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Battle of the Sexes: Who's smarter?


Who is smarter, men or women? This question was left to many generations of people. But now, with the help of modern scientific knowledge, we can find out the answer

Dialogue from childhood:

- Why do male athletes and female athletes compete separately?

- Because men are naturally stronger and faster, women in joint competitions simply would not have a chance ...

- And why are chess and checkers competitions for men and women separately?

- ...

What qualities with the epithet "Feminine"Do you remember first of all? Surely it is "Female trick","Women's cunning","Woman's intuition","Femininity". And the "female mind"? Unless with irony, along with "Female logic". Of course, now in a decent society to raise the topic of intellectual differences between the sexes is not accepted, but between us girls can be and honest.

Battle of the Sexes: Who's smarter?Why is the percentage of female scientists so small? Do not scientists, namely scientists, researchers, pioneers? Of course, everyone will remember Sklodowska-Curie or Sofya Kovalevskaya without difficulty, but, you see, a few scientists-ladies, therefore, remember that they are a rare exception.

You can, of course, nod to the list of Nobel Prize laureates, only if you put brackets for the nominees "Nobel Peace Prize"And laureates, passing by the nomination"literature", Then it remains, frankly speaking, sparsely.

Often such a situation is explained by a lowerSocial status of women, who do not have the opportunity for education, development and self-realization. But after all already almost hundred years any oppression of a weaker sex in the developed countries also does not smell, all ways of development are opened. Ladies-stars of the stage, screen, podium - as many as you like!

But with women-stars of a microscope and a test tube there are still, there are women-scientists a minority. But what really there, even the ratio of the number of representatives of both sexes who play in "What? Where? When?"Speaks for itself. It turns out that men are still smarter? Let's figure it out.

We are measured by intellect

At one time the question "Who is smarter? "Was akin to the question"who is more beautiful?" or "Who is nicer?". After all, in order to compare, you must first measure, and no way to measure "Cleverness"Simply did not exist.

But finally, at the beginning of the last century (more precisely,In 1916) scientists managed to measure for the first time the numerical expression of mental abilities. You probably already guessed that we are talking about all the now known coefficient of intelligence or IQ. After that, the question "Who is smarter"Overgrown with a completely measurable numerical specifics.

Of course, scientists did not miss the opportunity to respondAnd the eternal question of who is smarter than men or women. Fortunately, times of aggressive political correctness have not yet come, and it was possible to compare the intellectual abilities of representatives of different sexes and races.

Large-scale testingRepresentative groups of both sexes, after which the average values ​​of IQ were similar and compared in groups. The results were quite expected (for men) - the average IQ of the stronger sex was 2-4 points higher than the weak one.

It would seem that the issue is resolved, and the topic can be closed. However, soon there was a constructive criticism of the research methodology.

Lies, blatant lies and statistics

You probably know the aphorism made inHeader. Indeed, sometimes the result of statistical studies is very much dependent on the chosen method of counting. So in this case, to change the result it was sufficient to change the methodology.

Before the scientists was asked: what will happen if we compare not the average male and female intellect, but the intellect of the average man with the intelligence of the average lady. Same? And here not.

Method for determining the arithmetic mean allRemember from school times: all values ​​are summed, then the resulting number is divided by the number of values. Performing similar actions on IQ, we get the average value of the intelligence factor. But in order to determine the intelligence of an average man or an average woman, this method is not suitable. Let's look at an example.

Imagine that we have two groups of subjects A and B:

  • Each person from group A in his pocket has 100 rubles each;
  • And in group B, 100 rubles for all but one. To one subject we will give 300 rubles.

If you calculate the average of the usual schoolWay, we get that the average amount of money for each subject in group A is 100 rubles, and in group B 120. It turns out, on average, the subjects of group B are richer than those in group A by 20 rubles.

But we know from the condition that this is not so, that practically all the subjects of B have the same amount of money as the subjects A, one single "oligarch"B introduces a significant perturbation in the picture of the distribution of banknotes.

To avoid the influence of small groups with unusually large values ​​of the studied indicator, the median method is used in statistics. Put all the values ​​of "By growth", Similar to the way boys are placed andGirls at the lesson of physical education. And then we'll see what value will turn out clearly in the middle. Obviously, in both groups the mean values ​​will be the same - 100 rubles.

Applying this method to comparing the male andFemale intellect found that the intelligence of the average man and the average woman at the age of 20 years is practically the same, the difference does not exceed the value of the statistical error.

As for the age group of up to 20 years, so the average girl turned out to be half a point, even smarter than the average guy. Why was the comparison of mean values ​​so different?

Battle of the Sexes: Who's smarter?The male average of intelligence "PulledUp a relatively small group of individualsA male with a very high IQ score. Yes, there are more geniuses among the stronger half, but in the same way there are more and mentally ill people (but you just forgot to count them during the initial testing), but how often did you hear about women serial killers or maniacs?

This phenomenon is related to the fact that males are a testing ground for evolution. Among them, they are often found as successful evolutionary "Innovations", And an obvious genetic marriage. With this, by the way, is due to the fact that many genetic diseases (for example, hemophilia) are peculiar only to males.

But tried and proven evolutionary solutions are fixed on women. This explains why intelligent women like men. These ladies are the favorites of evolution. Doubt that they love? In vain, but more on this below.

So who is smarter?

So, we found out why the average Man Not smarter than an average woman. And also found that the percentage of geniuses is small. Why are there so few women scientists? And here's why: the mind is the same for both, but the representatives of the sexes use them in completely different ways. To understand the differences, it is necessary to turn to a distant antiquity. What did the males and females in prehistoric times do?

A man hunted a mammoth, explored the territory,Fought with the enemy. His wife cooked mammoth, sewed clothes, dried scalps. The man's mind is directed to research, the search for solutions, the solution of life's mysteries.

The weaker sex is better given a solutionRepetitive one-type tasks. It does not at all follow that somebody's mind is better or worse, both types of intelligence work in symbiosis, effectively complementing each other. Guys explore, discover, conquer, their military friends - master.

Because of this difference in using your own mindAnd there are legends about the fact that men do not like smart women. It's not quite true, you can even say it's not at all. Naturally, men like smart women. And not very smart, and even very stupid - in general, any.

Battle of the Sexes: Who's smarter?The taste and color, as they say, all the candy wrappers are different. That's what men really can not tolerate, so these are women, smart "like a man", That is, those whose mind is"Configured"According to the male type.

Of course, a man willing to romance with such a womanWill agree, but it is unlikely to introduce her into his wigwam as a wife. Why? It's very simple, in such a wife the husband sees his competitor. Who wants to see a competitor under his own roof?

So in a dubious "Wisdom"That the strongest union is the marriage of an intelligent man with a stupid woman. There is still some truth: such a man does not see competition and dips his head in search and research, and the woman all his "knowledge"Sends to the service of his genius.

Look for your soul mate, love her for who she is, and do not try to deceive nature - it's still not worked!

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