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In order for the first kiss to be remembered as a bright joyful moment in life, you need to be sensitive to the signals that the guy gives, to be open and gentle

The first kiss with a guy is a very important moment in the life of every young lady. To worry about whether everything will be perfect, and try to imagine the situation and the process itself is absolutely normal.

learn how to kissThe first contact with the boy, and even such an intimate, as a kiss, will remain in your memory forever, and, perhaps, will affect further relationships with men.

Girlfriends can tell their stories about how they all happened, give advice and parting words.

But while the girl herself does not experience all the sensations, notFeel the first kiss on her lips, she does not know how it really is. It happens that the thought of how to kiss the guy for the first time does not go out of the head, but the girl hesitates to voice them and discuss with someone.

Traditionally it is believed that it is the man whoTake the first step and take the situation into your own hands. He is expected to take active steps to seduce the beautiful woman and have some experience in intimate caresses. In reality, the first kiss with a guy who likes and sinks into the soul may not happen if the young lady does not forget about the passive role and will not take the initiative.

In the 21st century, more and more stories about the first kiss begin with a story about how the girl planned and thought out the situation, enchanted the young man and spurred him to action.

You can prepare!

Relationships are established, the guy causes seriousSympathy, and everything is moving towards rapprochement. This excitement does not leave the heart at the thought that the first kiss can determine the relationship: gentle and ardent will say about his interest and passion, cold and fleeting - about insincerity and tension in communication.

If the girl not only kisses her new chevalier for the first time, but she never encountered such a situation, her excitement can increase several times.

In order to gain confidence in their abilities, a young lady can and should be prepared. We need to take note of a few simple but effective tips.

Kissing beautifully, sincerely, tenderly and without mistakesCan anyone who is sensitive to the partner, follows the purity of breathing and wants that partner did not remain indifferent after the kiss for the first time. If you do everything right, then the lover will kiss the girl again and again.

A loving heart will tell you how to act when the time comes. But if there is a desire to come on a date fully armed and ready, you can use a number of simple tips.

Training - do I need such an assistant?

learn how to kissPractice the movement of the lips does not hurt. To do this, you can imagine the process and rehearse in the air or using soft toys. Of course, this will not replace a real person, and apart from the fantasies that are played out, practically nothing will. Before you kiss a guy for the first time, it's better to forget the movements you've learned.

But fantasy itself is good, because the girl is getting used to realizing her young man near.

When the time comes to act, the idea of ​​the proximity of the lips will not scare and will be already familiar.

Fresh breath is a must

Before going on a date, you needMake sure that the breath is fresh and does not scare off the young man. An unpleasant odor from the mouth can stop even the most passionate and strongly committed chevalier.

You need to thoroughly brush your teeth every day -One-time activity in a bath with a toothbrush will not help. You should carefully clean your teeth in the most inaccessible places in the morning and in the evening, do not forget to clean and tongue, use dental floss and, if necessary, visit the dentist on time.

If before meeting with the guy there is no possibilityVisit the bathroom, after eating you need to rinse your mouth with clean water and use chewing gum. No refreshing spray or gum with mint flavor will not be able to disguise the problem of sick teeth.

Therefore, if there is a suspicion of deep caries,Flux or inflammation of the gums - immediately rush to the dentist to root out the root cause of bad breath. Another simple and understandable advice - before a date not to abuse the products with a bad smell, to taste, completely to exclude from the menu dishes with garlic or onions.

Start to act slowly and gradually

First of all, the girl should let the guy know,That she likes her, she is ready to go on rapprochement mentally and physically. During a conversation alone or in a company, it's better not to talk biting and not argue, but to support, agree with his statements, respond to jokes, share information about yourself.

Such openness and support in the conversation will give the man confidence that the pair is "on the same wavelength."

learn how to kissEqually important (and often even more weighty)Non-verbal signals. A smile, an accidental touch, a long playful look, a gentle timbre of voice - excellent hints that the woman is favorably disposed.

If the hands are entwined, and the head is smoothly laid onShoulder guy, and he thus encourages the companion to this proximity, then the first kiss, most likely, is close. Everything should go smoothly and naturally, you do not need to say that you want to kiss your lover.

It will happen by itself.

The technique matters

And now the decisive moment has come. What do you need to remember in the process?

Here are some more tips:

  • Start with a short kiss for the first time - if the young man answers, then you can repeat it;
  • Do not act too fast and swiftly, it's better not to rush (for example, a guy may not so interpret the girl's intentions and respond with a rush);
  • Do not expect too much from the process, you will soon be able to move to a new phase of intimacy, but first you need to get used to each other;
  • If you decide on an open kiss, open your mouth slightly and wait for action from the guy (do not try to kiss the guy with the tongue, save it for the next time);
  • Look the lover in the eye - this will enhance the feelings of euphoria and will let the young man know that you are open to feelings and sensations (but the gaze should be gentle, not intimate);
  • If after a few closed kisses youGo to the open, try to gently touch the lips of the man with the tip of the tongue and, if the signal is received well, start slowly to drive your tongue and penetrate a little deeper - men tend to pick up the game and themselves begin to act actively;
  • Pay attention to the hands: While you are keenly kissing, touch the man's face, caress his back, hug his shoulders, stroke his chest - this will enhance the sense of closeness in the pair, help to establish contact on the physical level;
  • Think first of all about the guy, and not about the technique: the first kiss should be remembered by the romance that hung between the man and the woman, and not the depth of penetration of the language.

What not to do

Usually positive stories about how a girl withGuy kissed for the first time, differ only in the place and context of events, but they are similar in one thing - both wanted it to happen, and reacted sensitively to each other's signals.

Negative experience, as a rule, can be obtained for one of several reasons:

  • The girl acted too aggressively and did not notice how she pushed the guy away with her excessively stormy behavior;
  • Bad smell from the mouth has crossed out everything;
  • The young lady was carried away and touched very intimate places, provoking too active actions on the part of men, to whom she was objectively unprepared;
  • The girl chewed gum, tried to talk about something abstract, commented on every nuance of the process, looked critically at the guy or did some other inappropriate actions;
  • Prevented a runny nose, cough, herpes or other illness;
  • The situation or the moment was wrongly chosen (for example, there were parents or teachers around, noisy and crowded around).

Do not be afraid of intimacy. Everything happens for the first time, and the first kiss is no exception. In order for it to be remembered as a bright event, it is important that there is a person next to whom the girl loves or, at the very least, nourishes friendly tender feelings.

When in a relationship with a man is presentBasic trust and sympathy, everything happens almost by itself. And the girl has to stock up on a refreshing chewing gum, patience and send signals that she is ready for a tender kiss.

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