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Rollerblading effectively and efficiently


What are the benefits of roller skating? How to choose the clips. What are the videos?

Today more people are choosing active, prefer cycling, Rollers and spend more time in the openair. And this is quite logical explanation, the fact is that when a man spends the maximum energy and at the same time enjoy it, his body is able to relax as much as possible with the active sports.

The benefits of in-line skating

phase occurs after a full active loadrelax the body, which gives a person a good night's sleep, and that, accordingly, it has a positive effect on overall health. Thus there is a kind of a useful habit that helps to relax, be happy to spend time with friends and have a positive impact on the figure.

Choosing skatingAs pleasant and usefulpastime, you will certainly make the right choice. And no matter what goal you want to achieve, just have a good time or to strengthen the body by means of physical activity. But, somehow, with the help of roller skates can achieve pleasant results.

The useful skating in terms of sports and figures:

  1. Increased endurance cardiovascular and respiratory system. This occurs when certainfeatures, for example, will benefit more from riding not only on a perfectly flat surface without slopes and hills, and winding terrain. Then there is a much harder endurance training, among other things useful to perform any unpretentious tricks on roller skates, which do not require enhanced training and virtually harmless.

  2. The body quickly gets flexibility and plasticity. In order to gradually train the flexibility,should start with short sessions, gradually increasing the distance and maneuverability. So you can without a strong load, gradually acquire flexibility and become more confident to keep on roller skates.
  3. Almost all the muscles are strengthenedAnd the body quickly becomes beautiful shape. If that was your goal, it should be noted that when riding on roller skates at medium speed for 30 minutes burns 280 calories. By increasing the speed, you increase the number of calories burned. To enhance the effect you need to eat properly, increasing the intake of carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.

Psychological discharge and removal of fatigue when riding on roller skates

  • that digress from the work of writing a term, or problemstroubles at home, you can choose roller skates as an excellent antidepressant. Indeed, it is proved that the active physical activities such as roller skating is released hormones of joy, which block the fatigue and help the body aside and tune in to a new attitude to one or another critical situation. Simply put, it helps to look at the situation from a different angle and reduces the apathetic attitude.
  • In addition, communication with peers tunes in a positive way, Makes people more friendly and pin, which has a positive effect on self-esteem and helps to make new friends and improve their leadership skills.
  • After a day out in the fresh air with the people who care about your hobby, You can recharge your positive attitude and transfer it to the whole week. What will increase the efficiency and quality of their work.

How to dress to feel comfortable when riding on roller skates?

Roller-skating is possible at any time in the warmthe weather in the open air along the paths in the park, and in cloudy weather on a special rollerdrome. The main thing that the clothes are not restrict movement, it was warm and it was possible to protect yourself in case of a fall, but this case is useful to special protection, which is great for beginners.

  • When riding in the fresh air in the hot season it will be enough short shorts or leggings for girls and breeches or trousers shortened for men. The top can be any desirable shirt or turtleneck with short sleeves. Children dress is almost the same, only they still required is the presence of special equipment for protection, in the form of knee pads, sleeves and a special helmet. Adults, too, need protection, but as you gain experience, you can remove the unwanted items.
  • During the cold period when riding on special sites the clothes should be as easy, Fit tight pants and a light blouse orT-shirt, as in the process of riding a person experiences physical stress, and if he starts to sweat heavily, you may suffer from dehydration. Therefore it is necessary to take into account this important aspect when choosing a form of clothes for inline skating.

The use of roller skating for women and selection of high quality movies

Many women do not know that when riding onrollers burns more calories than jogging when the race is considered the sport children and do not want to waste time on such "stupidity." But this is only to the point where they stand on the first rollers. Freedom and flight

uniform working muscles, give unforgettablesensations, and only a few workouts significantly catch up leg muscles and buttocks, a sense of ease and confidence. And it's pretty good reasons to try this nice sport.

But the right clothes, protection and pleasantfrom training is not all. The most important thing is to choose the correct roller skates, focusing on the size, quality and convenience. What skating prefer, and what are they?

Rollers are for fitness, recreational (iefor normal riding not on a professional basis), for ice and to perform tricks or speed skating. It is worth noting that if you set a goal, do your health, strengthen the body and lose weight. That this requires not just sit on the bench, getting up from time to time leisurely ride along the paths, and learn how to do special tricks, or to develop a fairly decent speed.

  • Rollers for recreation. Such models are less expensive, have a plasticframe and ordinary shoes, the wheel is small and, in general, the motto of these movies, "The main thing is the convenience," they are great for beginners and for those who just want to relax and sometimes go on the weekend.
  • Fitness Rollers. Fitness rollers are easy andThis structural strength, good speed bearings and quick lacing. For women, it's just ideal spots, they are comfortable and beautiful, they can acquire a set of simple tricks, or even learn how to dance, if you love it, then these videos for you.
  • Speed ​​skating. They are well-trained muscles, make the bodyfit and strong, thanks to the loads that have experience in high-speed driving. Are relatively hard shoes and lightweight frames, rather large wheels, which can be a four or five bearings convenient and quite attractive design. But their use is only for professional training and races, because like walking they are quite hard and uncomfortable. At a cost they are slightly more expensive than conventional skates, but they are indispensable for high-speed races.
  • Aggressive rollers or wheels for tricks. These videos do not require such high speed and availabilityskating skills needed to perform various tricks. Boots usually rigid, and the wheels are quite small, making the rollers maneuverable and comfortable. Maximum shock resistance makes these videos simply irreplaceable when sliding down a railing and slides, in the performance of complex tricks on special trampolines and stairs. If you master the skills of "agressivschikov" it will give a well-trained body, flexibility and pleasant pastime in good company.
  • Wheels for hockey. For the special needs of professional hockeyroller skates, because hockey is valued speed and agility, so the roller hockey successfully combines advantages of rollers for fitness gimmicks and commercials. They do not have big wheels and at the same time develop a fairly decent speed, the shoes are not so rigid and so are easy.

In conclusion we can say that if you have chosenFor leisure or professional sports roller skates, you made the right choice. The most important thing is the feeling of freedom and ease, confidence that will give you training on the rollers, over time you will not be able to imagine a nice vacation without your videos.

If you also do roller skating or want to do, but do not dare to hope that our article will inspire you! Leave your comments, it is important to know your opinion!

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