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How quickly and effectively to prepare your body for the summer season


Finally, spring came and many womenthink about what you need to prepare your body for the summer season. In this article we offer you some simple, but quite simple exercises that will help you make your waist wasp, a flat stomach and thighs beautiful.

To make your abs and perfect to become the owner of the most attractive tummy you only need to spend on carrying out this exercise for ten minutes a day.

Lie on your back on a prepared floor mat sport, legs Keep the knees and try to pick them up parallel to the floor. Hands folded on the chest position - Crosswise.

Although this is not essential and can simply put along the body. Then push back to the floor and as you exhale, try to gently lift the upper part of your body without jerks, with tien chin forward. Then return to the starting position. Do not rush, try to follow the pace. Repeat this exercise must be about twenty times for three sets.

To your hips were perfect, you will need perform this most elementary and simple exercise like squats, which effectively and quickly be able to bring your thigh muscle in the desired tone. In carrying out this exercise, pull yourself forward hand in order to have had the opportunity to keep his balance.

Also note that you should not rushbecause this exercise is very important, not the speed of its implementation, and correctness. Do not forget to follow the bearing because it must necessarily be smooth. The most optimum amount of time performing this activity is much squats - as you age.

For LLP to the positive results did not take long to carry out a physical exercise twice a day.

Every woman dreams of a thin waist, and to realize this dream, you will need holahup (metal circle)Who can you effectively get rid of excess centimeters at the waist. In order to achieve the necessary results holahup you will need to turn in for ten minutes every day.

It is worth remembering that twist halahup necessary only in clothing, but in any case, not on the bare body. This exercise is well tightens the muscles of the shoulders, and thus contributes to the rapid burning of excess fat.

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