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Bad mood: looking output


What should I do if I have a bad mood, and do I have to do something at all? As you know, the correctly asked question is already half the answer found. The question is asked - we are looking for the answer together

Sometimes it happens: everything is bad, favorite books and films are not encouraging, and people, even the closest and dearest, cause only annoyance ... Do you know? Hence, the problem of bad mood has not bypassed you.

Bad mood: looking outputWhat if a bad mood? Of course, someone will say contemptuously: "Think bad mood. Will pass!". But think for yourself, because life is too short to waste it on things that poison existence, in the hope that this attack will pass by itself. So, we will fight!

Before starting our crusade against a bad attitude, let's agree at once: "Depression","Panic attack"And many other beautiful words are left to psychiatrists.

The difference between a negative mood and depression is about the same as between a bruise and a fracture. If a person really suffers from depression, then only medicine can help him.

Have agreed? So, we begin.

A remedy for a negative attitude or three steps to ... anything!

I have no doubt that you know the allegory about the fish andFishing rod. If suddenly someone forgot, I remind: give a hungry fish - and feed it for a day, but give him a fishing rod - and he will be full all his life. Today you have the opportunity to get a great fishing rod - a simple program to achieve any goal in just three steps.

Here it is, our program- "fishing rod»:

  • Understand the problem;
  • To change yourself;
  • Change the world.

Are you afraid of changing the world? Completely vain, believe me, it's much harder to change yourself. And to a man who could change himself, change a world there is nothing, just the same. How our miracle program works, you can see on a simple example.

Imagine that you sit on the couch orSit in your favorite chair, watch TV or read a book - in general, you are in a state of rest and harmony. And to live well, and life is good! But that's something to dare to break this harmony. You still do not understand what happened, but the world is not so beautiful, but the harmony has swayed. Rumbling in the stomach does not leave a chance for a mistake - you are hungry.

The first stage is completed, the problem is detected and identified, the time of action is reached. Next, the second point, we have to face the most difficult - to change themselves.

Get yourself out of the state of rest, finally break the harmony, get out from under the warm blanket or throw away your favorite blanket and inhuman effort to send yourself to the kitchen.

Well and further it is easier - we change the world. We open the refrigerator and get out of there that the heart is nice and we are building a dream sandwich. Vua-la! Like all? - you ask. Is this how we changed the world?

But, if you think about it, that's exactly the way it is -Never since the moment of creation and to this day in the world did not exist this wonderful sandwich. And now he is. We created it, we changed the world.

A world in which there was not this sandwich, weTurned into a world in which this fine sandwich is. And to change the world it cost us much less effort than to change ourselves - to get up and go to the kitchen. Are you sure?

While you enjoy a well-deserved reward(Miracle-mega-sandwich and the awareness that the world is at your feet), we return to the problem of negative mood. Now you have a "fishing rod" - a program to solve all the problems, so why not try it on a negative attitude?

Identifying the problem

Bad mood: looking outputAt first glance, the problem has already been voiced - There is no mood, and with this it is necessary Do something. But this is only at first glance. Is the negative attitude always a problem? Of course, sometimes everyone has a bad mood, moreover, his complete absence and constant "Upbeat"The mood of someone - an occasion to ponder.

After all, some dangerous mental illnesses manifest themselves in this way, and after the period of euphoria serious complications will come.

And yet, you never thought about whatBad mood ... luxury? You do not believe me? Judge for yourself - can one really afford a bad mood someone who, by life or circumstance, is placed on the very brink of physical survival? Of course not! So, if you can afford such a luxurious thing as a bad mood, you know - in your life everything is not so bad.

When the negative attitude becomesReally a problem? It is urgent to do something, when a constant bad mood starts to have a detrimental effect on life. Because of the negative attitude, business negotiations broke down, relations with loved ones deteriorated, they quarreled with their beloved - this means that the problem is obvious.

The problem was revealed, the time to proceed to the second stage.

We are looking for the cause

We change ourselves. As you have already seen, this is the most difficult stage, therefore it requires a serious approach. To ensure that our efforts are not in vain, it is necessary to clearly define in which direction we need to change, and for this it is important to know exactly what is violating our harmony and spoiling our spiritual background.

What can be the reasons for the negative attitude? Obvious, unavoidable causes like the severing of a relationship, a serious illness or, God forbid, the death of a loved one, we take it out of the brackets - everything is clear. But it happens that everyone is alive and well, all by and large, in order, but there is no joy of life. What's the matter?

The mood is one of the important sensors. If something is wrong in our body, our system of built-in sensors will notify us about this - we will feel pain.

On the wrongs in the soul we will be informed by the pain of the soul, when "Heart bleeds". Well, a bad mood - this is a red lamp on our internal scoreboard, which indicates that the relations with the world around us are out of order.

Problems in relations arise usually in the spheres of maximum concentration:

  • Family - everything is clear here, the closest people whose relationships are most important, and if the tension arises exactly here, then it can be spoiled by anyone;
  • Romantic relations - the connection here is not as deep as in the family, but the short-term emotional impact can be even stronger;
  • Friends, acquaintances, work team, etc., The most remote sphere of our relations with the outside world. For a serious impact on our emotional background in this area must be a permanent negative impact. For example, some gossip-squabbles in the circle of friends or rejection of the team at work.

After figuring out where exactly the negative comes from, you canStart to change yourself. Each aspect of this path is worthy of a separate book. If it is about relationships in the family, perhaps you need to become more flexible, it is easier to make concessions. And, perhaps, quite the contrary, you have already gone too far in your concessions. In general, no one knows the state of affairs in your family better than yourself.

If the priority of preserving the family is unconditional (forExcept for very extreme cases), the preservation of romantic relationships is desirable (until they develop into something more or run out in a natural way), then it is necessary to weigh the pros and cons, as impartially as possible on friends and acquaintances and the work collective. Are these relationships worth changing themselves for their sake?

Bad mood: looking outputPerhaps, the work you are still calling yourself by inertia is still a favorite, in fact, a futile collection of evil hens. A "Best friends"- a sabbath of energy vampires sucking your life force, or self-affirming at your expense prohideyek?

Open your eyes, look at the world soberly and not biased, free from the underlying stereotypes, and your eyes will open. But when we see the truth, we act - we change ourselves.

Getting ready to change relationships in the family, we findNew knowledge and skills to change the status in the work collective, or ruthlessly tear out obsolete ones, pulling to the bottom of the relationship. The theme of changing yourself is rich and multifaceted, so here it is only possible for us to show you the general direction.

Solve the problem

After you have changed yourself, you are left with the smallest thing - to change the world. You could already see how easy it is when the second phase of the plan is completed.

Believe me, it is only necessary to become ready for a newReality, how the world will start to change itself, bringing only positive emotions and good mood. But if suddenly a depressed mood returns - you will already know what to do!

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