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The splits in just 7 days - perhaps?


Is it possible to learn to sit down on a twine in just a week? What should be done? What people are saying about the splits on the forums?

For many splits - it is the ultimate dream and the index of flexibility. About him dreaming and dreaming, but thinking himself the splits it is quite difficult and is of enormous efforts and long training.
This is not the case, the splits can be completely sit for one week, but it will take some effort.

To achieve the desired result will be quite simple if you follow the instructions and within a week every day to perform all the exercises.

Recommendations for twine instructions: that on stretching exercises were interesting,enable pleasant positive music. When you exercise do not make sudden movements, so you can get a nasty pain in the muscles.

What you need to learn this week to sit down on the string?

For classes you will need light clothing made from natural fabrics that will not hamper movement.

Exercises for twine

Warm up. Before you start to be a good stretch your leg muscles. For this is well suited active walking for 10-15 minutes. Jumping on the spot, running in place, swings his arms and legs.

Stretching. Next, sit on the floor or on a mat and spreadleg side. On the inhale drag the feet of the arms, back when it should be straight. Reaching hands to toes Hold for 20-30 seconds, exhale. Repeat 14 times more so. Do not forget to keep an eye on his back and breathing.

Right angle. For the next exercise you need from a positionsitting pulled forward one leg and the other in the direction at an angle of 90 degrees. If a right angle is not obtained, then help foot hands in the whole body stretch to a right angle. Make 15 approaches and change legs. In carrying out this exercise, do not forget to keep your back straight.

Legs up. For the next exercise you need to lie on the floor and outthis position raise both legs up at a right angle. Then dilute the legs to the side and keep them as a second, then again bring together and drop them on the floor, rest 10 seconds and repeat nine more times since the first day of training. In the following days, increase the amount of time in its sole discretion.

Mahi feet. The exercise is performed from a standing position, the backmust be straight. To start merge left foot 20-30 strides forward, then lift the leg at a right angle and hold it for 30 seconds. The same is repeated for the right foot. If desired, the number of strides can vary, but the more, the better.

After this exercise, make swings forward and to the side. First lift the leg forward and then slowly allot allot it to the side. It turns max and delay weight.

Lunges. Exercise is also performed from a standing position. Make a sharp attack on the right leg so that the right leg was left at a right angle. Make rocking for 20-30 seconds. The muscles of the groin area should be at the same time feel the tension. Then make a lunge left foot. Repeat alternately 12-16 times.

leg is put aside. From a standing position, lift right leg, bend itin the knee, and push to the chest. Then pull the leg as far as possible in the side, and you should feel like a stretched muscle. Repeat the exercise for the second leg, just make 15 calls on each leg.

Throw a leg. From a standing position, Cast the foot on the back of a chair,table or windowsill. Then, bending his knee, served whole body thrown back toward the feet. Repeat this movement 12-15 times. Change the foot and repeat for the other leg the same amount of time.

After these exercises, you'll be well enough to feel that you have on your feet muscles to relax them, you can go to the bath after class or a massage.

What do real people -Real quickly whether the splits?


I am 18, I have to split the village for 2 months, butinvolved in the club, under the guidance of the instructor. It is difficult and painful, too. If the advertisement write "painless stretch" - a lie, painless, it does not happen at all. We have a lot of group left because of the pain. The point is unsafe. even under the supervision of an instructor, you can make your own at some point, do not move and ... can be a big problem. I know many women who have been obsessed with the idea, but after 1-2 sessions throwing.


By the way somewhere in-HETE seen movie, the guy thereshowed a very interesting technique of stretching, he put a pile of books and sat down so to speak on the string on the stack, when you get used to this altitude, take away a book and sit back ... and so on. Maybe someone can help. Pre-stretching itself.


52 years. Twine do without any problems. I stretched regularly on the wall bars. The slopes are constantly doing. I can not just get a floor palms (without bending the legs), and elbows. Yoga not do, even though I want to. Girls, do not run themselves.


I have long been engaged in dancing. At almost the twine village. And one day I sat down without warming up the muscles and very sorry about this. For two days I could not walk, so a bad leg. A month passed, reach for, but now the pain, to the end I can not sit down.


Well, it all depends on the psyche, it is possible and within 3 days the splits, but you can for a year. Here it is necessary to endure the pain, and in another way! Another good thing when someone helps, because all the same it is a pity ...

For twine need to warm up, running, sit-ups, kick their feet, etc.

Next, we turn on a movie about Vandam, sit down on a twine and leaning on a chair or a chair, a sofa and watch a movie about an hour.

Another good stretch helps: lie down on your back and legs throws on the wall, and the fifth point firmly attach to the wall, and spreads his legs apart, lying as 20-30 minutes. then slowly pick up.


I went to a dance 3 times a week, once welesson was devoted to stretching, and that in a month I sat down on the string, and the bridge has learned to do (or rather, to get out of his own). Warm was the main exercise: sat on the ass, legs bent at the knees (left in left, right - with the right foot united and this way to sag forward, only very plastic and gently (slowly in the same position took both hands to yourself for the toes and like that rock the legs bent (downwards -to top). This exercise is to stretch the muscles that allows the splits. is the mood, do as much as possible, before you know it and can sit a couple of days.

And you sit down on the string and how quickly?

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