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Whether a young person loves truly?


How do you know whether you love the guy or inertia continues the relationship, it is so convenient to the different points of view? Take a closer look to the behavior of a young man - and everything will fall into place

You're in love, and for quite a long time will be held with a guy in a very serious relationship. Yet doubts remain, if he loves you with all his heart and he has only a temporary fad?

Whether a young person loves truly?Do men know how to love? And if so, how do you know if a man loves you? There are signs by which one can determine whether plans favorite to make a marriage proposal.

We just need to look closely at his behavior - and all will become crystal clear, despite the fact that the representatives of a strong half of mankind are accustomed to carefully conceal their thoughts.

So, your gentleman lying on the sofa and watching your favorite TV series on questions about the life plans respond briefly and unwillingly. Man all kind of show that is resting and is not configured for the conversation.

To you and I want to say: when a man loves a woman for real, he always goes for the dialogue. How to tell if your partner is ready to start a family? Do not pester your favorite questions. So, your choice will be closed in itself even more. No need to elicit how many children they want to have and when to give the engagement ring.

Real man is important to decide on the marriage alone, without pressure, to control the situation and feel that he is at the helm of the family ship.

Learn how a guy in love with, and make sure that you - not a passing one-day craze may be other ways. Let's look at the options.

He wants to be all the time near

If a man loves with all his heart, that seekto be near his beloved. Especially at first, when the couple did not have time to get used to each other and relations are at an initial stage, a guy driven by a passion to invent a variety of reasons, to be together with a girl.

He will be invited to the movies, even if the film is not very interesting to him, to settle for a trip to the park, a planetarium and an exhibition at the suggestion of his beloved.

Whether a young person loves truly?

When a man loves a woman who is willing to sit withher home a week away, reluctantly staying focused on work absences. He will fly on a date as soon as the hours reserved for the works in the office, over.

It does not matter whether the choice will come with flowers and candy, or forgets to provide such attentions. It is important that he decided to be here with her, and not in some other place, finding a convenient excuse.

Look closely to her lover. How much time do you spend together? if he is happy, if get the chance to stay in your company for longer than originally planned?

Sadly there when you have to absent himself onimportant matter? If the guy you are reluctant to let go for shopping or to meet with friends, it's possible that it's not selfishness, and desire for more affection and warmth, enjoy a joint stay in a cozy atmosphere.

Shares innermost

Another sign that a man loves you,it is the credibility of the beloved. Representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, quite secretive and reluctant to share intimate secrets. The guy says that happened during the day at work, what kind of relationship he had with the head of what is sad? Then you're in luck - he really trusts, and this is important!

Young people used to take the burden of responsibilityfor the actions only on themselves. If the favorite tips with you on the adoption of a decision - a good sign. Your opinion has weight, it tends to take into account not only their own, but also your wishes and advice gratefully accepts.

Substitutes shoulder in difficult circumstances

Do men know how to love, or the inhabitants of Mars mayunderstand only their relatives, and the beautiful Venus inmates only considered as a beautiful but alien beings? The cases are different, but in general it can be argued that, just like women, men are looking for a soul mate to create a strong loving relationship.

Whether a young person loves truly?Friendship and love are tested in hard times. You have trouble at home or at work? What at that time taking your young people? If carelessly left for a planned bike tour or go for a beer with friends, not particularly worrying for you, it is likely, in my heart you are indifferent to it.

Faithful companion of life will protect your interestsas if an injustice has affected him. We need financial help, advice, attentive interlocutor? Loving people around to help, whatever his original plans and circumstances.

Ready to sacrifice their own interests

Do not expect that guy will lovealways and everywhere act to the detriment of their interests, to please the love of his life. Real man to be a leader is important in a relationship, rather than a "henpecked."

In the end, unless you are looking for deadhead,unable to fend for themselves? At the same time, true feelings are incompatible with terry selfishness and psychological violence. If all the arguments you find a guilty party, think about it: maybe the guy just convenient to you to be together, but not talking about love.

Young man takes into account the feelings and her darlinginterests when making decisions, trying to pamper and pleasure wherever possible - it seems that he treats his women very seriously.

Build a joint future plans

Listen carefully to what your guy usually says. It is important to understand what goals in life, he puts his motivation to develop, whether willing to move forward without stopping there.

Matches if your values? What are the traditions of his family? They are important for the life of a young man, intelligence or gloss?

Well, if the beloved around the same circle andage is more difficult when the partners are of different generations, cultures or religions. Nothing is impossible. As shown by numerous examples, love illuminates the many unequal marriages. But, more chances to carry the feeling through the decades in pairs with similar views and values.

What woman?

So you're armed with the knowledge and watchedfor the young man. If the majority of signs says that a man in love and a sense of sincerity, then you are lucky. In no case do not need to exploit this fact to play and manipulate.

Whether a young person loves truly?It then goes around comes around. Even the most loving guy, but having an adequate self-esteem, will throw you understand if you are insincere and are using it for personal gain.

So off the intrigue, enjoy your happiness and try to give the young man so much warmth and love as you can.

The Council is evident, if the words and deeds of yourbeloved talking about coldness. Why did he not go to another? Perhaps the relationship beneficial for him, because you cook, clean the house and, in the end, is a chic mistress.

This exploiter should immediately throw relationship with him will lead you to no good. You only lose time that could be spent on the search for true love.

It is more difficult to decide on some action, when,in spite of the vigilance and all the female tricks you until the end and have not figured out whether a man loves. A winning strategy - to grow and be a worthy ideal.

Girl with high self-esteem, interesting in all respects, will impress the guy next to him.

In order to always be on the ball and be able to hold a decent candidate for a husband, it is worth:

  • constantly monitor their appearance: be neat, well-groomed, slim and beautiful;
  • think before talking about something or someone in a negative way - stervochek like not all, and most still stop choice on modest optimist;
  • restrain their emotions at least a little, do not look hysterical when you have something do not like living together with a man;
  • to develop in different areas - to have a hobby, grow their careers, learn languages, acquire new skills, interact with diverse people wise.

If a young man in love, he will turn the mountain for its second half. Ray sincere, be yourself - and you are lucky to meet such a hero maiden dreams.

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