got rid of the protrusions 3, and it is absolutely not predicting such an outcome.

Maksim: I bought ... While much. I take at least a week. Sensations interesting. As if every muscle pulled individually ...

Description, impact and reviews of vacuum simulator

Description: Local impact on the problem areas rarefied air. Very similar to the exercise on a treadmill or elliptical trainer only in a vacuum capsule.

Effect: Exercise helps to burn fat reserves actively problem areas: the abdomen, buttocks, thighs.

Real reviews from forums on the vacuum simulator:

Laura: This is a super, already at 4 activity result was seen for the month it took me 7 cm in the hips, the muscles tightened and there was a nice relief.

Maria: Yes, they really help, it is checked, butthere is one "but" as quickly grow thin, the skin does not have time to react and begins to "sag", they say if you use together with all sorts of anti-cellulite creams get a stunning effect.

Description, impact and responses about Balance platform

Description: It is a two wooden circle that run rotational exercises for different muscle groups.

Effect: No harmful stress on the joints, tightened abdominal muscles, legs, back. It develops flexibility and coordination.

Real reviews about the platform Balance:

Yuliya: Very simple and easy to use simulator. Quick results does not give, but if the deal with all the time, it is very effective.

Description, impact and reviews ippotrenazhere (trainer-jockey)

Description: Horse trainer simulates a horse's steps, designed to train balance. It is an exercise in horsemanship, but much safer.

Effect: It affects the hips, back and abdominal muscles.

Reviews ippotrenazhere forums:

Marina: Ippotrenazher brought a lot of positive emotions, I tried once. The mood after the clearly improved. I am sure that it is something heals, but just at a time is not felt.

Description, impact and responses about Roller Massager

Description: The simulator is made of beech roller, allowing yourself to massage you are interested in hip areas, abdomen, arms, legs and cellulite massage.

Effect: Through massage increases the oxygenation of the skin. It is well-suited for warming up muscles before exercise to relieve stress and fatigue, as well as sprains and injuries.

Reviews of Roller Simulator forums:

Margarita: I have a Roller Massager, only helps if the complex with sports ... about vacuum heard that very effectively.

Alexandra: For 10-15 sessions, even the most inveterate leavescellulite, instructor individually selects the program execution session. So many mothers come to class 2-3 months after childbirth, stomach tightened perfectly, no sagging and sagging skin there. This is a big plus, t. To. The regular massage (hands) on the abdomen can not be done. Well, no study of problem areas (where deposited something extra), of course, also can not do.

Description, impact and feedback on massage bed

Description: The massage bed is designed for the treatment and prevention of a spine pain. With the help of infrared rays heats the region of the spine.

Effect: It relieves muscle spasms and restores mobility of the vertebrae. In the simulator, you can perform a relaxing, rejuvenating massage and acupuncture points.

Reviews massage beds forums:

Maria: In fact, back pain relieves, butOnly until you pass the sessions, and when you're done, everything will return to normal. I think that hand massage is more effective ... By the way, even there in the cabin I was told that you must go through 72 sessions to good effect, and if it is less, then it is simply "a dead poultice."

Elena: I bed is very helpful. I have a sedentary job, constantly back problems. After the bed back easily. But! To each his own. I know people kotorve bed helped in case of serious problems.

Alyona: I walk into a showroom for three weeks. After the third session eased neck. And I have varicose veins. And so the bumps on his leg became much smoother, there is no feeling of heaviness in the legs. Sleep became better. I like. It is better to lie at low temperatures 50-54 degrees.

Description, impact and responses about presso

Description: The procedure is carried out in a special suit. Massage is done thanks to the compressed air, the pressure of which controls the computer. Masazher affects the lymph system problem areas.

Effect: Well used to combat cellulite and varicose veins. One lesson for reaching effects equate to 20-30 conventional massage sessions.

Reviews of presso forums:

Violetta: I just flew after the session, held tirednesslegs after a day on his heel, left their swelling, boots fastened in a second without straining. Pressure therapy is permitted even with varicose veins, because it promotes blood flow to the legs. As for diet, the great pressure therapy helps to reduce cellulite, the skin is leveled due to fluid output and becomes Gorny. Over 10 sessions of the hips and waist became slimmer, took a few centimeters. Due to the fluid outlet on the scale is very noticeable weight loss, for the course, I lost 2 kilograms, while ate the same as before. Pressure therapy recommend to those who have a sedentary job, or vice versa you spend all day on their feet, and, of course, to all those who want to lose weight, and centimeters hated cellulite.

Jasmine: Pressotherapy love and periodically go to these miracle treatments. I feel for Easten heavenly delight.

Description, impact and responses of infrared pants

Description: Effects on the body by means of heat rays,which is produced by infrared sources of thermal suit. When exposed to dilate blood and lymph vessels. The suit has directed action on the problem areas.

Effect: In the depths of the warm bath is superior to conventional treatments by 10-15 times. The good effect is achieved in conjunction with a roller treadmill and pressure therapy.

Reviews of infrared pants forums:

Galina: I've tested myself this miracle technique. Great!

Eugene: I really like the thermal, a great result! Volumes are melting!

Description, impact and responses about magnetic therapy

Description: With the help of magnetic radiation is stimulatedcirculation and is regeneration of body cells. Therapy is used for the treatment and prevention of inflammation, gastritis, rheumatic fever, osteoarthritis, thrombosis, infections.

Effect: 8 min magnetic therapy session equates to a60-80 minutes of physical activity. As part of the therapy program available calming influence on biorhythms, therapeutic and relaxation program.

Is there any effect on the tone of the clubs (welness centers)?

Tonusnye clubs will not be effective for those who believe in the miracle of technology and the fact that at one time you can once and for all solve all health problems, excess weight, figure correction.

Many tonusnye trainers will help you to get rid ofof extra kilos and regain muscle tone. But if the muscles in the future will not be getting loads of food and you will also be abused, extra weight will return.

Our body requires constant attention. Proper nutrition, regular exercises help maintain it in the desired state. If you select a class in the tone of the club, remember that classes should be permanent.

If you had been the tone of the club with the aim of corrected figure and you got it, you can in the future to maintain the effect of a variety of simple daily exercises -probezhkami, fitness, swimming.

Real reviews about the tone of the clubs in all forums

Natalia: I can not leave a rave review about the toneclub, nothing special ... I go the second month, there is no result, even though I itself is not complete, but the tone and especially the loss of extra kilograms is not felt.

Alyona: To each his own! You can swim in the pool to 7 times a week and not lose weight if you stick kebabs and candies. Be realistic! All is well in the complex. Many women enjoy the passive exercise.

Hope: I bought an annual subscription, if you constantlyyou can engage in to lose weight. I like the tone of the club that comes in and raslyablyaeshsya ... the whole day can be spent shifting from one to the other simulator, a sauna, then the magnetic pass headaches. Tone Club for the lazy, that's for sure, though such a load.

Irina: I have my own tone of the club. And for 2 years in front of them a woman turned into stroynyashek. Of course, those who regularly engaged in, and compliance with our recommendations! H, there are those who abuse the cakes after training .... here is certainly not to us.

And you were tone-clubs? Share opinions!

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