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Bodyflex for beginners - how to prepare for classes; recommendations, video tutorials


How to prepare for classes bodyflex, recommendations for beginners, advice on the organization of the place of employment, paraphernalia, clothing, methodical guides and training videos

Bodyflex for beginners - how to prepare for classes

If you have never been involved in sports, but inThe pursuit of a beautiful figure and health have already made their choice in favor of gymnastics "Bodyflex", you need to become more familiar with this technique, as well as prepare for classes. Currently, a whole system for beginners has been developed, allowing people to smoothly master the technique of diaphragmatic breathing and special exercises.

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Indications and contraindications for exercise bodyflex

Before you start to exercise bodyflex(As well as to any other sports loads, too), it is necessary to determine whether you are among a group of people who, for some or other health indicators, this gymnastics is alas! - is contraindicated.

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Contraindications for the main bodyflex complex:

  1. High blood pressure, frequent fluctuations of blood pressure.
  2. Condition after surgery.
  3. Heart failure.
  4. Severe forms of myopia; retinal disinsertion.
  5. Pregnancy (many exercises Bodyfitness pregnant recommend -Shadow with the doctor).
  6. Various hernias.
  7. Chronic diseases in the acute stage.
  8. Arrhythmia.
  9. Diseases and pathology of the thyroid gland.
  10. Glaucoma.
  11. Bronchial asthma.
  12. Increased body temperature.
  13. Intracranial pressure.
  14. Bleeding.
Bodyflex for beginners - how to prepare for classes

Previously, experts doubted the benefits of bodyflex for health. The reason for these doubts was precisely Breath holding When doing exercises, which, in the opinion of the luminariesIs harmful to the functioning of the brain, increases the risk of complications - hypertension, cancer, arrhythmia. But today this "harm", fortunately, is refuted, including - indicators of the excellent health of those people who begin to engage in this gymnastics, as well as medical observations of their health and well-being. This program caused real excitement in the world of health and beauty. Naturally, she was also interested in scientists, physicians, various specialists in training and healthy lifestyle. Here are the main Conclusions about the benefits of the exercise system and deep diaphragmatic breathing, Which are made as a result of a thorough and thorough study of the methodology:

  • Immunity is strengthened.
  • The risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system is significantly reduced.
  • The work of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract is normalized.
  • Significantly reduces the risk of getting cancer.
  • Gymnastics allows Easy to get rid of bad habits And do not return to them anymore.

Bodyflex simply Is indicated for those women who are overweight, With a large mass of loose loose fat andSluggish skin. Classes bodyflex, like no other, will make this fat melt, and the skin - pull up. These activities can also be very useful for those women who have never been involved in sports have Flaccid musculature - in bodyflex are important Do not exercise, and the development of proper breathing, That they will be able to.

Bodyflex will be very useful to all those women who want Keep oneself up, Have a good figure and strengthen health. By the way - bodyflex is very useful for men, this gymnastics had fans and followers in the strong half of humanity.

What is necessary for beginners to learn bodyflesh - clothes, equipment, manuals

Classes Bodyflex at home

Classes of bodyflexers are compared to yoga by many connoisseurs - it is also best for them to acquire only Special gym mat He will not let his feet slide on the floor, he will not get lost, he will not distract from his studies.

Experts say that classes in any sport, including gymnastics bodyflex, for each woman become especially attractive and interesting if she has picked herself up Beautiful and comfortable suit Especially for exercises. For those exercises using the bodyflex technique, which require the use of Sports equipment, It will be necessary in the future to buy them (tape, ball, etc.).

Costume for training with bodyflex Should be elastic, without tight elastic bands on theBelt, not constraining movements. Best for this gymnastics fit elk, shorts - cotton with elastic, loose and soft cotton T-shirts, T-shirts. Shoes are not needed - all exercises are performed barefoot (in socks).

that Books by Marina Korpan Was always at hand, it is necessary to acquire them andRead in your spare time. In books, you need to mark the most interesting and useful places for yourself, then, in your spare time, reread them. If there is a desire - you can record and your observations - with them you can share with the author. Marina Korpan is the author of books «Bodyflex. Breathe and Thin "," Oxisayz. Thin without breath holding ".

If you plan to follow the lessons of video lessons from the Internet or bought on DVDs, then your place for gymnastics should be located right in front of A computer monitor or a TV.

Since this gymnastics assumes a strict restriction on the time of classes - no more than 15-20 minutes daily, clock Should stand somewhere nearby, for controlTime. Time control is also very important in the earliest stages of bodyflex, in order to determine the "depth" of breathing delay, as well as the time of performance of various stretching exercises.

What first of all it is necessary to master beginners in bodyflex

Bodyflex for beginners - how to prepare for classes

The basis of the entire bodyfeeding technique is Proper setting of special breathing - this distinguishes gymnastics from other techniques. This specific breathing in the bodyflex is associated with Hyperventilation of the lungs and Breath holding, Which are performed in parallel with a specialExercises. So, oxygen is better absorbed by the lungs and transfers them to the blood, from where oxygen is carried to all tissues and organs of the body. It is this in the bodyflex that allows you to quickly split the fat for which regular gymnastics and diets did not bring any result.

  1. First you need to learn Exhale. To do this, you need to pull the tube forward with your tube, trying to release air through them slowly, without pauses, trying to release it as much as possible.
  2. Inhalation is necessary through the nose. After exhalation, it is necessary to close the lips tightly, and then sharply and noisily through the nose to draw in air - as far as possible the maximum volume.
  3. Then it is necessary to exhale all the collected air through the mouth. At a low position of the diaphragm, you need to hide your lips in your mouth, and exhale the air, opening your mouth as wide as possible. From the diaphragm will be heard The sound "Fuck!" - then you are doing everything right.
  4. Then you need to learn Hold your breath correctly. When there was a complete exhalation of air,Close your mouth and tilt your head to your chest. In this position, with the belly drawn into the spine, it is necessary to stay until the score is eight (but it must be counted as follows: "A thousand times, one thousand two, one thousand three ...").
  5. Then, having made a relaxed breath, you can feel how The air itself bursts into your lungs, Filling them.
Bodyflex for beginners - how to prepare for classes

The development of breathing techniques in the bodyflex system is, of course, better and more efficiently performed under the guidance of an experienced trainer. If you do not have such an opportunity, then you can help in this endeavor. Good video of bodyfights for beginners, and Video tutorial on how to set the correct breathing. Before you do all the exercises yourself,It is necessary to review the video sessions several times in order to understand the algorithm, determine the duration of each exercise in time, note all the important nuances for yourself.

For beginners: three rules for doing bodyflex

  1. At first, Without Systematic studies You can not achieve anything by a literal count. This system implies strict execution of the exercises - fortunately, for this it will only be necessary 15-20 minutes a day, And each person can quietly allocate them for classes in the morning, when the stomach is still empty.
  2. SecondlyIf you are overweight, then at the very beginning of the classes you must perform General exercises aimed at weight reduction, And then - begin to perform exercises for those or other problem areas of the body. This sequence is mandatory, otherwise there will be no pronounced results.
  3. Thirdly, Starting to do gymnastics bodyflex, You do not need to start a strict diet at the same time, Aimed at reducing body weight. To take food must be divided, often, little by little, so that hunger does not pester, did not take away the last forces necessary for training. As a rule, after a while after the beginning of studies, the appetite decreases significantly, and a person simply can not eat in the volumes he ate before.

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