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Character: the balance of strengths and weaknesses


We all know the advantages and disadvantages of his character, however, the need to specify the nature of the weaknesses in the summary often leads to confusion and unnecessary writing

In many self-development books foundpsychologists tips for improving the strengths of character. At first glance it seems very simple. But when it comes to practice, it turns out that to calculate its not so simple strengths. But we can easily find their weaknesses and oppressed themselves for the fact that so many of them.

Character: the balance of strengths and weaknessesIdeal people do not happen, and that you need to remember. However, to look your best from the rest, it is important to know how to present their strengths of character. This is very important in life, and especially when applying for a new job.

What is important to know, getting a job

When you are interviewing for a newthe employer receives information about the identity of the resume. Therefore, all that he knows about you - it is little data on a sheet of A-4 format. However, many job seekers faced with the fact that the questionnaires are always asked to indicate weaknesses. And here begins the confusion and attempts to display creativity, often quite unfortunate.

A striking example of the bidder is almostany office calls a weak feature of excessive stress when he can not fulfill the task entrusted to him. At the same time the positive side of the character he calls the diligence and hard work.

With absolute certainty I say to you: employer such a response does not suit. Everyone who came to get a job it says these words, and they have become commonplace, respectively, like an attempt to avoid the issue.

It is better to openly call his negative traitscharacter. It will be considered as a minimum of candor and unconventional answer. Of course, it is not necessary to say that you every evening drinking beer in front of TV or get drunk on the weekends with friends to such a state that does not remember anything in the morning.

In order to properly show their weaknessesnature in the abstract, they need a little underestimate, with an emphasis on the positive side. That is, you have to admit his weakness, but then offer a solution to overcome it.

Also, you do not need to specify the personal qualities and character traitsBecause the employer is interested inprofessional sphere of your abilities. And he should know what you thought about the question of its own imperfection, and are working on correcting deficiencies, ie, you to perceive criticism and configured to self-development.

A bit about the weaknesses

Many job seekers the issue of weak character traits drives in anguish. Yes, most of us are lazy, slow and slowness, but an employer interviewer know about it is not necessary.

You can complain about the lack ofpunctuality, but point out that never go beyond tolerance. You can admit that you love polentyaynichat, but do so only on weekends and only in its housing.

Cheat: to give his side a strong weakness. Enter, for example, that you are over-scrupulous (meticulous) that prevents you from time to leave the workplace. Like and lack, but in your favor!

Let's talk about the strengths of

Character: the balance of strengths and weaknessesTo make it easier to identify your strengthsnature, think about their talents, that is what you do best. To simplify the problem, remember, we gave the parents if a child you on any mug, because it is a child, we develop their skills.

Also, try to remember, on what questions to help you treat friends. This last point is often simply overlooked in the interviews, and in vain.

If friends and relatives always admiredvegan food, so strong unexplored side of your character appear in the kitchen. If friends are constantly calling you karaoke - it means you are a master in singing.

Thinking in this way, you can find amazingmany talents, which you never knew existed. But the fact that all of us it is easier to identify and remember its weaknesses, based on the opinions of others.

For the employer your culinary skills andartistic details are not important, but it will indicate the comprehensiveness of your personal development, there is creativity and the creative part of your nature.

How to develop a strong side

So, when you have spent some analysis and foundstrengths and weaknesses of its multi-faceted, as it turned out, the nature, the time has come to begin their improvement. But we recommend that you record the resulting information about themselves on a piece of paper that was something to draw in the future.

Even if your hobby as a child and was picking upcollecting stamps or candy wrappers from sweets, then you inherent feature of the analysis, systematization and discipline. Is not it a reason to record this information on his resume?

We know that many people are so used to seeing only the weaknesses of their nature, they can not identify their strengths and do not understand why this is necessary.

However, if you believe the polls, and opinions of psychologists, the identification and development of its strong side affects the following vital factors:

  • Character: the balance of strengths and weaknessesDevelopment of a holistic vision of life;
  • A sense of optimism and understanding of the life prospects;
  • The development of self-confidence;
  • The sense of competence and self-help;
  • Help in achieving the goals and desires.

Without these factors, one can not feel satisfied with life, and accordingly drew more attention on the negative opinion.

In conclusion, we wish to achieve yourgoals and desires. Remember that even the weakest and the dark side of your character should not interfere with the implementation of self-empowerment. And to prevent this, it is necessary to calculate its advantages and make them even more weight not only in the eyes of others, but their own.

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