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How to maintain in perfect condition of our body shape


Surely you've noticed time and again that in the coldtime of the year you just do not want to go anywhere either, but there is a great desire to be wrapped in a warm and soft blanket and eat something tasty sitting in front of a TV.

And it is worth noting that here it is from such desiresand we are extra kilograms, which is not so easy to lose, and back problems. After all, flexibility and harmony in our body, as well as its beautiful posture - this is only our merit for the hard work and time spent on training.

Lets you look at what we can do to maintain the excellent physical shape of our body.

Classes at the fitness - club.

Try to choose the fitness club whichIt is closest to your place of residence in order for you to have the opportunity to engage in fitness at least twice a week. In addition, before starting to be engaged and to buy a subscription, first make sure you are not wasting your money, just go for a trial lesson and make sure that it is exactly what is right for you.

Also, do not immediately start talkingall my friends about the beginning of classes and getting on the scale every day. Try to survive for several weeks in order to feel that fitness classes became necessary for you and your body.

Classes kardioaerobikoy.

This type of training will be able to come over to thosepeople who are prepared for a little physical activity. As a rule, the core set of classes includes a step, as well as various dance moves and steps, fitball (Classes with special balls), Exercise bike.

Classes of dance aerobics.

With this method, you can not only keep your body in good physical shape, but also to learn

basic movements such as the popular dances: rumba, hip-hop, samba, cha-cha-cha, break, rumba.

Sport aerobics power.
During the lessons you will be able to power aerobicscool shape your body with the help of special training on smooth treadmill, on which you can not only make effective crosses, but also slide while fully imitate all the movements of the skaters. You can also exercise and aerobics pampas - training with a mini-bar.

Also note that today have become quite popular aerobic exercise with some elements of martial arts, which perfectly develops flexibility of the body.

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