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As for color, you can determine a person's character?


The value of color psychology. As for color, you can determine a person's character? What about a person can tell a blue, blue, yellow, orange, or yellow?

Already it is no secret that the color hasimpact on human consciousness. There are even cases when under the influence of a particular color people taking crucial decisions. It is very important in heraldry and is of great importance in the corporate symbols.

As for color, you can determine a person's character?Take as an example a traffic light: why it was used a green, yellow and red? Red acts on the subconscious mind and causes anxiety and danger. Green, on the contrary - inspires confidence and creates a sense of security.

The physiology of color perception

Eye - a body structural features which allow it to carry out a function to transmit a clear image or picture. Through the eye of our nervous system is sensitive to color perception. cool shades such as green and blue are able to slow down the process of metabolism.

This relaxing effect on the body and weWe begin to feel a sense of comfort and satisfaction. Colors pathogens - a red and orange, they cause us heart palpitations, breathing and heart rate.

Color communication - it is the perception of colors andshades according to physiology. For example: when you are going to a business meeting, it is unlikely you stop your choice on the bright and flashy colors, the maximum you will use them as small accents. You, like most people on the planet, prefer black brown or gray.

Much of the character of a person can tell the colors, which is decorated his home. After all, at home we have to feel comfortable.

Psychologists around the world have long practice tests,which are based on color. After relying on the subconscious, we sometimes do not guess about this or that trait of his character. So, what do we can tell the color?


Purple color in psychology is considered to becomplex, the Vedas it combines just two colors - red and gray. In medieval times it symbolized remorse. Currently it relates to purple color, which are dangerous. His preference for people who are depressed emotional and psychological state.

Also, it is not indifferent to those who could not himselfto realize in life, have increased self-criticism, and dissatisfied with the outside world. Such personalities purple causes positive feelings and enhances their self-esteem.


The red color in psychology - a movementthe rate may even be somewhere aggression. This color is like no other in the majority of causes anxiety, anxiety, danger, prohibition. With such an active response on the part of our nervous system it is often used in advertising.

Most of the warning signs is also decorated with this color. Watch it for a long time, doctors do not recommend, because it raises our blood pressure and heart rate.

Distinguishing character traits people who prefer red everything else is courage, selfishness, imperiousness, sexuality, greed. These people want to dominate everywhere and in everything.

It is said that the red chooses a host. Only the bold active, sociable and strong-willed person can look at it perfectly, since feed its energy.


Lilac color in psychology - symbolizesattachment. It is preferred by sophisticated nature, particularly sensitive to the separation. It does not matter whether it is a person or thing close that keeps the memories. Positive traits of such individuals - a wit, imagination, excellent mental abilities.

"Mauve"People pay a lot of time to their appearance and are looking for the same in others, they have aristocratic blood. However, lovers of lavender are prone to depression. In many cultures it is the color of meditation.


As for color, you can determine a person's character?The green color in psychology - is the prospect of adevelopment. For most people, calm and relaxation it brings to mind the green. Scientists have proven that green has a positive effect on the body and has healing properties.

In psychological tests measure the most harmonious of human emotional state. "Green"Personalities known for their serious attitude to life, responsive and good-natured. They are not militant and can not knowingly cause harm.

The negative traits we assign cautionsecrecy and suspicion. They are gentle and patient, but at the same time they are not alien to such manifestations as the passion and temperament. Ideal for marriage.


In psychology, yellow and shades hasstimulating effect on the human brain. Long exposure to this color can adversely affect the nervous system. At the same time, the yellow symbolizes hope, faith and joy.

"Yellow"People prefer to go to achieve itsgoals, choosing a bright path. Their motto - extravagant and creative thinking around. By their nature, these people are not prone to low self-esteem, but demanding of others.


Orange color in psychology - a mood. Vivacity, activity, achievement of objectives. Impersonation of the most powerful source of energy of the sun. Treating the value of orange and shades, draw a parallel with such values ​​like forgiveness, freedom, warmth, joy, tolerance.

"orange"People tend to impulsive and spontaneousactions. They are strong personalities who are able to share their energy with the environment. They are often on a very high opinion, but at the same time as no one know how to forgive.

In the intimate sphere are laid out on 200%. Puritanism - it's not about them. Storm of emotions and inexhaustible imagination - that is their credo. Their implies novelty, but, unfortunately, in contrast to the sun, they quickly burn out.


In psychology, blue color - is, above all,a positive attitude to everything going on around you. Do you want to make impression of the person that you can trust? Feel free to wear blue clothes! Many are afraid of air travel.

Knowing this, to somehow smooth out the negativeImpression during the flight, the designers of special clothes for stewards stop their choice on this shade. Positive attitude is also important for seriously ill people. When we look at the blue, we involuntarily begin to experience such feelings as peace and tranquility.

Therefore, in offices where the walls are blue, moreA close-knit team and almost no quarrels between colleagues. Sports coaches say that athletes who train in the halls that have a blue design show an excellent result in the competition.


Blue in psychology means transparency,Humility, purity, infinity. And many people associate it with comfort, dreams, simplicity, peace of mind. The admirers of this color know no bounds. They are powerful and freedom-loving.

In relation to people they have only two extremes: Either complete indifference or generosity that knows no boundaries. By their nature, the "blue" people of nature are reliable and strong. Diplomacy and politics are their element. Tactfulness, endurance, patience is their fad.

What can tell color preferences?

As for color, you can determine a person's character?What colors do we prefer to surround ourselves withIn this or that situation, can tell a lot about us. Our color preferences depend on many factors. Education, cultural level, character, temperament. Young people, children, open nature prefer bright and clean colors.

Complex or double colors are peculiar to people withSubtle spiritual organization. In psychology, Lusher's color personality tests are widespread, with which you can easily determine the character of a person, his self-esteem and self-perception.

It's simple: the first color, called the test, characterizes his mood at this moment, his second attitude to work and the third to the world around him.

The fact that colors affect the psyche has long been recognizedMost scientists. Learn your favorite shades and colors, which your loved ones prefer, this will help you to better know yourself and establish relationships with the world around you.

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