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your hero of the novel: awaken in man a knight


What do women mean by "real man"? What qualities should be inherent in your chosen one?

Every woman dreams of finding a decentA life partner for the creation of a united family and the birth of beautiful children. But unfortunately, not everyone can boast of truly courageous choices.

your hero of the novel: awaken in man a knightA beautiful half of modern society often despairs to find a reliable partner, and remains in proud solitude, waiting for "Scarlet Sails". If it seems to you that the partner does not comply with the generally accepted "Ideals"- do not rush to break off relations.

Let's better understand how to take your joint destiny in your fragile hands and give your wife a number of qualities, the manifestation of which will envy many happy women!

We place the dots over "i"

Ask your friend or relative: "What qualities do you think a real man has?"The answer is almost entirely predictable. He must be faithful, generous, strong. He should not have bad habits.

He must protect the weak, take responsibilityFor a new cell of society in their own hands. And now analyze everything that has been said: each of these qualities is relative. Loyalty can extend to your beloved woman, or maybe to principles that run counter to a healthy relationship.

The term "generosity"For many women is very exaggerated. Force? She can protect, but can crush, in particular, the woman herself. And each of us has bad habits, and not always they concern alcohol consumption and smoking. Our task today is to understand what is really "Real gentleman".

Love and Vedas

Vedic teachings show us whatIt is practically impossible in life. According to their interpretations, a woman must be submissive, accept all the faults of her husband only because he belongs to the strong sex. But this is the greatest error that can only be offered to the beautiful half of humanity.

Have you ever wondered what is its purpose in your life? If your companion is a drunken alcoholic with a tendency to dismiss your hands, should you treat him because he exists in your life? Of course, no.

But even here there is one nuance: women themselves sometimes commit fatal mistakes that make of beloved the personification of all evil that can exist in interpersonal relationships.

A true knight has a mass of positiveQualities, the main of which are important not only in life, but also in marriage. On the shoulders of the woman lies the creation of an atmosphere in the family, because if this behavior is not properly implemented, even a real knight can turn into a rag or tyrant.

What are the main qualities of a real, worthy man, and how can they be raised in him?

Education - in female hands

The lion's share of noble traits is displayed in everyday life, so you can easily identify them at the stage of developing relations.

List of qualities, Which has a real man:

  • your hero of the novel: awaken in man a knightA responsibility. Among all the qualities, responsibility becomes the most important for a full-fledged adult male. A real gentleman is used to taking responsibility for providing the family with him, and he will never give it to women's hands. Even a poor man will "Look for prey"And try to do everything for the wife and childrenNecessary, if only they did not suffer and did not need. And not only the material aspect is important here. The bail is important to the woman whom he has chosen as companion. A real hero will never send you to an abortion, ask you for shelter and money, do not force you to solve all the problems in a pair;
  • Force. How often the weak sex perches on the direct obligations of a man! After all, among their important qualities is a force that should contrast with female weakness. Possession of this feature does not mean that the chosen one should resemble a fighting dog. His strength lies in making the right decisions, the ability to stand up for his loved ones, rationality in actions and worldly logic;
  • Tranquility - necessarily replenishes this list. And this does not imply spinelessness or amorphism. An exemplary husband must calmly make decisions, and just as calmly react to the whims of his beloved;
  • Provision of family. Modern women sometimes earn more than their men. And often "Dragging"On his family, providing her with full material support. This is fundamentally wrong. Suffice it to recall the words of the main character of the legendary film "Moscow does not believe in tears"To understand that in this regard the change of generations does not change anything. This does not mean that you have to completely and completely "Hang around one's neck"Of the husband. You can work, but in case of dismissal or a decree, you should be completely sure that the spouse will take all the expenses for himself;
  • Generosity. Analyzing the main qualities of this enviable man, almost every one of you will call generosity. Of course, this feature must be present. But within reasonable limits: the spouse is not obliged to give you diamonds every month, if this affects the interests of the family. But if you are trying to pay for your own part of dinner in a restaurant - this factor can even offend a full-fledged man;
  • Manners. A well-bred boy will always give way to a lady, open the door in front of her, give his hand and help remove his coat. If the chosen person behaves differently in such trivial details, he was raised not very acceptable. Here everything is in your hands - to let things go by themselves or help the faithful to acquire the qualities of a worthy member of society;
  • Hardness. Whatever qualities your knight possesses, it is hardness that makes him truly courageous. It should extend to upholding one's opinion for the benefit of the family. It is extremely important that the spouse is not soft and driven. But remember: hardness is not at all synonymous with the words "tyranny"And"despotism". Ideally, it combines with unshakable calmness;
  • Accuracy. He must be clean, at least out of respect for your day-to-day housework;
  • Self-confidence. The faithful must be persistent and purposeful. This "Head of household"Is able to achieve the set tasks, develop their strengths and eradicate the weak. He constantly learns and develops. After all, healthy self-confidence is not stupid narcissism;
  • Ability to love. Next to such a man, you will always feel carefree and happy. In your soul will not creep in a single worm of doubt like "Will he not leave me?","Did he find someone?","Am I tired of him?". The main features of a full-fledged man are loyalty and nobility. He knows exactly what he wants, and he will never let go of his beloved woman. And his love certainly will not allow you to suffer!

The role of women

You should understand that any quality of a real man can be developed, and it is possible to break on the root. In order for the chosen one to show his best aspects in the relationship, you also need to work hard.

What women's actions "Stifles"The main qualities of a real adult male?

  • Unreasonable whims and hysterics on level ground;
  • Constant reproaches in his direction without a real reason;
  • The manner of "Pull the blanket over";
  • The desire to pay for themselves and become "Getter" for family;
  • The motto "I will do everything myself! »;
  • Quibbles to the results of every case that he performs;
  • Laziness in everyday life, unwillingness to create a cozy atmosphere and to be the keeper of the hearth;
  • Reasons for jealousy - peppercorn, which does not hurt any relationship. If it concerns innocent flirting or signs of attention from the side. But some women "Overdo"With such condiments;
  • Emotional dependence on a partner;
  • No own point of view;
  • Transshipment;
  • Manipulation and blackmail;
  • Doubts about him and his feelings;
  • A small and major deception.

This list can be safely supplemented with outbreaksGroundless jealousy, the desire to control every step of the elect, bent and vulgar. If you want to get a real man - be feminine!

your hero of the novel: awaken in man a knightBehave gently and cute, but at the same time, do not forget the little tricks and stand on your own. Do not rush into "Whirlpool". Do not be obtrusive - it will kill the partner's hunting instinct along with interest in your personality.

Loss of one's own interests, rejection of all earthly goods to please a man, obsession and desire "Hang on one's neck"- all this will bore the elect almost immediately. Men like to conquer, and not to drive into lifelong dependence on themselves.

Whatever features a loved one has, remember - you must support the fire in his eyes and develop his dignity.

Be feminine, stay high-gradePersonality, take care of yourself, demonstrate excellent manners, praise your companion, and be sure: the fruits of your work on yourself will not keep you waiting!

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