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Cedar barrel, fitobochka - whether helping to lose weight?


Modern tonusnye clubs and beauty salons have been actively offering the procedure "fitobochka" or cedar barrel. Let's speak about the pros, cons, and whether the service is efficient.

To date, the list of many servicesSPA-salons can be found such a service as the cedar barrel for weight loss, healing and rejuvenation. And though this service is new enough, but has a long rich history.

What is fitobochka?

Fitobochki - a kind of mini-saunamade of cedar wood, which is popularly known as a natural healer. Cedar rich fitotsidami that inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful mikroargonizmov harmful to our health.

How is the procedure?

Before the procedure You will need to completely undress and take a shower. After a shower, you will be invited to enter the phyto barrels.

Steamed sitting in a cedar barrel. Within this, a special bench. For convenience in a barrel constructed special armrests, which can rely on. Fitobochka arranged so that during a session of your head pairs located outside and has no effect on cerebral blood vessels. This procedure is perfect for those who does not tolerate conventional bath or sauna.

The session lasts an average of 15 minutesTo enhance the effect of the water is added to the broth treatments of herbs and essential oils.

Council: do not forget to bring slippers and procedure pet towel

Cedar barrel slimming effect achieved

According to the experts after a single session on 15-20% reduces the effect of orange peel, the skin becomes smooth and elastic.

A great fat burning effect can be achieved by adding water to the essential oil of peppermint or grapefruit.

During the procedure, there is an intensive moisture loss, thereby leaving much volume. During one session, you can lose up to a kilogram of excess weight.

Note, however, that gone overweight half of excess water and waste products.

But if you go often enough to effect this procedure will not take long.

It will be helpful to alternate cedar barrel and mustard bath. Thus the volumes begin to decline very rapidly.

It will be very useful to hold a session in the cedar barrel after the gym or any other sports. To burn fat and add more relaxing effect.

Contraindications to the phyto barrels, cedar barrel

Fitobochki We have a lot of indisputable advantages, but there are certain contraindications. First of all, this refers to:

  • kidney and liver,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • malignancies,
  • arrhythmia,
  • critical days and other bleeding.

Cleansing and Rejuvenation

Under the action of a pair of the most warmreveals the sweat pores and sebaceous glands are active, thanks to all the harmful substances excreted. Tissues and cells are cleansed, normalized metabolism.

This cleansing has a positive effect on the recovery of physical strength, strengthens the immune system and rejuvenates your skin, gives a charge of vivacity.

By passing alia cedar barrel has healing properties:

  • removes both joint and headaches,
  • treats back and cervical spine,
  • Muscle Neurology,
  • It copes well with the common cold.
  • removes chronic fatigue syndrome.

What is written about the effect of cedar barrels on the forums?


It's kind of a bath ... but if you're after trenazherka, say it will go, then the result will be good.


Girls, today I went to the barrel! Such a thrill! Relax, and in general, I hope that, after such experiences, the effect should be! but I have decided to combine with wrap and lymph drainage massage, a day.


Barrel cedar - a great thing! Actually hudeesh from it. Not much, that is, if it is necessary to throw 15 kg, it will not help. But actually some surplus displays!


It was a super experience! First, you sit in a large barrel, steamed whole body with all sorts of essential oils and herbal teas. Like a sauna! You sit until you can tolerate. And then you begin to massage the whole body !!! If you want anti-cellulite, then honey. What a thrill! The procedure lasts for about two hours at least. And outputs - a new man. Rest - like nowhere else!

Share with us your impressions of those who have been in a cedar barrel!

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