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Breathing Technique oksisayz - exercise for weight loss video in oksisayz Technology


oksisayz technique for effective weight loss. Video oksisayz techniques - how to control breathing and clarity of exercise? Everything about the technique oksisayz - on

Oksisayz exercise for weight loss is absolutely notcomplex. Most are not so easy to perform them regularly, without missing a day, and reducing the intensity of your workouts. Yes, it is daily work will throw off excess weight, improve your health, rejuvenate and overcome neuroses.

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About, how to perform the exercises oksisayz - See below.

Proper breathing technique oksisayz - Video exercise scheme

Basis oksisayza - Proper breathing, so he has to payattention first. Founder J. systems. Johnson said that until you have finished your breath to automaticity, it is not necessary to switch to the exercises. So, it is better to devote a couple of weeks exploring the art of breathing oksisayz 10-15 cycles daily.

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The technique of breathing oxysize, video:

  • How should we stand: straight, slightly bending the knees. The body should be relaxed to the hips. Belly tucked up a third of your maximum retraction. In direct waist hips should be slightly pushed forward. Do not forget about proper posture, ie, of your shoulder blades pulled together.

  • How to breathe: nose, at the same time, throwing back his pelvis forward, "napruzhinivaya" press and reducing buttocks. Then smile and stronger tighten abs and buttocks, making 3 gusty "dovdoha".
  • How do you breathe out: feel the fullness of light air and begin to exhale. Slowly exhale through the mouth "tube", weakening the buttocks and turning basin. Then, as you breathe in, make a sharp 3 "dovydoha".

Gymnastics oksisayz - correct technique exercises - video

  • Stretching side. Involved waist region and the press. How: from the standard position, pull the right arm up and bend to the right. Thus, the body should be substantially parallel to the floor, i.e. in the same plane as the pelvis. Hold down the stretch and take a few breaths. Then, change the position on the left hand. And so 3 times for each hand.

  • Squat against the wall. Work the legs, buttocks and chest muscles. How: standing in the basic position leaning against the wall at her back, and slowly sit down to such an extent that your thighs are parallel to the floor. Where to put your hands? Put them together palm to palm in front of chest. Take in this position a few breaths. And so 3 times.
  • Squatting usual. Worked out the inside of the thighs and buttocks. How: squat in the same position as above, but without the wall and not deep. In this attempt, as if to dissolve feet separating the floor beneath his feet. On each squat - 4 cycle 3 times per workout.

  • Spin the chair. Strain every muscle. How to: Sit down on the edge of the chair and lasting insure himself with his hands. Then another slide buttocks forward so that the emphasis was held only on the toes and palms. Zastynte 3-4 and breathe cycle. Repeat this breathing exercise for weight loss oksisayz several times.
  • Squeezing the wall. With an emphasis on the development of hand strength, the press, the gluteal muscles, back and legs. How: hands under the chest with palms parallel. Press and when you feel the maximum voltage, straighten the body and stand on your toes. Then, take a few breaths. Secure the exercise about 3 times.
  • Rocket launch. Heavy load and tensile major muscles of the body. How to do: lying on the floor, pull the socks and clean hands behind his head. As if you pull in different directions at the same time. Then breathe a few cycles. This breathing exercise oksisayz a nice way to end the workout.

  • Cobra Stretch. Strained region of the back and abdomen. How: lying on his stomach, lean on the palms of the hands, which should be positioned under the breast. Then straighten your elbows bent, good feeling tension press. It poses a bit like push-ups, but the hips off the floor do not rise. Thus, multiple cycles of 3 times.

Oxisayz exercises, video:

Oksisayz - it natural remedy to prolong youth and normalizing weight. Many women say that within a monthlessons have not only gone the extra weight, but also improve the condition of the skin, cellulite is gone. Some note a persistent increase in mood and performance.

Thus oksisayz truly effective, particularly in terms of storage - The longer you do, the deeper and more lasting results.

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