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Female models of roller skates - 7 best 2012 models


Roller skates for women: descriptions, reviews, prices - 7 best models 2012.

Rollers - it's not just a little thing, which occupies a place in the cabinet. Rollerblading - Is a great way to cheer yourself up,I have fun. And the extra weight, which remains a problem for many women, the rollers also help to remove. Besides, who does not want to ride with the wind? You are racing faster fastest runner, kids, mouths open, looking at you, so they also want. And you fly past the flashing happy houses and trees. Only the wind roars in your direction.

Fitness videos What is this?

So which model to choose to bring the joy of skating, and a feeling of comfort did not leave throughout the walk? The best option here are fitness videos.

Fitness - translates to English as a goodthe form. Fitness videos are intended for recreation. This type of roller is the most common in Russia. Strength, lightness, agility and comfort of a fitness rollers enables them to develop a fairly high speed, as well as perform a number of tricks, from simple to more complex. In general, for women who want to benefit their health and do it with pleasure, fitness videos are just the ideal choice. Below are the 7 most dynamic models of fitness rollers 2012.

Top 7 models for women rollers

1. Women's Roller Skates Fila Eve 12

Price: about 3300 rubles.

Description of the model:

Lightweight, comfortable, reliable fixed leg(Present heel strap, and an ordinary lacing upper Buckley). The shoe is soft, designed with the anatomy of the female foot, in addition, its surface provides excellent ventilation, so that the foot during even the most intense training will not choke. The frame is made of metal (aluminum), bearings AVES 5 82 A. There rigidity brake. Wheels of 80 mm diameter. Colors to choose red and gray. Sizes from 35 to 41. This model is suitable to girls who choose all the newest models.

Reviews owners Fila Eve 12 female roller skates:


A good model! I use them for about a month. Comfortable, very comfortable, just go yourself! ?? Before it is measured rollers other models could not choose the size. It was a feeling of tightness, it is very large. And they immediately sat perfectly on foot. Very comfortable shoe. I bought immediately, while others did not even measure. But this model, the brake a little bit further away from the ankle than at my previous movies, so you need to acquire certain skills to properly manage them, especially on the descent.


Not a bad model, I have it for about a month. Very comfortable rollers sit comfortably on the leg, adjustable rise for the full foot with high instep. Deficiencies have not yet seen.

2. Women's roller skates Roces Y300W

Price: about 5900 rubles.

Description of the model:

This model is suitable for inline skatesRoller with a more advanced level of skiing. Develop greater speed allows relatively large diameter wheels, which improves the reel. The shoe is made with a special insert of foam that provides comfort when riding. Also there is an anatomical footbed and quick lacing system with a special clip, the storage position of the buckle, which saves time when obuvanii. Manufacturer: Roces. Bearings: ABEC 7.

Reviews owners female roller skates Roces Y300W:


I bought these videos already as 3 months! Convenient clasp, good wheels, legs do not get tired!

3. Women's skating Reaction H404

Price: about 3000 rubles.

Description of the model:

These roller skates, as well as other models,designed for fitness. The model is equipped with an aluminum frame. The shoe is soft Soft Boot Pro. These rollers are suitable even for full ladies, because the user can withstand weight up to 100 kg. Also in this model, there is a proven system of fixing the ankle Heel Fix, which along with an aluminum frame provides a comfortable and safe ride. Manufacturer: Reaction. Bearings: ABEC 5. Hardness wheels: 80A, diameter - 80 mm. Colours: silver, white, blue.

Reviews owners female roller skates Reaction H404:


I chose these because of the design, and low price. And the ride is already 2 months. Good quality / price ratio.

4. Women's roller skates Roces YRIS

Price: about 3600 rubles.

Description of the model:

This model is suitable for both beginners and moreexperienced users, for which the brand without significance and the modern, stylish design. The shoe is soft, with a high block, which takes into account design features of female legs. In this model there is a quick lacing system, thought-out additional fixation of the boot using Velcro Velcro that provides quick and secure fit obuvanie when riding. Manufacturer: Roces. Bearings: ABEC 5. Stiffness wheels 82 A, diameter - 80 mm. The colors white and brown.

Reviews owners female roller skates Roces YRIS:


This is my first movie and I have gotten them recently. I like, I think I will learn to skate fast! ??


Very popular. Ride easy, look very fashionable. However, little hang out on foot. We had to take a size smaller.

5. Women's roller skates Roces S255W

Price: about 8,900 rubles.

Description of the model:

This model is particularly distinguished amongothers. It is present technically innovative design. The shoe is equipped with foam inserts, special insert near the ankle. Insole - absorbing. The surface of the shoe is made of breathable material that provides excellent ventilation. Maximum speed is achieved thanks to the wheels in diameter of 90 mm and ABEC 9 bearings micro. Also present system of speed lacing and a special memory - a clip of aluminum, which securely locks the fastener. All these innovative technologies provide agile skating and high control when braking. Manufacturer: Roces.

Reviews owners female roller skates Roces S255W:


Very lightweight and comfortable, let you develop a good speed, agility, do not feel that there is somewhere to fill up!

6. Women's roller skates HEAD X3 ALU WOMEN

Price: about 2700 rubles.

Description of the model:

Boot into this model, semi-soft, shoehigh, was created based on the anatomy of the female foot. There is a ventilation system. Very suitable for those who like to ride in the dark, as it has noticeable reflective insert that provides security on the road. The model is with two types of frames - aluminum or plastic. For a quick dressing shoe has a special loop. High speed can be achieved thanks to the wheels 90 mm in diameter. Brand: HEAD. Bearings: ABEC 5. Available sizes 35 to 42.

Reviews owners female roller skates HEAD X3 ALU WOMEN:


I fit. Options match the description. This model skates HEAD X3 ALU WOMEN more suitable for those who have a good experience riding and confidently stands on rollers. It seems to me that for inexperienced users skating will be complicated because of the shortened boot this model.

7. Roller Skates «Wave» Heelys

Price: about 3500 rubles.

Description of the model:

Unique model. Roller sneakers Heelys allow rollerblading, not pereobuvayas of sneakers. You can insert a video clip in the heel of the shoe, and move as a roller-skating, fast. If circumstances change and the need again sneakers - simply remove the video clip and continue on foot.

This model is aimed at beginners women- Steprayderov. Nice design is successfully combined with a comfortable, breathable sheath of synthetic perforated leather. Heelys «Wave» equipped with wheels on each shoe. These shoes with a roller in the heel is much safer than conventional rollers and scooters. In addition, orthopedic surgeons noted that during prolonged skating Heelys ankle muscles become elastic and acquire a good stretch. The upper part of the shoe is made of synthetic perforated leather that allows the foot to breathe and is easy to clean shoes well. The inner part with a soft tongue, is made of a mesh material. Leg in a comfortable position and clearly recorded. The sole is made of special rubber, flat, making walking easy and ensures safety when riding. Wheels: Polyurethane FATS. Bearings: ABEC-1 standard. Manufacturer: Heelys. Dimensions: 31 to 42.

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Reviews owners female roller skates «Wave» Heelys:


I was always afraid to start rollerblading. Just jealous of those who succeed. A friend advised me Heelys roller shoes. The original decision. Absolutely safe. They do not require any skills. Now I can include in your active item "roller skating". I think in the future to move to more sophisticated models. But the ride turns a little slow, I would like to quickly. But I think, over time, this is my work.

And what videos you have chosen? Tell us by leaving a comment!

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