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What is a love relationship. Relationships based on selfishness. Symptoms of dependent relationships for men and women. How to overcome the dependence on the favorite

Despite the fact that the relationship is calledlove, a true love, it is irrelevant. Indeed, if the love inspires and brings happiness, what makes a love relationship to suffer more and more involving in a strange relationship, when one of the partners to fixate on the other, not knowing how to get rid of love addiction and move on.

love relationshipWhen a relationship in which there is an elementlove addiction, come to an end, the dependent partner loses the ability to move on and live your life. Although the problem can exist for years in tandem, it can not be called a success - the dependence can never be satisfied. It is growing, eating pleasure from a relationship with a loved one, which is very similar to the pleasure of an addict - meet less and less, and the drug that is the person you need more and more.

Who is affected by love addiction

It is believed that by neurotic love to partneraffects people with very low self-esteem. Their inability to be realized, as an individual, leads first to the attention to the other person, then to being in love, and then - to abandon their interests in favor of the love object.

Affected love addiction - this is not a separate people who are ready to pass on to the other responsible for the happiness and life.

According to the research of psychologists, the problem exposed to both sexes, although women have a love relationship manifests itself more and more.

Age is also not a problem - as soon as one enters into interpersonal relationships with the opposite sex (from 10-13 years), it may be a love obsession.

Psychologists argue about the reasons for its occurrence, andconsensus yet: it may be a children's psychological trauma, family relationships, the tragic first love, etc. Experts unanimously recognize one thing - suffer selfish aimed at getting pleasure through a relationship with a partner for sex or spouse.

How to identify a love relationship

Manifestations according to the loved one inMen and women are different as well as the roles in the family and society. Signs easier to identify the stranger as the man himself does not notice, does not recognize for a problem, and therefore, will not be able to understand how to get rid of love depending not torment yourself and your partner.

Symptoms in men love addiction:

  1. love relationshipThe changes reflect the mood of the beloved state of health;
  2. The biggest fear - favorite reject forever;
  3. Almost does not meet with your friends, well only the beloved;
  4. Do your best to prove worthy of love;
  5. Morbid jealousy, attempts to control the partner;
  6. It is believed to have found his ideal;
  7. Unable to stop the negative, helpless before the woman;
  8. To protect, ready to do anything - lies, deception, crime;
  9. Can quit work, career, social status, if the pet will require;
  10. Experiencing a woman both love and hate.

Symptoms of love addiction in women:

  • Render loved all his strength and youth, dissolve in his interest;
  • It is believed that only they know what he wants in life;
  • Tormented by suspicions of infidelity favorite, in his insincerity and dislike;
  • Ready to endure beatings and humiliation, but would not quit;
  • Self can not end the relationship;
  • No one's emotions - duplicate partner, his mood;
  • Almost all thoughts are occupied with the beloved;
  • They lose the ability to concentrate on work;
  • Sharply criticizing outsiders perceive in ideal address
  • Just know that without a loved one can not live.

How to overcome a love relationship

Stories about the victory over the problem without interrupting the relationship with the partner is extremely rare. The deep inner work to overcome internal passions, the strength is not for everyone.

love relationshipPartner - the object of neurotic love oftenlack of wisdom and patience to help his companion, and driven by annoyance and fatigue, he leaves the sufferer. It was after the inevitable breakup begins titanic work on yourself. In this situation, it is important to understand that everyone has the right to happiness, and the relationship that brought both a lot of pain and frustration can not be called healthy. Changes should be appreciated as an aid for the first step to getting rid of painful love.

Very important is the support of friends, relatives ormentors who will point out the problem and help find a way out. So, a love relationship in men can be treated as fishing, hunting, football, going to the gym. Women are more likely to indulge in shopping, relaxing by the sea, a trip to the mountains and yoga.

The most important thing - understanding that life is notlimited to men and women, and especially not at the end of their final failure. The next step should be to find yourself, your interests other than the interests and desires of the object dependencies. Neurotic people in love tend to perceive life through the prism of emotion lover, now they have to find their own string, test their independent emotions.

Overcoming a love relationship, a person must learn to give selflessly, without expecting to get for good work of any promotion, no love in return.

It is believed that this is the only way to treat a love relationship, not only to a specific person, but also from the tendency in general.

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