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Do you want to be slim?


Fitness program: Interval cardio, cardio "intervalka" on the track running, tai bo, fitness center.

In just a short period of time people have changed their idea of ​​fitness. Access to the fitness club - it is now a lifestyle successful, beautiful, active people.

Do you want to have a slim figure? Take into service interval cardio.

It is not important what your weight! The outlines of the figures is more important - the harmony, inner satisfaction and a good feeling. If you it is enough to be a little wider than the standard model, do not force yourself, and for the sake of fashion to achieve the ideal ghost. This ideal can disrupt health and for your body to be drudgery.

Do you want to be slim, but sportsvery little time? This is about you? Try to practice and experiment in the mode of cardio interval. Especially if you want to lose weight and finding harmony - your primary goal. After all, with frequent changes of velocity in the alternation of intervals, your body will spend much more energy than during a standard exercise, and your calories will continue to "melt away". And no less than the deserved advantage: on a full cardio will need much less time than conventional exercise - about 35 minutes.

Here cardio "intervalki" a few examples onTracks for running. It is also used for jogging can be any place convenient to you and does not bring harm to the body. To control the time intervals sure to bring hours. During the workout, remember about the full breath at the thirst to drink water in small sips, and after a workout - pull muscles, who participated in the work. It is advisable to engage in the occupation interval of not more than two times a week.

Tai Po - High intensity, under the fiery music,fitness program, the structure of which there are movements of various combat sports disciplines such as kickboxing, boxing, karate, taekwondo, zamiksovannye Steps aerobic and supplemented by elements of the training function and power, classic exercises. / data / articles / 322564/3 .jpg

Systematic studies tai bo perfectlytrain the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, develop strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination of movements, relieve stress, promote rapid weight loss.

Fitness Center is included with our contemporariesschedule, as a precondition for extending the productive, active life and preservation of health. This is a great place to stay, new acquaintances and pleasant communication

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