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Ganesh Mantra: attract luck and money


How does mantra to attract money. What is a Mantra of Ganesha and why to use it. Special Women Lakshmi Mantra for prosperity. For whom is suitable numerical monetary yantra

Eastern approach to finance - without exaggerationTrend of our time. You may not know all the subtleties of philosophy, but agree that simple and understandable actions that promise to turn you into a monetary magnet, and ask for a trial.

Ganesh Mantra: attract luck and moneyBecome a mistress of their finances, solve monetary problems - everyone wants this, but only some choose the esoteric path of the mantra to attract money.

What is the Ganesha Mantra? How to properly read mantras and is there a guarantee that you will achieve what you want? Let's try to figure out what and how to do and what result can be expected.

Mantra of Ganesha for attracting money

Before doing the Eastern reading practiceMantras, you must understand the principle of their action. The special sounds of the sacred syllables of the mantra work on a subtle level and are not a "magic wand" for getting the n-th amount of money.

Their goal is to create a special arrangement of energiesGood luck and goodness, which in a few months (notice, not in one day) will make you a more harmonious person, which, in turn, will make it easier to make money and draw the right situations into your life.

A big mistake would be a thoughtless repetition, thenTime as you will ignore external circumstances: correct behavior during the period of work with the mantra means an energetic response to any opportunity to increase your well-being, which you will be presented.

Mantra of Ganesha: Om Shrim Hrim Klim Glaum Gamapataye Vara-Varada Sarva-Janam Me Vashamanaya Svaha (repeat three times). Om Exdantaya Vidmahi Vakrutandaya Dhimahi Tan But Danti Prichodayat Om Shanti? Shanti? Shanti ?.

The mantra for attracting money is read 108 times orFor 30 minutes. In some sources there are sessions for 2 hours, but keep in mind that such a long repetition is possible only for trained people, since it very heavily loads the mind.

Be engaged in a secluded place, in silence and tranquility. For concentration, use beads, a figurine of Ganesha's God, incense with essential oils of mint, orange, jasmine.

The main mantra for luck and money for women

Ganesh Mantra: attract luck and moneyThe best female meditative practice is the money mantra of Lakshmi, the female deity embodying one of the aspects of femininity, namely prosperity, beauty, success in business, abundance.

The mantra of Lakshmi consists of only a few syllables: Om Hrim Shrim Lakshmi Bio Namaha (note the emphasis in words). Correct reading means repeating exactly 107 times, for which you will have to buy rosaries. It takes about 30 minutes, which will have to be given daily, at least 2 months.

So that the mantra Lakshmi brought you real benefits, find out more about the goddess - the patroness of female beauty and prosperity.

To please a goddess and attract luck is possible only if consciously and with pleasure apply certain rules:

  • In the period of working with the mantra Lakshmi in everything you deal with, try to bring in an element of beauty, and in actions and decisions show more creativity;
  • Do not take risks, but make bold decisions, do not be afraid to give your voice, show your talents;
  • Show generosity, dedicate your actions to Abundance;
  • Make small investments in different enterprises in order to obtain fruits from many sources;
  • Donate a small amount of food, clothes, hygiene items, just not money to orphanages or directly to those who need it;
  • Do a good deed for your relatives - this will strengthen the mantra of Lakshmi several times.

Mantra of attracting money Lakshmi - excellentAn auxiliary tool in that special period of your life when you want to benefit from your creativity, find an outlet for talent, prove yourself as a creative employee.

Reading aloud or about yourself harmonizes, inspiresConfidence in your own abilities, makes you attractive to people who can help you - attracts reliable partners, generous sponsors, rich patrons. Use it when starting a new business or want to bring yourself and your company to a new, higher level.

Numerical monetary mantra

One of the types of mantra "Money Magnet"Is a series of numbers that need not only be repeated in the mind or aloud, but also contemplated while meditating. Thus, a mantra called "Money Magnet"- this is both a mantra and a yantra - a sacred image for mental concentration.

A number of the numbers 7753191 need to use 77 daysUsing 77 reps each time. The peculiarity is that it is better to work with people with abstract thinking, who can concentrate on the image and symbolism of numbers.

Ganesh Mantra: attract luck and moneyFor all its simplicity, this is not the way for everyone - a high level of abstraction and a long period (2.5 months) can become an obstacle to practice.

The result should be improvement in all matters,Especially for a business woman. The mantra is designed to stir up a delicate decision-making center, so if you are a hired employee, on whom little depends, it's probably not your option.

And, of course, during work with it you need to meetEvery problem as an opportunity to apply their growing skills - repetition and contemplation of numbers without training in making decisions in practice is meaningless.

Experiment, have fun andFight for your own confidence in financial success by all available means. Just be moderate in your desires, after all, this is the main theme of all Eastern philosophy.

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