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A man in love


At the beginning of the novel I want to know whether the man in the long term relationship or looking for a fleeting connection configured. How to distinguish a seducer, cheater on a single? Let's deal!

Every woman is doing its utmost to understand,truly in love if her companion. Depending on whether it is set to a short-term affair or long-term relationship, it becomes clear how to deal with a man. Loving a woman is prone to overlook the shortcomings of the partner. In her eyes, he turns into the ideal, especially in the early stages of a relationship.

A man in loveEven if there are embarrassments, the beloved is ready to write off all the errors on the circumstances and situation in life, rather than to ascribe negative traits to his elect.

In view of this the psychological characteristics of allLovers ladies, nice to know how to behave in the real men. Why waste mental energy on someone who just uses you and, by and large, does not reciprocate? There are objective indications that the behavior of a man in love.

Remembering them can be removed from the eye veil of delusion, or make sure that young people really love tenderly.

Gad in the daisy?

How do you want to find your true love,live with her beloved to an old age! Not knowing how to behave as a man, ready to build strong family relationships, women are beginning to resort to such "folk remedies", as fortune-telling on a camomile or tea leaves.

It is easier and more joyful juggle with facts in favor of theconfirmation of serious intentions cavalier than disappointed at the very beginning of the novel. Women tend to believe even a small resemblance to the ideal pririsovyvaya details and fantasizing excessively.

They are ready to find the hidden motives to justify the behavior of the partner, and often do not fully understand how to behave with a man so to feel out his intentions in the early stages of a relationship.

Every detail, sometimes contains valuable information. And at the same time there are universal signs that elect wants long-term relationship.

1. Sexual attraction

A man in loveThe primary sign of love isgender attraction. The sexual impulse gives rise to the top of communication. How to behave in the real men, if you meet the object of attraction? That's right, which is dominated by the chosen one, subconsciously at the level of instincts seeking to continue the race.

It may seem that this is a sign of deep feeling for life, though the first passionate impulses does not guarantee long-term relationship.

But the reverse principle works perfectly - ifthe girl is not interested in Man sexually, he absolutely did not aspire to intimacy, then most likely, we are not talking about love. In the arsenal of every beauty a lot of secrets, designed to awaken the hunter's partner. The production seems inaccessible, the stronger the desire of conquest.

If caught on the road a man manipulator asYou behave need to know for sure. For many, sex - is a variant of self-assertion, the evidence of force, a way to cope with self-doubt. Outwardly, this may sound manipulator love, promise mountains look beautiful. But as soon as he gets his own - is fast disappearing from the life of the girl, did not return calls, avoids communication. Therefore, only one sign - sex drive - to recognize the real sense is impossible.

2. In search of the native soul

A man in love

Emotional attraction, spiritual warmth and truefriendship - that are looking at strong relationship both partners are configured to build a shared future. How to behave as a man who wants to become a woman, not only a lover but a friend? By all means, he will try to be present in the life of his lady. Follow-up calls, letters, invitations to a movie or restaurant, many stories about himself.

He finds out the maximum detail about the beloved, until the address, phone number, hobbies and preferences.

Love really will use anychance to enter into a tactile and visual contact with the girl. Sometimes it even becomes too much, it fills all the available living space.

Even if the attention to the person beloved bettermeasures, it is important not to push the man to understand what he is looking for convergence. Step forward - and he will be happy beyond measure! This feature is noticeable, like no other.

You have to understand that it is a general trend,as the character, temperament and physical capabilities are different. One can give a car and be a fraud, and the other will present a bouquet of daisies - and be sincere and gentle.

Someone would be bold enough to singserenades under the balcony of his beloved, and someone is not able to express thoughts and beautiful is a matter to manifest itself. It is important to understand the principle - the one who is experiencing genuine love, will seek to be close.

3. Skip to the "holy of holies"

A man in loveYou want to know if you got a man in your waymanipulator, and how to behave at the same time? Note that if you allow it into your life, whether committed in their secrets, whether to share innermost thoughts.

Representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule,rather conservative and carefully protect their living space, as a guarantee of freedom. If the bachelor lair could settle down toothbrush woman or her perfume and pantyhose, this is a good sign.

The manipulator is not to allow the companion close. Love takes precautions. Love will not hide their weakness, openly talk about what was in his heart.

It is important to realize that sometimes the manipulatorsare naive victim of love, and out of laziness are allowed to do in cleaning the apartment, collect the scattered clothes, prepare lunches and dinners. It would seem that in this case the companion is sufficiently close is close, but in reality it is only an appearance, it brazenly used.

4. Ready for victims

Can I elect to adjust their behavior and plans in case of need, to please his beloved?

If the answer is "yes", it is very likely that there is love in the relationship.

A man in loveIf a man is willing to spend time and energy onrelationships, to make concessions, and even a little change (eg, quit bad habits, to accept the presence of a cat in the house, and so on. d.), then chances are high to get along with him a long and happy life. You can not have a healthy relationship if the couple during the approach is not ready to make certain sacrifices and concessions.

Life can not remain the same as you'd have liked at times. We have to reckon with the opinion of the habits and character of the other, to get used to changes in the daily routine, to new things in the apartment.

If a man is not ready for a serious relationship, hewill avoid any innovations. It can not sacrifice a place in the computer or the TV remote control? It is unlikely that he wants to let the chosen one in her life forever.

Excessive use of the senses is highly undesirable. Although love is able to go to great sacrifices for the sake of his beloved, the rejection of the basic principles, the favorite hobby of communicating with loved ones, sooner or later will result in conflict. No need to provoke a confrontation, just to check his senses.

5. Sincere care

A man in loveOne can see the behavior of a man in love,when he takes care of his woman. Taking care not to boil down to the material sphere. There are important actions that lead to well-being loved, its cosiness, needs and desires.

For favorite move mountains - so say about the hot loving heart. Burning passion of the gentleman may reassure, and laugh, and make a surprise.

Usually a man like a child is upset, if unable to guess the desire beloved, so it is important not to play on his feelings, even in something a little cheat.

And finally, most importantly, a partner readycost long-term relationship, never do nothing to hurt his beloved. It is necessary to look at his behavior and also trust your instincts. Then you can avoid disappointment and possibly find a life partner.

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