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Rope skipping - a new way to lose weight?


Tell you all about the new method of weight loss -skippinge. Main advantages. How to lose weight? Reviews of jumping rope.

What is Rope skipping?

It would seem a little familiar words, and also related to weight loss, but in fact these words are hidden well familiar to us from childhood skipping rope. Very simple and uncomplicated thing, but, as it turns out, because of it, you can very easily.

What are the advantages skippinga?

No wonder the athletes during training pay not enough attention and jumping rope. After jumping gives a lot of positive results.

  • In the first place, jumping rope strengthens the cardiovascular and respiratory systems.
  • Second, develop endurance and well affect coordination, strengthen leg muscles.
  • Third, have a positive impact on the figure, making it more slender, and help get rid of excess body fat.
  • Fourth, the rope - it is an excellent opportunity to recall childhood and spend time in the fun.

Based on all the positive effects that has a rope on your body, it should be noted that employment rope are often more effective than jogging or cycling.

In addition, intensive training with a rope well help in the fight against cellulite and varicose veins.

How to jump rope properly to lose weight?

Before you jump right to pick uprope itself. The rope must reach to the floor, if it is kept in a folded form. A color and material of construction of the rope you have choose at its discretion.

As in many physical activities should start gradually, but over time, increasing the load.
Also, remember that you need to jump in a full stop, and socks. During jumping knees should be slightly bent.

The back should be straight while jumping must rotate only the hands.

The following exercises with a rope:

  • Jumping on two legs
  • Alternately jumping on one leg
  • Jumping on one leg
  • Scroll rope forwards, backwards, diagonally
  • Jumping from side to side
  • Jumping, when one foot is in front, the other behind
  • Running on the spot with a skipping rope

All of these exercises, you can easily alternate at their discretion. And choose your mode, depending on what result you want to achieve with the help of jumps.

But keep in mind some points.

One lesson from the rope should not be shorter than 10 minutes. The most effective exercises will have a duration of 30 minutes per day.

It is useful to start with a slow measured rhythm and gradually increase it.

Reviews about jumping rope with your forum


I want to tell you about my experience with weight lossusing a rope. After the birth of her third child, I have recovered 12 kg, started jumping rope for 15 minutes. per day with the two approaches. As a result, I lost weight with 72kg to 63kg in 2 months. Lose weight with the help of the rope.


I started to jump in front of the outlet, likelose those extra kilograms. At that time, I did not even know how to jump and very tired. I remember the first time jumped, the next day I almost died, aching muscles everything !!! Legs, buttocks clear, but I suffered from stomach muscles even !!! I think that the rope actually uses all the muscles, at least I felt, so I lost weight evenly and quickly, and best of all that I have learned to jump correctly.


Last year, regularly skipped rope,almost every day, and I felt fine. Excess weight do not suffer, but the press is swinging well and all appear to be strengthening the bladder. And bearing shoulders and straightened.


I do not know how anyone, and I for one and a half month, kicked offabout 20 kg. First jump a hundred times a day, then more. Soon start jumping without the rope reached 3 thousand times a day - 3 sets of 1000 times. But each day. It has been 1.5 years as I stopped watching and does not increase the weight - ranges from 60 to 64. But I, and the growth of 177. I think we should continue to do. By the way, the muscles are still in the same state as Defined.


Great thing !!!! Format support, weight loss, good mood !!! I jump every day by 1000, 400 in the morning, in the evening - 600. I feel great. The only thing that breasts should be well "pack" and if you have kidney problems as I have (ptosis) is to jump in a special belt at nephroptosis, then nothing will fall off and damage will not be !!!

Have you tried to lose weight with the help of the rope?

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