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Pride is one of the seven deadly sins, the mother of all vices, a dark feeling for the most proud, and for his relatives, loved ones and colleagues. How to recognize and defeat pride

Have you ever been told that you are not proud of being proud? And they told me, long ago, back in school. I remember very well how I was perplexed then: how is it, because the red thread through all the school political and simple information was pride.

pacify pridePride for the beautiful country of victorious socialism, for the Red Army, which is stronger than ever, and for our grandfathers who won the greatest Victory in history.

Much later, years later, when theCountries, and grandfathers, alas, left us forever, I learned that you can be proud and you need to, but if you are proud - that's the trouble. So you were struck by the black antipode of pride - pride. Why horror is terrible, why it has been recognized since ancient times as one of the greatest vices and how to distinguish it from pride - we'll talk about this today.

What is pride?

The explanatory dictionary Ushakov defines the meaning of this word as excessive pride, arrogance, contemptuous attitude towards others. What is characteristic, in Ushakov's dictionary this word goes with the note "Bookish. ", That is, an obsolete, obsolete word that occurs only in books.

But in a later dictionary edited byOzhegova notes "out of date." Already no. The hopes that the disease of hubris will be defeated, just as many dangerous diseases were defeated forever, did not materialize. Moreover, it is unlikely that the question of how to get rid of pride was once as relevant as it is now.

What is so dangerous pride? After all, the man struck by her is not yet a thief, not a murderer, not a libertine. By and large, no one has maliciously brought his wickedness to him, why does Christianity regard pride as one of the seven deadly sins, unlike the same theft or murder? The fact is that this vice is the root, the starting point and the root cause of all other sins.

It already contains all the other vices,Just as in a tiny seed there is already a huge tree with all the branches, leaves, fruits and new seeds contained in them. An arrogant envies others' achievements, he feels anger from other people's successes, he takes in the money he needs to rise above the "Unworthy" etc.

pacify prideNot for nothing is the Abrahamic religion (that is, religion,Whose teachings are based on the Old Testament - Christianity, Islam, Judaism) proclaim this vice as the mother of all sins, calling to pacify pride with special diligence. According to their teachings, all evil came into the world after the brightest of angels, overwhelmed by this vice, became the leader of the forces of evil and Prince of Darkness.

Particularly disgusting this vice is that by strengthening all other vices, it neutralizes, "Neutralizes"All possible virtues. No matter how kind, hard-working and clever a person is, he should be proud, and no positive aspects of him will bring good to him or others.

Pride or pride?

As you can see, pride and pride are antipodes, but how to distinguish one from another?

In order to answer this question, let's turn to the Russian language:

  • The first difference between pride and pride is not difficult to find. We are lucky - our language is so rich and multifaceted that it is capable of answering so many questions, it is only necessary to be able to find these answers. The words "pride"And"pride"Have one root, this makes it clear thatThese feelings are related. But at the same time you can be proud of something or someone, you can feel a sense of pride for someone - for the country, for your grandfather, for the Olympic team. It is impossible to test pride for someone, as it is impossible "Be proud"By someone. A person struck by this vice always turns it to himself;
  • Pride can be collective, common, and pride is always individual. No one has ever heard of "National pride", true?
  • Pride can be constructive, can giveStrength and endurance in difficult moments of life's trials, pride - never. It is always a brake, it is an unnecessary ballast, hanging like a yoke on the neck, preventing it from growing and reaching out;
  • Pride can not be directed against someone. A man who is proud of his country and his people will always treat with respect and understanding to foreigners, but the arrogant generation will complain about "Come in large numbers"And inventing insulting nicknames for representatives of other nations. One who is proud of his knowledge, skills and professional achievements will not talk about "Stupid plankton" or "Narrow-minded hard workers". This is a sign of pride.

How to know the flaw

It is obvious that such destructive vice must be eradicated, and only the person can do this, without any effort on his part, any action from the outside will be in vain. But the problem is that the arrogant is like an alcoholic, for whom, as is known, the most difficult is to admit to oneself: "I'm an alcoholic". How does "The gargoyle"To realize the problem? To recognize the vice in itself will help to know its signs.

So, the signs of pride:

  • The need to always and everywhere prove their primacy. If not, then, at least, seem the best;
  • Constant dissatisfaction with the fact that the world is organized "wrong", Anger from the fact that people act, dress, talk and spend their money somehow" wrong ";
  • False sacrifice - constant reproachClose to their own, most often, imaginary victims brought to the altar of family well-being. At the same time, it is not at all embarrassing to the proud fact that there can be no well-being in sight;
  • Constant bravery of their (again, usually imaginary) merits, in practice, begging for attention and praise;
  • The constant use of the word "must", But not in the sense of"I must", And in the meaning of"I should"(By the way, another difference from pride). Always a proud person must-the government and the local police, should children and parents, neighbors and city authorities;
  • Proudly always dissatisfied with everyone and always criticizes everyone. But at the same time he does not have a critical attitude to his actions as such;
  • Paradoxically, haughtiness canManifest themselves in the form of excessive self-depreciation, self-abasement. Why is this happening? By lowering oneself, a proud person is self-elevated to the level of a child, and the child is not punished and is not subject to trial, there is no demand for the child. But he, again, all should!

How to defeat vice

Having realized the vice, you can get down to the question of how to overcome pride. It is difficult, but quite achievable, if you know the basic principles of struggle.

First, remember that the main enemies of pride are responsibility, true sacrifice and duty.

Secondly, you need to switch from "I should" on "I must". This does not at all mean that you need to demonstrate Christian forgiveness for violating your legitimate rights, but it must be remembered that rights always go only in bundle with duties.

Thirdly, accustom yourself to express your wishes in the form of requests, and thank them for their performance. Yes, yes, those most famous since childhood "you are welcome"And"Thank you", Which for some reason in the middle age is forgotten for some reason. Just words?

pacify prideIn fact, the words carry a huge informationcharge. It is proved that what words a person uses in speech, he begins to think with the same words in the end. And the way of thinking has the most direct effect on the mode of action.

And finally - avoid disputes. And do not repeat the ancient stupidity (alas, the ancient and ossified are not only wisdom) that in dispute, truth is born. Think, if one of the arguing claims that twice two equals four and the other with foam at the mouth proves that the result of this arithmetic action is the number five, is it from this that twice two equals four and a half?

The purpose of the dispute is always not to establish the truth, but "Win", Drive the opponent into a dead end, rise above him, amuse his pride. This is what "Textbooks of dispute management"Of all times, from the ancient Greek scrolls of the Sophists to the present pamphlets"Art of persuasion".

And remember that only having got rid of a serious vice and deciding the question of how to deal with pride, you can experience an incomparable bright true pride!

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