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Snowboarding for Beginners - Your way to the extreme!


What is snowboarding and how to learn it? How to Dress snowboarders? Tips from novice snowboarders. Interesting video this topic.

To date, there are few people whonot familiar with this word as "snowboarding". Snowboarding - a kind of winter sports. Its essence lies in the downhill on snow-covered slopes on special snoubordnoy board, which is essentially like a big wide ski. Not so long ago the sport included in the Olympic program, so it can be called young. They love it as more young people in body and spirit, with extreme bents. Indeed, thanks to the board can issue such pirouettes that takes your breath away. On modern resorts proportion of skiers and snowboarders for about 50 to 50, whereas in the beginning with the appearance of this area, not all understood and accepted, and those who ride on the boards, long infringe the rights of, for example, are not allowed on the ski lifts and mountain route.

Do you want to snowboard - where to start?

So, you felt an urge to learn to ridesnowboarding. Wish desire, but what you need to do more? One only snowboard is not enough for a full ride. Attention should be paid not only to the selection board, but also a comfortable and protective clothing, special hardware, and mainly - the shoe.

Do not immediately buy the first seen. Knowledgeable experts advise to look at than are skilled snowboarders, you can even ask them for advice. In general, the approach to buying all seriousness, it affects not only the quality of your riding, but also safety. When choosing your snowboard you need to pre-determine what style you want to ride.

There are several:

  1. Freestyle - Of all styles of this most entertaining. Suitable for fans of different tricks. Boards for this style come with FS mark. They are very light and flexible, shorter than the others snowboard about 10 cm, are symmetrical.

  2. Freeride - The meaning is to teach proper skating. This style is most popular. Boards

    combination of letters marked FR. They usually are long and symmetrical.

  3. Racing (downhill) - This style is for those who are entertainmentpreferred rate. Not for the novice snowboarders. The inscription on the snowboarding - Race Carve. Characterized by the board as hard and narrow, have a directional shape and trimmed the heel, which gives more control at high speed.

Once you have identified with the styleriding, can proceed to the choice of snowboarding. There should be guided by several other parameters, depending on the selected style. For example, criteria such as the length and width, shape and design, the stiffness and the material used in the board manufacture.

Price snowboard varies from 250 to 700dollars, depending on the complexity of manufacture and materials. If you decide to buy a board that were in use, it is mandatory expose its thorough examination: there should be no bubbles, cuts, scratches, integrity violations edging, adhesive residue, bruises.

Bracing and snowboard boots - which is better? Advice.

After snowboarding is selected, you can proceed to the selection of the following, no less important details - bindings and boots.

  • Quality mounts It should be at the highest level: user-friendliness of fasteners to use, ergonomic platform and sufficient height and stability of the backs.

  • When choosing shoe consider their convenience and practicality. To better choose slalom tight shoes.

    Foot in them sits firmly. For other styles, you can choose those that are softer. It is important that shoes securely in the heel and dressed and acted the same simple and easy. Do not take shoes "for growth." Better to let the leg will be back to back, after a few days of operation of the shoes a little spread.

Jackets, suits, pants for snowboarding and snowboarding.

It is important to respect the principle of multi-layer:

  1. first layer - High-quality thermal underwear, preventingcooling the body, absorbing sweat. It provides good protection. To every body movement and has excellent wicking. It is desirable that there was a zipper at the waist in a circle, which allows easily to visit the toilet.

  2. AT

    Torah layer - Insulation. Usually used for this purpose sweatshirts and pants. It is best suited fleece. It is important that it does not hinder movement of the body, that is, try to trim specifically for yourself, what you more comfortable and warmer. Do not use a sweater as the second layer!

  3. third layer - Snowboard jacket and pants, or finishedsuit of membrane tissue. Its role is to stopband moisture inside and outside the rapid evaporation. Pants should be ample for both men and women and children. Jacket choose the presence shnurovok, utjazhek to, in which case, it was possible to adjust the operation sleeve under itself, a hood, a lower portion. And for pants and jackets important is the protection from snow ingestion and the presence of holes for ventilation. From such factors will depend on the ease of riding.

Necessary accessories for snowboarding

  • Mittens or gloves, No fundamental requirements of no. This is warmer in mittens, and who is more important than convenience - then the gloves. It is advisable to choose with insulation sleeves and special inserts to protect the hands from the fractures.

  • hat You can choose absolutely any. The main thing that it did not close review and well protected against

    blowing wind. Do not buy a 100% woolen hat. She very quickly lose shape.

  • Socks - As well as all the layers of clothing, they must have enhanced thermoregulation. Their height should match the height of shoes.
  • Mask (Goggles) - without this accessory does not even begin to skate. The mask protects the eyes from snow, wind and bright sun. Well if you can buy a mask with interchangeable lenses.

    Then eye protection will be more effective, as the same color lenses protect against some weather events and other from something else.

  • Helmet - In need if you are going to do is not easy, and extreme snowboarding.

Tips for novice snowboarders

  1. Do not try to learn on their own, but in vain promuchalas day. Do not waste your time, hire a competent instructor!

  2. Do not buy cheap equipment. If you risk to spend money on expensive high-quality ammunition, it is better to take the equipment rental. This service is very well developed.
  3. soft board, as tough for skilled athletes fit for you best. With boots all the way around.

  4. When purchasing equipment, do not rely on your knowledge, use the services of a sales assistant. Special care should be selected attachment.
  5. Before you go to the mountain slopes, make sure that what you will

    eat. Snowboarding requires a lot of energy, therefore the feeling of hunger quickly will have an effect. Do not purchased fast food, it is not exactly on the forces increase, but rather a heaviness in the stomach, is not conducive to brisk mood. It is best to take the road protein bars or nuts, they are not only quench the hunger, but also will add energy to your body. Do not forget a thermos of green tea, which will encourage and will warm you.

Reviews snowboarders:


This situation was at me this winter was withouthelmet. He rose and fell, rose and fell. When you try to accelerate, I like kicking an invisible foot, and I was flying, tumbling and falling again. I sweated terribly, because it did not rest at all. I do not fall so much in my life. Aching muscles, as if in a meat grinder I scrolled. But only fueled stronger desire to learn to ride. As a result, I no longer fall and look forward to winter!


Previously did not know know that the pope can suchbruises deliver. It turned out that it is possible, and how. But his head still watch out, this is not a soft spot. Before the first trip to the Alps mountains, I've never seen so close. When I started to learn to snowboard, I thought that hate him. But all is well, already twice with my husband drove. He says that I am a very slow learner, but each has its own. All accustom gradually, the main desire!


I think that skiing - it's hard work, both on the slopes and in deep snow. A practicing snowboarding, relax and enjoy a few days after the start of driving.


Snowboarding has a part of the Olympic program. What does this mean? What is popular and interesting sport. It has long been known. You want to know where to start? With a knowledgeable instructor, professional! Himself very dangerous. I advise you to learn the proper technique under the supervision of a good coach. If capacity there is, you learn quickly! Good luck!

Several interesting videos on the subject of learning snowboarding

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