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What are the character traits: positive and negative aspects of personality


What are the character traits? First of all negative and positive. They are tightly intertwined in each person and determine his behavior

Before the classification andThese features of human nature, it is necessary to understand what is the meaning and the concept is embedded in the term. Translated from the Greek word "character" means the difference between a sign or omen. The identity of each person is multifaceted and each meets interweaving a large number of personal properties, which determine a person's behavior in a given situation. What are the character traits?

Classification of personal properties

What are the character traits: positive and negative aspects of personalityConventionally, the main character traits are divided into three main groups.

The first describes the emotions, the second - the will, and the third - the intellect. There is a division and impact orientation.

The first is characterized by the ratio to the external environment - society and the people around.

In the second place - the attitude to his own person, and the third - to the activity, that is, labor and education.

Emotional group, which includes suchtraits like aggression, apathy, artistry, temper, sensibility, kindness, cheerfulness, isolation, impulsiveness, moodiness, faithfulness, melancholy and others are formed in early childhood, when the child's psyche undergoes a stage of formation under the influence of many different factors.

What are the character traits: positive and negative aspects of personalityStrong-willed character traits acquired onlifetime - is a powerful, courage, perseverance, resourcefulness, obsession, discretion, meticulousness, loyalty and other intellectual group includes insight, intelligence, judgment, independence, savvy, intelligent, intelligence, integrity, etc...

Crucial here is the natural predisposition, which is influenced by inherited genes and temperament.

However, the child's environment can not be reset from the accounts: correct to say that it plays the same role in the formation of the person, as the fact that the inherent nature.

The kid is growing, gaining experience of interaction withthe outside world and a set of positive and negative personality traits. This process continues throughout life, and a list of already existing traits constantly updated with new personality traits. And if in the beginning, this process takes place unconsciously, reflexively, then later, when the person is aware of his actions, he may have to make a choice. This conscious choice and offers opportunities to transform the character, that is, personal growth.

Key personality traits

To date, a list of character traits consists of several hundred different definitions.

What are the character traits: positive and negative aspects of personalityTheir variety of combinations can be found in one and the same person. But in general, currently existing personal property is divided into positive and negative.

However, with absolute certainty that this is - a bad character trait, and this - the good, it is impossible.

For example, adventurism can be termed as a negative trait, and positive, despite the impact it has on human behavior.

If it is excessive and unwise interested in various adventures of unknown properties, then it is up to no good, it is not likely to bring.

Healthy adventurism inherent in successfulbusinessman, allows him to move forward, to invest in the budding projects and flourish. Or, for example, envy. Everyone says that this feature is extremely negative.

But psychologists say that it isthe engine of progress, forcing people to strive forward and do more than others have. In most cases, we are talking about certain set of properties, which, depending on the current situation could have a greater impact on a person. But with social and moral point of view, all of them can be divided into positive and negative.

Negative traits

Here are some of them:

  • What are the character traits: positive and negative aspects of personalityPride, which from the point of view of religion is considereda mortal sin. It is understandable, because people, seized with pride, exalts himself above others, believes sort potentates around which the earth revolves. Explicit expression of pride can be seen on the example of fascism and what it led to, everyone knows;
  • Selfishness and vanity. Such people are concentrated on their own needs and are not capable of compassion in principle. It is believed kvintessensiey all unseemly traits as creates other negative personal qualities;
  • Jealousy. This trait implicated in egotism and pride, because as soon as all these features together make a man think that he can reign supreme over someone and indicate to whom and what to do;
  • Greed. As they say the mother to her daughters when choosing a groom: "Better drinks than greedy". To live with such a person is very difficult. Although most of the wealthy people become so precisely because of this trait;
  • Another negative feature - envy. On it we have already said. It eats away at a person inside and pushes it to the misdeeds;
  • Cruelty. It has nothing to do with the rigidity, though the latter quality can also be called negative. Brutal man - a weak, insecure person who raises their self-esteem, humiliating and causing others to suffer;
  • Anger and rage. These emotions are common to all people, but not everyone is ready to suppress them. Such a person starts a process of self-destruction, and the trigger are children's resentment;
  • What are the character traits: positive and negative aspects of personalityPoor quality and include vengeance. Doctors believe the inability to forgive the most destructive of the human trait. Since the accumulated grievances tend to settle in the human body and cause various diseases;
  • Cunning. From the point of view of psychology in this character traits there is no exact definition of either positive or negative, it all depends on how a person uses this ability and for what purposes;
  • Idleness and laziness. Here everything is clear. Such a person success in life is not achieved.

The negative qualities of the personality can be attributed more rudeness, boasting familiarity, sullenness, conceited, obstinate, bitchiness, arrogance, immorality, etc.

The list of positive traits of human nature

Here are some of them:

  • What are the character traits: positive and negative aspects of personalityKindness. Good people - a rarity today. They are selfless and willing to help one's neighbor. These people pull each;
  • Humility. This is taught in seminaries, but also simple townsfolk, indignant at my life and the people around them would do well to learn from it;
  • Generosity, compassion. A generous man, ready to pay their last shirt, maybe even save someone's life;
  • Friendliness, confidence. The friendly, then wish each good. How such a person can cause unpleasant emotions?
  • Sincerity. An honest man is always held in high esteem and respect;
  • Optimism. On never be weary of people want to be leveled and be like them;
  • Masculinity. Speaking of this masculine traits do not mean a beautiful appearance and brutality. Masculine - it means steadfast, strong-willed, ready to help the weak and the needy;
  • Decency. Here everything is clear. This quality of character can not have inherited. His parents need a man to raise his example;
  • What are the character traits: positive and negative aspects of personalityPedantry. Such a person all laid out on shelves. Everything goes according to plan. Leaders like these workers and set an example to others;
  • Openness. These people do not hold "Grudge". As they say - shirt guy;
  • Charm. Even the most horrible person in conjunction with such quality makes a person attractive to others;
  • Peacefulness. Non-confrontational person who prefers a bad peace than a good quarrel;
  • Sociability. Good quality in our time. Ability to communicate with people has never stopped anyone.

The positive qualities of the person can be attributed more gentleness, intimacy, caring, trusting, consistency, courtesy, nobility, carefulness and others.

How many people, so many characters, andto predict a person's behavior in a given situation is impossible, even knowing it. As can be cultivated during the life of a positive features and to try to diminish the negative effect, however, it is the power of the few.

Only those who are willing to grow spiritually, are able to change yourself and your life for the better.

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