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What is the easiest to treat life


"Treat life easier" - everyone probably heard these words, but not everyone knows how to put it into practice. How to treat life easier - read the advice of our experts

People are so arranged that they are used to taking everythingClose to the heart, worry about trifles and, thus, complicate your life. Daily vanity and endless work destroy our inner balance and block the path to a calm and happy life. How easier is it to treat life? What rules do you need to follow in order to bring harmony and happiness into your life?

What is the easiest to treat lifeIf everything is complicated and believe that living happily inOur world is impossible, then everything will happen. It's no secret that the materialization of thoughts has long been proven by scientists. Imagine, even scientists agreed with a completely unscientific point of view! So it's worth to listen to advice and make your life easier.

Steps to a simple and happy life

If we believe that thoughts are material, thenIt becomes clear that the improvement of one's own life potential consists in a simpler and easier relation to life itself. But man is a lazy creature, which is very difficult to get off the ground. All of us are waiting for the "magic kick", which will force us to raise our fifth point from the spot and move towards happiness.

And to do this easier. We need a step-by-step instruction that weFollowed day after day and marveled at their own accomplishments. Well, let this article be the "magic kick" and help change the life for the better of many people!

Simple Secrets of Happiness

As it is not paradoxical, but all ingenious is simple, and in happiness too there is nothing difficult:

  • Simplicity of thinking;
  • Simple attitude to work;
  • Simplicity in home use;
  • Simplicity and ease in the relationship;
  • To live is easier.

The above five steps can be carried out sequentially, so as deeply as possible to feel the action of each of them. In this case, one should not be lazy and make yourself a "pDays of loading", During which to allow the mind to work at the usual pace. In this case, all the work will be in vain.

Remember that the constant tension and vision of the world in black and white is just a bad habit that prevents living happily. If we get rid of it and make the mind think Philosophically And change the worldview to light and positive, then life will instantly change.

Step 1. We just think

The very concept of "Simplicity of thinkingDoes not include the rejection of habitual cases andHobbies. You do not need to drastically change your daily routine, register urgently for yoga classes and study relaxing meditative techniques. In fact, everything is much simpler. You need to learn to philosophically relate to life.

In our head is constantly spinning about a millionThoughts, not giving rest. We grab one of them, see in a negative aspect and thereby worsen our mood. Then we see another such a bad thought and immediately we start to process it. We ourselves attract these thoughts to ourselves and make ourselves see only bad in them. So it's no surprise that our life seems gray and dull.

Try to free your mind fromAn unceasing flow of thoughts that prevent you from concentrating. When you catch yourself on the fact that again mentally sort out the overtaken problems or experience past failures, immediately engage in something, completely concentrating on this action. A person can not simultaneously do something very important and think about extraneous things, especially thinking about them.

Step 2. Simple attitude to work

Few people consider their work a favorite occupation. And this thought makes you wake up in the morning with a bad mood, get to unloved work on terrible traffic jams and be afraid to make the wrong move at the job itself. We are afraid of the opinions of others, criticism of the authorities and therefore we constantly think about our own productivity.

Just stop thinking about impossible plans,Unpleasant meetings and endless lists of urgent cases. Take the situation philosophically and tackle one thing, but it's very important, and concentrate your attention fully on this matter. This attitude to work will allow you to get out of your head disruptive thoughts and carry out the task as effectively as possible.

If the assignment is really complicated, and you do notYou know where to start, then divide it into small parts, make it as simple and easy as possible. When the task is broken by us into extremely clear steps, it does not seem so complicated.

In addition, with this comes calmness andConfidence that we can cope with this task. It is this thinking at work that leads to successful undertakings and grandiose victories. And this, in turn, will bring to life additional self-confidence.

Step 3. Simplicity in household

What is the easiest to treat lifeWhen the house is a mess, the kitchen is full of shellDirty dishes, and in the bathroom a mountain of non-washed clothes, hands literally fall. And when also the day the worker turned out to be heavy, so in general one wants to close his eyes and run away as far as possible from home vanity. This is the fault of each of us! We see everything in a negative light and for some reason we think that it is necessary to solve all household matters urgently and all at once.

What happens in the end? Yes, we just close all eyes, sit at the TV and drown out their endless thoughts about the difficult life of cheerful programs. When the house is in order, it becomes surprisingly calm and easy for us. Thoughts, as if by the stroke of a magic wand, come in order, the mood improves and life becomes somehow simpler.

Therefore, when you do not want to do anything, how wouldStrange to say, you need to immediately start cleaning the house. In this case it is desirable to open the windows, to let in the house fresh air and sunlight, to throw in the garbage tank all unnecessary and disturbing things.

Ideal option will be a review of your own wardrobe, storing a lot of old clothes, which it is time to throw out or give to those who need it.

Step 4. Simplicity and ease in the relationship

To fully experience how calm andJoyfully treat life, you must not forget about an important share of relationships with others. We are used to putting the mind block if someone's opinion does not suit us, some of us like to argue and try to impose our own point of view, some just close themselves and destroy with thoughts of their own inferiority.

But why arrange such difficulties? It's enough just to adjust yourself to positive emotions and try to give them to others. No, this does not mean that you need to wear a clown attire and hand out balloons to passersby (but I would not refuse to meet with such an eccentric).

As far as possible, people should be madeGood and open. In a conversation, you also need to express yourself in simple and understandable words, without expecting from the interlocutor philosophically formulated proposals. And most importantly, do not pretend as if everyone around you owes you a million dollars!

Step 5. Life is easier

What is the easiest to treat lifeFinally, you come to the last step, which will reveal completely the secret of how it is easier to treat your own life. Reflect on your own desires: Travel, a bag of money, endless power or world fame. Go down from heaven to earth! Feeding your creation with unrealizable dreams, you yourself reduce self-esteem!

Do not forget that there are lots of simple and "Terrestrial"Things that make a person happy: Ice cream or chocolate, a bouquet of flowers or decoration, a new outfit in clothes or for the house. When you surround yourself with pleasant memories, you literally set your mind to a completely new and necessary wave for a happy life.

Council in the end. At least for one day, take your life philosophically. Try to control your thoughts and follow all the advice given above.

If you feel how good it isMood, how you scratch your hands to start something new, then you are on the right track! The main thing is not to stop and not let lazy consciousness resume the old habit of painting the world in black and white.

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